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I don't care about the risks! Now charge that fleet!
—Admiral Darth Gond

Darth Gond was a Sith who became an Admiral during the Sith Wars.

Biography Edit

Darth Gond was found by the dark side master Darth Revan. Gond trained under him. When the Sith Wars broke out against the Jedi and the Republic, Gond was made an Admiral and was sent to lead the attack on Kanhoi prime Prime. With only five ships under his command, Gond managed to outmaneuver his enemies and destroy them. The Republic survivors limped away.

Revan sent Gond with twenty ships to land on and fortify the Kanhoi System. When the fleet arrived, they learned that the Galactic Alliance had already taken the system, and had thirty-seven ships waiting. The Republic set up defensive positions, and Gond ordered to hold position out of range. After losing most of his fighters, he ordered a charge into the center of the enemy fleet. His ship was boarded by a Lex Koon and Kyle Katarn (later Raynar) destroyed the ship, killing Gond instantly. Gond's Sith fleet was quickly destroyed, and the Republic captured the system.