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I rule this world, brother, it's populous is mine to play with as I see fit
—Darth Furor to his brother, and master, Darth Atlas on his treatment of his subjects

the Mad Sith, the Cackling Marauder, the Warlord of Madiz. Darth Furor was a Dark Lord of the Sith 3,000 years after the Battle of Yavin, and a member of the Sith Warlords of the Outer Rim.


Early life:

born to a prostitute and a nameless soldier ,on the Outer Rim World of Madiz, Kanton Bree led an unremarkable life until he was ten years old. at a very young age his twin brother, Micha, was taken away by the Jedi Enclave on Norigan for his apparent force sensitivity, leaving him alone with his overprotective mother, Mi-Sha. much to the Jedi's misfortune, they overlooked Kanton, not realising the shared force sensitivity of the brothers.

Kanton was often bullied by local children for his pale complexion and his mother's occupation, to which, he reacted violently. Often being beaten, he would return home with scrapes and bruises to be doted upon by Mi-Sha, incurring further torment from the other children.

both his and his mother's luck changed when a local merchant, by the name of Angus Furor, declared himself Lord of the area surrounding Kanton's village. this act had sparked unrest amongst some of the local nobility, for the lands were already taken by a war veteran, recently raised to Knighthood. Despite this, Furor's declaration was unchallenged, due to the Duke of the region being occupied by a planet-wide civil war, and he toured his new lands. He and Kanton's mother has met and fallen in love the year before, and Furor came back to her and made her his wife, adopting Kantoan his legal son and heir.

those six months were the happiest days of Kanton's life. he had grown close to Furor and had genuinely considered him his father. during this time Kanton discovered his aptitude for duelling, quickly besting many of the mercenaries, Furor had enlisted to protect them , in Vibroblade comba.t




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