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Do you seriously think you can defeat me, Master Jedi?! I was trained by Darth Kann, one of the most powerful Sith Lords who ever touched the face of the Galaxy. His powers are considered equal to the powers of Darth Plagueis and even Darth Revan. You have no chance against me!
—Darth Hazelyn, to Luke Skywalker

Darth Kann (Alsakan, 10 BBY - Korriban, 50 ABY) was a mysterious male figure who was a secret apprentice of Darth Sidious and Dark Lord of the Sith from 4 ABY to 50 ABY. Despite becoming Dark Lord of the Sith at a younger age than most Dark Lords, he had an immense potential in the Dark Side of the Force, being able to do things that most Dark Lords could not do. Even his apprentice Darth Hazelyn who wanted so badly to defeat him said that he was one of the most powerful Sith that ever existed.


Early life

Kann was born on a poor family on Alsakan which, contrary to his family, was a rich planet in the Core Worlds. He grew up frustrated because the local and Imperial goverments offered only little assistance to his family. This made him kill an Imperial officer using the Force, and Darth Sidious felt the anger on him. The current Dark Lord then went to Alsakan and kidnapped little Kann, taking him to his palace on Coruscant. There, Sidious secretly started training him in the Dark Side of the Force.


My master Kann is very powerful. If he engaged in combat with Darth Plagueis, he would win, and you know, it was not easy to defeat Plagueis
—Darth Hazelyn, about Darth Kann

Darth Kann had a very strong connection to the Dark Side of the Force, leveling up with some of the most powerful Dark Lords such as Plagueis and even Revan, although he was nothing compared to Nihilus or Vitiate.

  • Force push
  • Force pull
  • Force grip
  • Force choke
  • Force lightning
  • Chain lightning
  • Force tempest
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