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Darth Kodom was a Sith Lord who was one of the aggressors in the Resurrected Bane Wars of 800 ABY.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Kodom was born to the Sith Lords Darth Desir and Darth Yanila in 750 ABY. Therefore, he had been a Sith all his life. His parents raised him harshly, treating him with pain and disrespect, even going as far as disfiguring his face, to make him hateful and angry. He secretly went to school under the name of Kado, and made acquaintance with the later Chancellor of the Republic, Jaro Ben-Tolo. His teachers always found him unruly or disrespectful, something his parents secretly liked. After Yanila killed her mate to become Master, she took her son as her apprentice. She put him through terrible trials to turn him into the ruthless weapon he was later in life.

A biology experiment Edit

After killing his mother to become Master, he looked around for a while before finding a Force-sensitive Duro baby on Coruscant. He killed the baby's parents and took him from them to have as an apprentice. During the Duro's training, Kodom implanted horns on his head to liken him to the legendary Darth Maul. He even applied Sith tattoos all over his body. After taking a harsh test, including facing his master, the Duro was named Darth Terrasus.

Also during this time, an enigmatic Sith cult on Korriban managed to resurrect the ancient and powerful Darth Bane, who found Kodom and Terrasus and formed a pact with them. He ordered the two lesser Sith to make him a weapon that the likes of which had never been seen.

Having been given these orders, the two Sith sought out genetic material from some of the greatest Sith Lords of all time, including Naga Sadow and Darth Sidious. Then, after taking an egg from a young woman, infusing it with this material and the power of the dark side, they created Darth Annialatis to be the ultimate weapon of the Sith.

The end of the Sith Edit

In 800 ABY, Darth Bane decided to wage war once again on the Republic, which was already weakened from the Second Separatist Crisis. He, along with Kodom, Annialatis, and Terrasus, killed the leadership of New Alderaan, and defeated the army sent to kill them. After taking over New Alderaan and conquering their army with Sith mind control techniques, they began a war of conquest that claimed many worlds.

He led the attack on several worlds, including Bastilion and Paros Prime. On Kessel, he encountered Chodos Tome on the top of a hover train, with whom he had a fierce duel with. Both being masters of double bladed lightsaber combat, either one had a hard time combating the other.

He then led almost a third of his forces in an attack on Ansion, which completely overwhelmed Halhad Mortin's forces. Before he could deal a final blow to his army, however, Chodos Tome appeared again and drove him off the planet.

In 801 ABY, four Jedi were sent to kill the Sith Lords on New Alderaan. These four were Xerxes Skywalker, Halhad Mortin, Malee-a Danseer, and Chodos Tome. Kodom dueled Halhad and Chodos. He put up a great fight at first, but Chodos proved the better duelist and deftly beheaded Kodom. His hold on his part of the army was released, and they stopped their attack on Malastare.

Behinds the scenes Edit

Darth Kodom used a red double-bladed lightsaber. He's based on a Lego, of course, but he has Gasgano's Xexto head.