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You dare defy me, boy? One of the most powerful Sith the galaxy has ever seen? You have the strength, but you lack the brains.
—Darth Impius to a Jedi Padawan
Darth Impius, formerly known as Levian Trygra, was a force-sensitive Human male known as one of the most infamous Sith Lords in the entire galaxy. Darth Impius was one of the leaders of "The Malum Empire." Which was created by him, his apprentice and other Sith Lords to take down the Jedi Order. Many people thought Darth Impius was an unstoppable force, until he later died of old age.


Early Life

Not much was known about his Early Life, but Jedi Masters who used to train with Levian when he was a youngling knew he was very efficient and powerful with the force. Even at a young age, his raw power and skill was phenomenal. Levian climbed up the ranks of youngling to Jedi Knight in a few years, which was rarely seen by the Jedi Order.

The Sith Lord's Ambush

Before he joined the Sith Order, he was sent on a mission tasked to a group of Jedi Knights. They were to scout a wreckage that involved a Sith Lord, what the Jedi did not realize is that the Sith was still around the wreckage. Before they could even contemplate what was going to occur, they were ambushed. One by one, the Jedi were slaughtered by an unidentified Sith Lord. The Sith then approached Levian. He was able to tell that Levian had vast potential and raw strength. He proceeded to use the sense of protection to lure Levian and corrupt him. He managed to make Levian leave the Jedi Order for more power in order to conquer the galaxy.

Sith Training

Months passed as the mystery Sith Lord trained Levian to his full potential. He gave Levian the cruelest and most vigorous training. However, Levian easily passed through his trials with little to no scratches. The Sith Lord managed to find the right training for Levian, in which Levian has never seen before. At the end of the year, Levian was panting with blood, sweat and tears. All the hard work had finally made him an official Sith Warrior.

Life as a Sith

Levian was one of the most powerful Sith Warriors the Sith Order had been granted. The Order was pleased with the work Levian has done for them and eventually promoted him to Sith Lord. He was given a new life, a new name as "Darth Impius." As a Sith Lord, he built his own army and conquered solar systems with no help from others but himself and his empire. He continued these invasions for many years until he stumbled upon Nar'ka Mimas. A boy with more potential than him when he was young. He took Nar'ka in and trained him until Nar'ka was promoted to Sith Lord. With the power of many other Sith Lords, Darth Vilis and his own, they ruled many solar systems.


As decades passed, Impius was weakened by his frail body and old age. His apprentice, Darth Vilis was deceased and The Malum Order began to fall apart. Impius soon died in his sleep as his Sith empire continued to fall apart until there was nothing left.

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