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Darth Hatrex, born Helmat Sleesev, was the son of Jerry Sleesev and a sarlacc who fell in love with him after the former fell into it. After becoming a Sith Lord, he began a reign of terror throughout the galaxy by building a superweapon: the "Astro Windmill", which was environmentally friendly as it used the solar wind of the stars to blow planets into their suns. He also befriended Gangrox Massmurder, a plasma-whale bounty hunter.


Darth Hatrex, because of his half-sarlacc species, looked Human except he was fifteen feet tall and had a circle of fangs and retractable tentacles, making him capable of eating anything. He replaced his eyes with miniature Death Stars controlled by billions of nano-machines and his hands with powerful red lightfingers so that he could block lightsabers and stab people with his bare hands. He wore a hood and a black clock on his back and his shoe size was eighteen.

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