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Darth Kayos was a Miraluka Sith Lady of the New Sith Imperium. Before the Third Galactic Civil War, she had trained Lebon Schwarz. Some time after Schwarz ended his apprenticeship and was risen to Marauder, Darth Crysis brought Geist Weiss to Kayos' attention. Under Darth Aevum's orders, Kayos had Weiss execute Project Saligia on Lacrima. However, an incident led to the project's cancellation. Embarrassed, Kayos attempted to take her anger out on Weiss by killing him aboard his yacht, but Weiss was one step ahead, destroying it, slaying Kayos.

Behind the scenes

Lebon Schwarz was created by Dmitri Valentine for the background of his main character in TheStarWarsRP.Com for the fifth timeline known as Legacies, which focuses on the Third Galactic Civil War.

Kayos comes from the English word "chaos", whose spelling was morphed but the pronunciation was kept the same.

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