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He was alive during the First Order Era, when he was born. Kylo Ren found him as a boy and took him in as his son. But, Daniel betrayed him to become a Jedi, But he betrayed the Jedi and joined Kylo Ren's army again. When Kylo Ren died, he became Darth Ghastun and a general to command the First Order. He won the war of Detyghastun against the Resistance. He also fought in the war of Seconomis, but lost it when he died against his son.

Early life

Darth Ghastun was abandoned by his parents, Jedis Fiona Guusten and Tyus Guusten. He started as Jedi Daniel Guusten, but fell in love with a girl named Jesicaa Retfer and betrayed the Jedi. When he became a Sith, Jesica had 3 kids, Fiora, Danny, and Wann.


He won many battles, and he won the War of Detyghastun, which was the worst war ever. It had many deaths, including the death of his own daughter, Jedi Fiora Guusten.


He died in a battle with Danny Guusten , his own son. It was in the War of Seconomis.


He was an important figure to the Seconomis Empire, which means Universal Empire. He was the leader of that Empire.

Personality and traits

He is evil because of his sith-like atonomy. His traits are that he is very smart and talented.

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