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Darth James was a Sith Master, who led a resurgence of the dark order. He was cloned in 69 ABY, and met his first death in 74 ABY. After returning to life, he was killed again in the 80s.


Republic SPECOPS Edit

Around 68 ABY, Chancellor Piett called for the Republic to make a new clone army. The original template for standard units was Master Eddba Klval. Many units were cloned successfully. Also, Piett called for a squad of elite commandos, for Special Operations. These units would be slightly enhanced by the force, making them a valuable asset. Jedi Jammi Servil was chosen as the template for this project. However, for unknown reasons, the cloning process on Kamino was a failure. All of the clones died, except for one. This one clone would become Darth James.

Restoration of the SithEdit

The failed cloning process altered the future Sith lords ability. It enhanced his ability to use the force and led him to the Dark Side. Darth James escaped Kamino and began to fully embrace the Sith way of life. By learning from various holocrons on Korriban and other worlds, a plan to conquer the galaxy was formed. He found an apprentice in Republic fighter pilot outcast Cynthia (now Darth Cynthia). His plan called for multiple Sith lords, in contrast to Darth Bane's philosophy. In 69 ABY, he contacted former Jedi padawan Dango Flooome, who would be trained by Lady Cynthia. Dango was strong in the force and incredibly skilled with a lightsaber, but his impatience was looked down upon by the Jedi.

The Sith Army Edit

While scouting the Outer Rim Territories, in 69 ABY, Darth James stumbled upon an abandoned Imperial Military Base on the Hoth System, complete with working Spaarti Cloning cylinders. The other resources he found would also become vital assets to the new Sith military, including armor and stormtrooper rifles. Dango (now Darth Malestis) was chosen to be the template of a Sith clone army.

The Sith Attack Edit

In 70 ABY, the Sith Army was nearly ready. To distract the Republic, Darth James launched a series of raids, disguising his forces a simple band of pirates. With his enemies distracted, he launched his main attack on the Republic. Endor was the first to fall, followed by countless others. By 72 ABY, the new Sith Empire reached its height. The Sith had momentum on their side and looked poised to take over the galaxy.

The Sith Fall Edit

Despite their early victories, the Sith had their backs against the wall by 74 ABY. This was due to a number of factors. For example, many campaigns fell apart due to sabotage on the part of Lord Malestis, who was plotting to take the new empire for himself. In addition, James had spread his forces too thin. This was most evident during an ill-fated attempt to invade the Republic capital of Coruscant. The battle was a disaster and the Sith Fleet was now in ruins. This lead to Darth James using a large amount of his already drained resources to build a superweapon, the Moon Musher. Eventually, the Sith Armies fell to their Republic counterparts all over the galaxy, as the stage was set for a final showdown on Mogdopia, in the Lintttq System. Republic Armies wiped out those of the Sith on the ground, as the Republic Fleet engaged the Sith, (who were aided by the Moon Musher). Meanwhile, Darth Malestis arrived in James' secret bunker and attacked him, in an attempt to take control of the Sith. The two fought each other, in a brilliant lightsaber battle. James was the victor, overwhelming his former ally. Next, Jedi Master Jack Finch arrived, to kill his foe. After a long fight, James was overwhelmed end met his death. In space, the Moon Musher was under attack. It's rushed production lead to faulty design, as it was destroyed by Republic ships. The James' Sith order was, once again, in ruins.

Return of Darth James Edit

The cause of the dark side continued to fight, with the efforts lead by warlords such as General Mystery. But it seemed it was only a matter of time before they too fell to the Republic. However, Darth James' force spirit made the journey to Miste, where a clone body waited. Aware of the method in which Palpatine returned in 10 ABY, James concluded this was the best way to ensure his Empire's survival. Now reborn, he summoned the spirits of Palpatine and Darth Maul, who would return the same way. It seemed the Sith finally had the upper hand, thanks, in part, to the construction of another Moon Musher. But James' empire fell faster than it did the first time, as the remains of Sith ground army fell at the Second Battle of Geonosis, along with the Moon Musher II. Shortly before the battle at Geonosis, Miste fell to the Republic, as his cloning center and droid factories were destroyed. Months later, Darth James himself was then killed by Jammi Servil and Master Jack, in a ship above Mustafar.


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