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A Sith knows only anger and hate. Peace is non-existent !You will hate, and you will despise, and you will lust until the galaxy is withered to dust and your memories are but ash!
—Krasor giving a speech to a group of Sith Acolytes.

Darth Krasor was a Sith Lord and the second ruler of the Grand Sith Order. A man who knew nothing but hate, Krasor felt no sympathy for any but his lover, Darth Nelox, the Dark Empress of the Order. Krasor was infamous for killing other Dark Lords on the spot during Dark Council meetings just for disagreeing with him, and while many thought he was a madman, none could deny that he embodied what a True Sith should be.


Early life

Originally a Jedi Youngling by the name of Alox Kunsan, Alox fell to the dark side as a teenager and ran away from the Temple. Found by Nelox (who was gathering Force-sensitives to her cause), Krasor willingly accepted joining Nelox due to his lust for power, and over time, the two became lovers, with Krasor becoming Nelox's second-in-command.

Lord of the Sith

Becoming a teacher and instructor of lightsaber dueling at the Sith Academy, Krasor became infamous among the Acolytes for his policy of 'the weak perish'. However, this was Krasor's plan from the start, as he hoped that the more the Acolytes hated him, the further they would harness this hate into dark side energy. Through his brutal lessons and intimidating practices, Krasor's Acolytes became cold-hearted Siith Lords. Any who tried to kill Krasor were either killed by the Darth or brainwashed by Nelox to become obedient thralls. None could stand against him.

When Nelox was killed by Nightingale Squad, a group of elite Clone troopers led by Jedi Master Jeden Vesal, Krasor gave a speech to the Sith, telling them that Nightingale Squad would be destroyed, as would all of the Jedi, in revenge for their Empress' death.

When Nightingale Squad (supported by Jedi Masters Kit Fisto and Obi-wan Kenobi) arrived on Korriban, Krasor's plans did not start off well. Jeden was able to convert a Sith Acolyte, Koses Lik-Har to the Jedi after finding that Koses was a light side user. Kit Fisto and Clone Commander Phoenix destroyed the communications for the Academy and Obi-wan and the rest of the Clones killed four Sith warriors. 

Invasion of Korriban

The Republic's 44th, 501st and 212th battalions, led by Jedi Masters Jeden, Obi-wan Kenobi and Kit Fisto, launched an invasion of Korriban. Krasor, bolstered by the 500-strong Sith and a legion of ancient Imperial Sith droids, thought the battle would be well won, as a forcefield prevented the Republic from orbital bombardment.

Krasor was the first to take blood during the battle, beheading a Clone scout for the Republic to see. Early on, the Sith seemed invincible. The Sith Academy seemed impervious to artillery fire, meaning that the battle droids surrounding the facility were unharmed. Hundreds of Clones were killed on the first day, and the Sith took minimal casualties.

However, Krasor's luck turned when Jedi Master Mace Windu arrived with a larger detatchment of the 212th. With heavy machinery in place and more reinforcements, the Clones pushed forward, and half of the Sith were killed or captured. After more fighting in nearby canyons, the Clones pushed into the Valley of the Dark Lords, and a dangerous set of close-quarter battles began.

More Jedi woere roped in to fight the remaining Sith, most of whom were acolytes barely out of their teens (or still in them). Jeden contronted Krasor in front of the Sith Academy, and the forces on both sides fell to silence as the two fought a long, brutal duel. Just as Krasor was about to kill Jeden, the Jedi activated a hidden lightsaber and cut off one of Krasor's legs. 

However, Krasor was not satisfied with defeat. As Jeden and the Clone army celebrated their victory, the Sith Lord activated a series of bombs throughout the Valley: without telling his acolytes. Hundreds more Republic soldiers were killed and the Academy was ruined, though never actually fell. With Jeden accepting that Krasor and the Sith were gone for good, Korriban was abandoned and made a no-fly zone by the Jedi Order.


In truth, Krasor had survived the explosion, and only one other person survived: his apprentice, Lord Xolem. Xolem built a cybernetic leg for his Master, before the two began planning vengeance for Jeden. The two found their chance when Coruscant was attacked by the forces of General Grievous, and set out from the wilderness of Korriban to finally kill Jeden Vesal.

Finding the Trade Federation cruiser Jeden and his squad was on, the Sith dueld Jeden and his former master, San-Ha-Vin, inside the ruined hangar. When Krasor was knocked down by Jeden, Xolem saw this as weakness and killed his master, before continuing the duel alone with great fury. Jeden's apprentice, the former Sith Koses then arrived, and killed Xolem in a one-to-one duel, ending the Grand Sith order for good.

Personality and characteristics

Krasor was a hateful man, and was hated in return. It is thought that the only person who was even close to liking him was Nelox, who loved him. This relationship possibly saved Krasor from being eliminated by another member of the Dark Council, and by the time Nelox was dead, Krasor already had enough power. A strong lightsaber duelist and a master of Form VII, Krasor was feared in combat, and only Nelox could have had any chance of killing him.

Krasor was a tall, muscular man who wore black robes over even blacker armour and a long cloak. He wielded a red lightsaber with a blade thicker than most, giving him the ability to cut through just about anything. He had jet black hair and a finely shaved moustache and beard, and his eyes were corrupted yellow by the dark side.

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