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You can promise power—but I will never be a slave again. And you cannot defy me forever.
—Darth Khivas to the Dread Masters[src]

Darth Khivas—born Saral Karr,[2] known as Darth Nox to his colleagues, Commander to the members of the Alliance, the Outlander to the people of the Eternal Empire, and previously known by his ancestral name, Lord Kallig—was a male Dark Lord of the Sith and a member of the Dark Council in the reconstituted Sith Empire who headed the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge. Heir to the bloodline of the ancient Sith Lord, Aloysius Kallig, and the power of Tulak Hord, Khivas sought to acquire the vast secrets of the dark side, restore his family's name to glory, and eventually rule the Empire as Emperor.

Khivas began as a slave on an unknown world who was brought to Korriban for Sith training during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. There, his training was overseen by a Sith Overseer named Harkun by orders of a Sith Lord named Zash. Despite Harkun's best efforts to foil him, Khivas was the lone survivor of his class and went on to become Lord Zash's apprentice. Under Zash, Khivas continued his training as he traveled the galaxy hunting for Tulak Hord's lost artifacts. His travels brought him into contact with a variety of Imperial personnel, some of which joined his personal crew, and earned him a large rapport as he often assisted with the Empire's conflicts with the Jedi and the Republic. When he had finally gathered the artifacts, Zash betrayed him and attempted to use a Sith ritual to steal his body. Khivas resisted and prevailed over her, however, and was granted the title of "Lord of the Sith".

As a Lord, Khivas assumed control of Zash's possessions and apprentices. However, his methods of disposing of his master earned the ire of her master: Darth Thanaton. Thanaton attempted to destroy Khivas, but Khivas learned the ability to Force walk—allowing him to harness the dark side energies of long-dead Force spirits. Once again, Lord Khivas set out into the galaxy, this time locating powerful dark side spirits to fuel his revenge against Thanaton. This power, however, damaged his body and mind, so he was forced to seek a cure on Voss and Belsavis before he could properly challenge Thanaton—all the while, increasing his power base's numbers and strengths. Finally, his power increased and his body restored, Khivas set out to destroy his rival. Thanaton challenged him to a Kaggath on Corellia, but was bested and forced to flee. Khivas pursued his prey to Korriban, in the chambers of the Dark Council. There, Khivas claimed Thanaton's life, the title of "Darth", and Thanaton's old position on the Dark Council: as the head of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge.

In the months following his ascension to Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Khivas joined in the battles on Illum, Makeb, and Oricon—alongside fellow Dark Councilor, Darth Marr—in an effort to strengthen a weakening Empire in their desperate fight against the Republic and the traitorous Darth Malgus. He was also instrumental in the defeat of the revived Revan on Yavin IV and the resurgent Emperor Vitiate on his homeworld of Ziost. He and Marr then chased Vitiate to the edges of the galaxy, where they were ambushed and captured by the Eternal Empire. The two Sith were brought before Valkorion, Eternal Emperor of Zakuul, and another of Vitiate's many identities. Though Khivas managed to slay Valkorion, Marr was killed in the process, and Khivas was then captured by Arcann—Valkorion's son—and frozen in carbonite for five years, during which time the Eternal Empire conquered the galaxy.

Khivas was later rescued by fellow Sith Lord, Lana Beniko, who helped him flee from Zakuul to Odessen, where he assumed command of the Alliance—a joint task force of Republic and Imperial forces that sought to rid the galaxy of the Eternal Empire.


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  2. His given name was invented by the author, while his surname was the author's Legacy name in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
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