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Do you really think I'm going to redeem myself? Pathetic Jedi, I will be the most powerful person in this Galaxy. No one will dare ever to speak a word against me! I will smash the Jedi into pieces once and for all, and the whole Galaxy will bow up to the Ultimate Sith Empress! And I will do my next move by killing you
—Darth Hazelyn, to Scarlett Whynstlon and Alsen Hint

Darth Hazelyn was a Sith lady who worked for the Sith Galactic Empire during the Revenge of the Sith Era, a galactic era which saw the return and revenge of the Sith after the dissolution of the Galactic Empire in the Battle of Jakku, in 5 ABY.


Born in Manaan as Luna Cyol, Hazelyn had her infancy with a middle-class family in a metropolis above the large ocean of her homeworld. At the age of 5, she was discovered by Jedi Master Ados Kylber, who took her to the New Jedi Temple in Chandrila, to be trained as a Padawan of the New Jedi Order, the newly-restored organization of Jedi affiliated with the United Galactic Republic, formed after the dissolution of the Galactic Empire. After some years of training, she was granted the rank of Jedi Knightress, and requested a Padawan for herself. The Padawan came some months after, a 10 year-old boy named John Sennel (Hazelyn was 16 at that time). In the following two years, Luna was sent in many missions alongside her Padawan, and the Council was pretending to rank her up to Jedi Master. Unfortunately, some months before she turned 18, she met a mysterious man called Darth Kann, who seduced her to the Dark Side of the Force. On the very day she turned 18, she turned to the Dark Side. Then, Darth Kann showed her his hidden creation, the Sith Galactic Empire, protected by an organization known as the Ultimate Sith. Kann told her that the Empire would be the final goverment to the Galaxy, and that the only and ultimate order would be the Ultimate Sith.


Let the past die
—Darth Hazelyn, as heard by Nemi Cyol around 4000 BBY

Hazelyn's voice was first heard by Jedi Master Nemi Cyol, her direct ancestor, in approximately 4000 BBY. Then, some other Jedi and Sith heard her voice throught the following years, such as Jedi Knight Ghane Shibo (2750 BBY), Darth Yonnan (1200 BBY), Jedi Padawan Kyro Azadlyn (450 BBY) and even Darth Sidious (approximately in 50 BBY). Azadlyn also had a Force vision of Hazelyn with her other two friends, when she was still a Jedi.

Early life

Luna was born in a metropolis in Manaan in 20 ABY. As a toddler, she loved to play with things she could hit, because she loved to punch and kick things. She always dreamed to be a Jedi, as she worshiped them as "heavenly beings". Her parents worked at an energy company in the Inner Rim, so she travelled a lot to other planets with them.


She is one of the best Jedi the Order have had so far, both the Old and New
—Jedi Councillor Ahsoka Tano

She was discovered by Jedi Master Ados Kylber when she was 5 years-old. Kylber was travelling to Manaan in a mission with some Republic soldiers, and they met Luna when they were walking throught her city. Kylber felt her strong connection to the Force, and told it to her parents. He asked them if he could take her as her Jedi apprentice. Her parents hesitated for an instant, but after accepted. After Kylber and the soldiers completed their mission, they flew to Chandrila, for Luna to start training as a Padawan. In the fourth month of her training, she and her master were sent in a mission to an Outer Rim planet, to deal with separatists that wanted to separate their planet from the Republic. They fought the separatists and stopped them, killing some, but after making an accord with them. Two months after, they were sent in another mission, that time to solve a land dispute between two races of a planet.

After some years of training, Luna reached the rank of Jedi Knight, and requested a Padawan. Some months after, a 10 year-old boy named John Sennel came. She took him as her Padawan and started training him. They were sent in some missions together, some successful, some not. Some months before Luna turned 18, she met a mysterious figure known as Darth Kann. Kann felt her strong connection to the Force and started telling her stories concerning the Sith and that the Jedi were traitors and should be erradicated. Luna tried to resist, but ended up turning to the Dark Side, as Kann's apprentice. Kann showed her his creation, the Fourth Sith Empire, a goverment hidden in the Unknown Regions, and told her that it would be the final goverment to the Galaxy and that the Ultimate Sith, the organization that was in charge of the Empire, would be the only and ultimate order to it. Kann gave Luna a Sith name, Darth Hazelyn, and told her that she would be his right-arm and successor. Hazelyn agreed completely. Then, Hazelyn was sent in many missions to kill and torture many important people across the Galaxy, from city mayors to senators. She killed some Jedi during her job as a Sith, killing her former master when he came to fight her. She later took a teenager boy as her Dark Side apprentice, and hid him from Kann. Ultimately, she helped Kann to execute his plan to definitely erradicate the Jedi, a so large plan that promised to kill every Jedi in every planet of the Galaxy, no matter if Master, Knight or Padawan. The plan went right, killing 99,9% of all Jedi in the Galaxy, but a few survived, including Hazelyn's best friends when she was a Jedi, Scarlett Whynstlon and Alsen Hint. Scarlett and Alsen went into exile after the plan's execution, and Hazelyn started a ceaseless search for them.


In 50 BBY, Hazelyn went to a planet called Orbiton, a distant planet in the Outer Rim, to kill her former friends. She landed near a town called Gheira, and went directly to their small home in the outskirts of the town. Scarlett spotted her and the two left the house. When Hazelyn reached them, they spoke, just before starting a fierce lightsaber fight. Scarlett used all her Jedi trainment to kill her, but she ended up killing Scarlett. Hazelyn stared at her dead formed friend who was on the ground, giving time for Alsen to get her from behind, making her fall on the ground as well. They spoke and Hazelyn finally redeemed herself, just before dying, becoming one witn the Force.


Darth Hazelyn, after her death, was studied by a new generation of Jedi and normal students all over the Galaxy. They described her as "a figure of terror, who caused heavy damage and destruction to the Galaxy, but was very important for it, because showed us that good always win evil, and that everyone can redeem themselves". Her robes, both Jedi and Sith ones, alongside with her lightasbers, were put in a secret room in the New Jedi Temple, for no one to touch it again.

Personality and traits

Hazelyn was smart, reckless, bold, and sarcastic. She was sedulous and would do anything to accomplish her goals.


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Powers and abilities


  • Force push
  • Force pull
  • Force call
  • Force healing
  • Animal bond
  • Precognition
  • Eletric judgement
  • Dopplegänger
  • Protection bubble


  • Precognition
  • Force push
  • Force pull
  • Force choke
  • Force lightining
  • Force bond
  • Bleeding
  • Force wind
  • Crush opposition
  • Force maelstorm
  • Protection bubble

Behind the scenes

Hazelyn was being developed by PotterGrangerous since December, 2019.

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