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Call me whatever you like, a name does not make me anything more or less than I already am.
—Darth Faust
Respect is a luxury available only to those able to afford it.
—Epin to Leia

Darth Faust (born Epin Lanmaw), was a human male, born to Sadvo and Lania Lanmaw, 19 BBY on Alderaan, along with his twin sister, Rena.

He spent his days working the Nerf farm with his father. This was the extent of their relationship, as Epin was neglected by his father, who favored his daughter Rena. On the rare occasions he did converse with his father, it usually ended in violence. However, Epin did learn a form of sword fighting called Makashi, by watching his father's movements while he taught Rena.

Although born as a farmer, Epin was never one for outside activities, and as such, didn't have many friends. However, he preferred it this way, solidarity and isolation was, after all, what he was used to. Instead he spent his time training in secret with a holocron he obtained while searching through an abandoned shack at the corner of his family's farm. It was the holocron of Darth Traya, a long deceased Sith Lord. Through her, he was taught of his Force sensitivity and was tutored in the ways of The Force.

He would also spend a fair amount of time fighting in Alderaan's underground fight clubs, particularly the Black Manka, known for it's overly brutal fights and sadistic rules. Another of his favorite activities was spending time with Princess Leia, who had rescued him from a gang known as the "Sons of Alderaan", sometime in 6 BBY. A few years later Epin would return the favor on a fateful night in 3 BBY, when he prevented an assault from one of his fellow fighters.

In his late teens, he would be brought into the service of Emperor Palpatine and his secret order, by Kryon Milan, approximately 2 BBY. After Palpatine's death, the two carried on the Sith teachings. It was during this time that he met the woman who would become his wife, Karana Selria.


Early lifeEdit

Ha! I didn't realize I had two daughters. Your sister is tougher than you are boy!
—Epin's father, Sadvo, after beating him

In his childhood years, Epin was constantly teased and tormented by the other children in the farming district, as they knew he would not retaliate, having a tendency to keep to himself, preferring to take trips into Aldera to sell Nerf meat and hides, instead of playing with the other children. But the streets of Aldera weren't as safe as the citizens would like to believe, as spice, slavery, and fight clubs ran the night life. Epin was attracted to this, as he loved the seemingly infinite amount of credits carried by spacers, smugglers, and other so-called unsavories that frequented them. A particular gang run by a boy named Arod Vekkar, that called themselves Sons Of Alderaan, ran quite a large chunk of illegal activity. They hated lower class citizens, and made a point of terrorizing Epin especially, and on more than one occasion, beat and robbed him.

His father also saw it fit to beat him after each of these attacks, in order to teach Epin how to be a man.

The First StepEdit

Let it out child, shed tears like you have never before. For after tonight, you will no longer need them...
—Kreia to Epin

After being beaten quite badly by his father one night, Epin had a vision of an old woman, and through it was able to locate her Holocron in the family's barn. It was situated inside a small cavern, accessible by way of a small hatch underneath the floorboards. It was the legacy of Darth Traya. Epin, who was still young, became obsessed with the information stored within, and her promises of power and the ability to have anything he desired.

Within the holocron, he learned the secret of granting spirits a Force Ghost, which he used to commune with her. The next few years Epin bit the blaster and learned from her, absorbing every word that she would speak. After a short period, he was able to move simple rocks and stones merely by thinking about it.


I know many things one may think I would, or rather, should not...

Epin consults Kreia

With his new powers, Epin confronted the Sons Of Alderaan in their hideout, on the outskirts of Aldera. It was here, he got his first taste of the power he could wield. However, he did not kill, for he believed having them live with the fact that they were beat by a mere Nerf Herder, was a greater victory.

Epin became intoxicated with this power and used it on a daily basis, even attempting to attack his father with it at one point. This proved to be a futile attempt as Sadvo was much stronger in the Force than his son, easily negating the attack and utilizing Force choke. Epin was smacked into the wall by his father, who kept his grip. He was then threatened by his father, who swore the next time he attempted anything like that, that the consequences would be much more severe. Sadvo then released Epin, who fell to the ground, gasping.

He returned to Kreia to learn what had went wrong. How could his father have the same abilities as he? She explained they were formerly Jedi Knights, cast out of the order for practicing the dark side. She also explained that he was not any special case, that there were many in the galaxy capable of using those powers, in fact there had once been a temple on Coruscant that trained people specifically for that purpose.

Kreia then promised to teach Epin the abilities that his father had used, among certain others. She would teach him powers that would make him unique, and have people truly fear him...

Teen YearsEdit

Abuse of PowerEdit

Use your emotions. But do not hinder them, allow them to flow freely, and you will know no limits...
—Kreia to Epin before his first fight

After some initial training with Kreia, Epin enlisted in the Sarlaac, one of Alderaan's fight clubs. It was here that he realized what he deemed "his calling". He was born to hurt, to cause pain. And he absolutely loved it...
On more than one occasion, he was disqualified for overkill, breaking his opponents bones, and attacking a downed opponent after the fight ended, both forbidden in the honorable fights held at the club.
One incident of particular interest was when Epin had a disagreement with a spectator. After Epin had completed a fight, a fan voiced his opinion toward Epin, who proceeded to pull the man from his seat and beat him, until the club guards made their way over to break it up. The damage had been done however, the man was barely alive. Epin was discharged from the club, and told never to return. Though, a member of the Black Manka was in attendance that night, and he expressed interest in Epin's ability. The Manka was among, if not the, most brutal and sadistic fight club in the known galaxy. They had opened a branch on the planet, and were looking for fighters.

The Black Manka Fight ClubEdit

What good would my record be if there was nobody alive to fear it?
—Epin to Otto Rucnaf

Epin awaits his opponent

After an initiation fight, which he passed with little effort, Epin was greeted by Otto Rucnaf, the Manka's second in command, and booker for the new Alderaan club. Rucnaf welcomed Epin, and gave him all the necessary information regarding the club. Epin would go on to compile an impressive record, quickly rising in the ranks, establishing himself as one of the clubs most respected fighters. One fight in particular saw Epin face off against a fighter known as Blade, for his tendency to use double vibroswords in his bouts.

Another fight of interest was when Epin fought against Arkus Quelprim, a rookie making his pro debut. Quelprim was inexperienced and cocky, believing his physical strength would be enough to carry him to victory... He would be wrong, as Epin tore into Arkus with a ferocity he was unprepared for. The fight was fairly one-sided, as Quelprim could not seem to match Epin, who brought him down within seconds.

Just as Epin was about to deliver the finishing blow, Rena, his sister rushed into the fight area, shielding Arkus with her own body. Epin demanded she step aside, but she would not. Before Epin could continue, Quelprim conceded defeat, and submitted.

Epin would break his reputation of mercy when he faced off against Kino-Qu, an exceptionally skilled fighter of unknown origins. Kino was undefeated, and thus, was the top ranked fighter. It was a brutal fight, with neither fighter able to gain a particular advantage over the other. Epin would gain control of the fight when Kino backed him into a wall. As Kino came in for what he thought would be the finishing blow, Epin ducked and Kino's fist became lodged in the wall. Before his opponent could react, Epin landed a punch that forced Kino's skull to smack into the wall. Kino's body then became limp, being held up only by his fist, which was still lodged tight in the wall. Epin continued his assault, landing blow after blow onto Kino.

Epin had sealed his place in the Manka club's hall of fame with the defeat of Kino. However, a true champion is measured by his ability to defend his title, and when Epin battled a woman named Wandah, who was also Force sensitive, that title would be put in jeopardy.

The fight began with Wandah using the Force to enhance her strength and speed, which took Epin by surprise, as he had never fought another Force user, save for his father. The fight switched sides numerous times, both fighters putting everything on the line.

Wandah would meet her demise when she became too overconfident in her abilities, while Epin, who had been tutored by Kreia, remained in control of his emotions. The fight would draw to a close at this point, as the crowd had now chosen a means of death, suffocation. However, this would affect both combatants if one did not win in a set time frame. The fighters were surrounded by a transparisteel dome, and toxic gas was slowly pumped into it.

The two fighters began to choke on the gasses, but through Kreia's guidance, Epin was able to control his breathing. Wandah clawed at Epin's feet, apparently trying to get him to help her, but this was a fight and Epin simply kept pulling away. Wandah eventually stopped moving, save for occasional twitches.

Epin loved the feeling he got as he sent Kino to an early grave, and as he watched Wandah gasp for breath, probably too much, and it would lead him to a dangerous place the next time someone angered him.

A friend in needEdit

I give up! Don't kill...
—Cam Lukanov's last words

Upon exiting the club through the back entrance one night, Epin stumbled upon Cam Lukanov, a fellow fighter, who was physically assaulting a young woman. He approached, and attempted to negotiate the woman's release with Cam, who lashed out with a vibroblade slash, which Epin had foresaw, and managed to dodge.

The two brawled and Epin overcame Cam, but not before suffering a stab to the shoulder from Cam's blade. Caught up in the moment, Epin killed Cam by stomping his skull into the ground.

He found the woman curled in the corner of the alley sobbing softly. She turned, and Epin realized it was Leia. He extended his hand to her. She accepted, and embraced him, burying her head in the chest of her friend, crying openly. They went back inside the club so Epin could get a Bacta patch. Leia helped him bandage up his wound, explaining she had come to see the Ferocious Farmer, and that she had been ambushed by Cam after Epin's fight. They chatted for quite some time, and Epin saw that she made it back to the palace safely.

What are you two doing?!"
"No, Winter, it's not what you think."
"Sure it isn't, Leia...

Winter and Leia

Later that night, Epin took his speeder bike into Aldera to check on Leia. He couldn't just enter through the front gates, so he used his powers to convince the guard to allow him entrance. Once inside the gates, Epin made his way to the palace itself. As he approached the palace, he noticed a light was on in the lower section, he made his way toward it.

As Epin approached the window, he could hear the giggling of two girls. Peeking inside, he saw Leia and Winter, who sat behind Leia brushing her hair, while Leia told the story of what had happened earlier. Epin couldn't help but smile, feeling slightly flattered that he was the subject of attention.

The talking and laughing went on well into the morning, and Epin stayed for every bit of it. The girls eventually attempted a sparring session, in which Epin imagined Leia was attempting to emulate the moves she had seen him perform on his opponents. When the girls finally fell asleep, Epin sat against the wall of the palace, and rested himself.

When he awoke he noticed it was night again, peeking into the window, he saw that Leia was still asleep. He pressed closer to the window in search of the white haired girl, however, he got too close, and the window popped loose and he fell inside.

He landed on top of Leia, who instantly awoke and screamed. Epin quickly placed his hand over her mouth. The white haired girl came rushing into the room, and upon seeing them, gasped, and then began giggling.

Leia quickly motioned for Winter, to leave, who then smiled and closed the door slowly as she left. Epin explained that he couldn't help himself, and that he had to know if she was alright. Leia blushed, and hid her face. She assured him she was fine, and that she was surprised he had come back. Epin then told her it really wasn't anything and mentioned he had seen her trying out some fighting techniques. When he offered to teach her, her face lit up and she hugged him. Epin let out a sigh, and returned her gesture.

Lady and the TrampEdit

Go space yourself! I don't care what the Royal decree says!
—Leia to her aunt Rouge

Epin and Leia's friendship grew deeper as the days went on. It was a release for both of them. The pair seemed inseparable, going everywhere together, though it was not without its repercussions. Several people, on both sides of their classes expressed great mistrust to each about the other. Leia's aunts, Tia, Rouge, and Celly, expressed particular dislike in her interest of anyone outside royalty.

They would spend most of their days training in Alderaan's many fields and open plains. Leia seemed to really get into the physical aspect when Epin would show her various fighting moves, and gave him a true workout, as she seemed to be able to anticipate his strikes...

Princess In PerilEdit

Many people are quick to jump to conclusions, no matter what the situation. It is because they are weak, and wish to easily place the blame on others, instead of facing the reality that they may be the ones at fault...
—Kreia to Epin

Apparently jealous that the Princess of Alderaan was dating a person of lower status than herself, and not one of them, the Sons Of Alderaan kidnapped Leia as she was coming from a night with Epin. However, the Tsa, a criminal organization based in Alderaan's deepest caves, learned of this and rescued her from them. The Tsa then held her for ransom.

Epin became worried when Leia did not meet him. He went to Aldera Palace to inquire about her whereabouts, and was arrested the second he was spotted. Bail and Breha Organa themselves met with Epin and questioned him, believing he to be the one behind their daughter's disappearance. Epin tried to explain that he himself was there to visit with Leia. Disgusted with Epin, Breha smacked him with such force it sent him stumbling. Bail then requested his wife return to the palace. She gave Epin an angry glare, and then returned toward the palace. Epin again tried to explain to Bail, who told Epin that he believed him, however, he could not ignore the fact that his daughter had gone missing, and more often then not, she was seen with Epin.

He was charged with the kidnapping of the Princess, and was placed in the center of the city, in stocks, to be publicly humiliated until he revealed Leia's location.

Various people came to see his trial, and to give out their own punishment to try to convince Epin to confess.

No member of his family was permitted to see him, though he was kept company by Winter, who had begun her own search, and informed Epin he should go to Alderaan's Spacer Quarter.

Epin was released a short time after, as the Tsa gang had sent word of Leia's capture and a ransom demand. Together, Winter and Epin immediately began their own investigation into her whereabouts.


I would advise not getting too close to her, if you know what's good for you.
—Epin defending Winter

Epin and Winter searched the local bars, and had come up empty handed, until they came into contact with Epin's sister and her boyfriend in the Tranquility, a known hangout for the Tsa. Arkus Quelprim, Rena's boyfriend, was known to be involved with illegal activity, and Epin questioned him on the matter. Naturally, he denied any knowledge of such activities, despite being in the company of other know gang members.

When the other men in the bar noticed Winter, many made their way over to her, whistling and making lewd comments. Ignoring Epin's warning to keep their distance, he grabbed the closest thug and cracked his head onto the bar. Several Tsa made their way over to assist their friends. The Tsa had the advantage with their superior numbers, or so they would like to have thought...

Unfortunately for them, Epin was very much prepared, thanks to many hours under the tutelage of a Sith Lord.

The biggest of them walked right up to Epin and the two began a staredown. The man made several threats and comments, attempting to have Epin surrender. Epin simply stood, staring, with a blank expression on his face. Without warning, Epin struck the man in his stomach, sending him to his knees. He then grabbed the man's head and drove his knee into it, bloodying him and sending him to the floor. Arkus barked orders to the men, and a second thug then grabbed Epin from behind, while another approached from the front. The man in front pulled out a blade and lunged at Epin, who turned sharply, causing the man holding him to be stabbed in his side. This caused him to release his grip, and fall to the floor. Taking advantage of the situation, Epin was able to catch the other off guard, twisting his arm and driving his own into the elbow joint, breaking it. The man hunched over, clutching his arm, which was now useless. Epin knocked him to the ground with an uppercut.

Epin then turned his attention back toward his sister and Arkus. Arkus, attempting to impress Rena, took a swing at Epin, who dodged, grabbed hold on the back of Arkus' head and smacked it onto a tabletop. Holding Arkus' head Epin inquired about Leia, but before he could get an answer, he was struck from behind by Rena. Arkus and Rena escaped as two more thugs attacked from opposite sides, which Epin ducked at the last second, elbowing both of them in the gut, then following with a double uppercut. A third thug pulled a blaster and fired off a few rounds, which Epin evaded by ducking behind the bar. Using the Force, he twisted the muzzle of the weapon up, preventing any further shots. A fourth thug grabbed Winter from behind, and held a vibroblade to her throat, threatening to kill her unless Epin gave himself up. Playing along, Epin pretended to give up, and as a Tsa made his way over with binders, Epin turned on the spot, and threw the thug out the front window. Turning back toward Winter, he used the Force to cause the thug to release her, then had the thug stab himself. After witnessing this, the remaining Tsa cleared house.

Winter commended Epin's fighting prowess, and commented that the stories Leia had told her were true after all. She also added playfully, that she regretted not meeting him first. Epin gave her a wink, then turned his attention toward the thugs, and conducted his inquiry. Through persuasion, he was able to extract the information he desired.

The Veil of DarknessEdit

If you think that was power, you haven't learned anything...
—Kreia, after Epin eliminated the Tsa family

Epin confronts the Tsa

Epin entered the Tsa HQ and began his search. He searched through what seemed like an endless maze of caverns and tunnels, taking out several lower tier Manka fighters along the way.

Upon reaching the main base he assaulted the gang with extreme hatred, unknowingly giving himself to the dark side. As his anger grew, so did the body count.
When Epin reached the main chamber, he found Leia tied to a large pillar at the far end, with two thugs standing in front of her. Epin couldn't make out what they were saying, but it couldn't have been good, as Leia abruptly kicked one of them in the groin, sending him to the ground. The other thug smacked Leia across the face and smashed her stomach with the back end of his weapon, causing her to hang her head and blood to drip from her mouth. Epin snapped, the anger inside him boiled over, he stepped out from hiding and challenged the two thugs. They began laughing and making jokes. Before they had a chance to react, Epin killed the two thugs by impaling them onto the jagged rocks that made up the walls. It was then that the Tsa brothers then made their appearance, and engaged Epin in combat. The three fought for a short period and Jorrus was beaten easily enough. Jerris however, proved his prowess by then engaging Epin with Force powers.

The fight began with both combatants charging at each other, locking hands in a test of strength, with Epin slightly stronger than his opponent. Using the Force, Jerris managed to increase blood flow to his muscles, making himself stronger. Through this technique he was able to overpower Epin, tossing him away. Landing on his feet, Epin used Push at the same time as Jerris, and they became locked in a power struggle.

Jerris, despite being powerful in his own right, was overwhelmed by Epin, who was, at the moment, under the full influence of the dark side. Epin erupted with Rage, breaking his enemy's concentration, and killed Jerris by utilizing Force Expand. As Epin had exhausted quite a bit of energy, he fell to the floor.

Epin awoke to the sound of crying... It was Leia, who began to calm down when she saw he was all right. She explained that she awoke and upon seeing him lay motionless among so much death... Epin assured her he was fine, he released her and they kissed.

Back at Aldera Palace, Epin was publicly honored for single handedly rescuing Leia, and ridding Alderaan of the Tsa gang. Leia was never troubled again by anyone, and from that day forward, people became somewhat afraid to oppose her. While Alderaan may have quieted down, threats from outside forces remained.

A Fight To Die ForEdit

Step aside now human, and perhaps you will be spared. I have come for the female.
—DB-29 in reference to Leia Organa

Just as Epin ended a fight for the Manka, he was attacked by an android that identified itself as DB-29. 29 blasted Epin with a punch straight to the face, sending him into the wall with such force that he left an indent. Stunned by the sudden developments, the spectators remained still. 29 called out Princess Leia, who hid amongst the crowd.

29 was then caught off guard by Epin's Force Push, which was followed by a punch to the face. 29, who was unaffected, laughed at the attempt, and told Epin that if Leia Organa was not brought to it, that it would kill every one of the spectators, one by one. When Epin refused, 29 grabbed the closest being, and quickly twisted their neck 360 degrees, killing them. 29 then tossed the body aside like mere refuse.

Leia then revealed herself to 29, as she did not wish anyone to die for her. 29 reached for her but it's hand was grabbed by Epin who followed up with a throw, sending 29 to the ground. 29 returned to its feet and attacked Epin with 100% power output.

The two didn't battle for long, until Epin became winded. 29, however, due to its mechanical parts, remained fresh. It then took the opportunity to beat Epin about the arena as the crowd roared in approval. When Epin was again knocked into the wall, 29 came over, grabbed him by his face, twisted Epin over its own head and smacked him onto the floor. As Epin slowly tried to get up, 29 ran and swiftly kicked him in the stomach, sending Epin rolling to the other side of the cave. The crowd really got into it at this point, as the man who had rose in the ranks so quickly was now being decimated by someone they had never seen before.

29 then lifted Epin into the air with one arm, looked him over, and brought it's fist back. When 29 finally let loose the punch, it came with such force that it looked as if it would pierce through Epin's body. Epin landed on the floor with a thud, and remained motionless.

Come, let me aid you.

When 29 was satisfied Epin had been taken care of, he turned his attention on Leia.

As Epin lay on the cold, rocky ground, the room began to spin. Visions of his father filled his field of view. They began to insult him, and question his manhood. Even in his thoughts, his father found a way to demean him. Epin rolled onto his stomach, and made it to his knees. He coughed and blood spurted onto his pants. He could hear Kreia pushing him forward, mixing with his father's insults and put-downs. Epin got to one knee, and coughed blood once more. Kreia then appeared to him, and extended her hand. Even though she was only a spirit, Epin was somehow able to grasp her hand. Bracing his other hand on his knee, he pushed himself up.

During this time Leia had successfully defended herself, as her dormant Force abilities came to the surface. Glowing with a white light, Leia thrust 29 away from her, and ran to Epin's side, who had regained his composure, and was ready for combat. Leia then collapsed in Epin's arms, possibly due to her lack of training. Gently placing Leia on the ground, Epin faced 29.

Epin and 29 then engaged in a brutal fight that brought several sections of the cave down, and sent the Manka fans running for their lives. Under the pressure of Epin's relentless assault, 29 was slowly broken down, pieces of his frame separating from each other. Eventually 29 was brought down, and was ended by Epin's foot crushing it's main processor.


Look at you, can't even defend yourself. How are you supposed to defend a woman? You want to be with that pampered piece of Sithspawn? Fine, I'll drop you off...
—Sadvo Lanmaw, shortly before knocking Epin out

Epin had a violent confrontation with his father when he learned that his son was dating the Princess of Alderaan. The two engaged in combat, and though Epin had fought other Force sensitives, they were not on the same level as his father. Epin was quickly beaten into a state of unconsciousness by Sadvo, who then took Epin to Aldera and dumped him outside the city.

Thankfully for Epin, Bail Organa, who was on his way out of the city, found him, and recognizing him as a friend of his daughter, took him back to the palace.

You took on an assassin droid, for me...
—Leia Organa

Epin awoke in a room that smelled faintly of Bacta. Opening his eyes, he saw the comforting face of Leia smiling down at him. She had his head cradled in her lap, and was tending to his injuries. Epin sat up beside her, and took a look around. It wasn't a medical bay, or hospital. It was the Princess' bedroom. Leia slowly slid closer to Epin, running her hand down his arm, and whispering into his ear. She brought his face to meet hers and they kissed. Epin took his hands and slipped off the shoulder straps of Leia's dress and began to press her onto her back. Leia let out a gasp as she hit the bed. Leia agreed, but only if Epin would not take it too far...

Beginning of the BeginningEdit

I care for you too Epin."
"No, that's not...I mean I, what I'm trying to say..."
"Hey, it's okay, you can tell me."
"...I love you...

—Leia and Epin

In 2 BBY, during Alderaan's harvest festival, Epin and Leia decided not to participate in the festivities, instead, opting to head out into the fields.

They sat in the grass side by side, watching the sunset over Lake Aldera. The two talked of their adventures together and Leia laid her head on his shoulder. Epin wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head. They continued to watch the sunset, as it cast an orange glow upon everything it touched.
As soon as the sun set fully, the festival went into full swing as the fireworks lit up the night sky. The two gazed into each other's eyes and kissed. Leia wrapped her arms around Epin's neck and batted her eyelashes, looking into his eyes with a sense of desire. She tugged on his neck lightly as she then lowered herself onto her back.

This moment however, would be shattered, as they were approached by a hooded man, who identified himself as Kryon Milan.

As Milan attacked the Princess with Choke, Epin sprung into action and attacked him head on, without a second thought. Milan, easily Pushed him away, and continued his primary objective, raising the Princess in front of him. Epin got to his feet, and again charged Milan, who then grabbed Epin with choke, pulling him in front of Leia, forcing him to watch as she drew her final breaths...

However, unknown to Milan, Epin was already well versed with the Force, and erupted with Repulse, breaking Milan's concentration and allowing Leia time to escape. The two then battled as Epin unknowingly used Rage, making him quite difficult to hit. Milan knew this technique though, and used it to his advantage, simply attacking at his own pace to tire Epin out.

This would prove to be the deciding factor as Epin did wear himself out, and collapsed from the extreme energy output. Milan then had no trouble securing Epin for his journey to Coruscant.

Training on CoruscantEdit

Master, I do not trust this one."
"And that is what makes him a powerful ally.

—Darth Vader and Palpatine discussing Epin's initiation

Epin's first act upon arrival on Coruscant was to lash out against his captors. Unfortunately, Epin was being transported to the Emperor by Darth Vader, who, without effort, quickly and painfully subdued him.

Your abilities are nothing to me boy. However, I sense your anger, your hatred. You desire to make people suffer, and I can make this dream a reality. All I ask for is obediance.

In Palpatine's chambers, Epin was subjected to torturous Force techniques designed to awaken his inner demons. These techniques involved invading his mind with images of himself killing his father, someone Epin hated with all his being. They were immensely successful, as Epin relished the thoughts of having people cower at the power he could wield. Letting his emotions take control of him, Epin broke free of the Emperor's grasp and attacked him.
Epin, now invigorated with Palpatine's dark energies, attacked him. Though, however powerful he may have thought he was, Epin was no match for Palpatine's extensive knowledge of the dark side. Palpatine overcame him utilizing Lightning, breaking Epin down to his knees. Epin would not surrender however, focusing his Force energies, he launched a blast of energy toward Palpatine. Somewhat amused, Palpatine laughed at the attempt, as he negated it with a wave of his hand almost as soon as it left Epin's hands. With another pass of the hand, Epin was brought to his knees, and told that if he was to join them, his dreams of revenge would be realized. Epin accepted.

If you are not eating or sleeping, you are training...
—Kryon Milan, describing the routine

The next year consisted of Epin being put through his paces by his new partner, Kryon Milan, the same man who had captured him back on Alderaan. Day after rigorous day, Milan subjected Epin to waves of endless training sessions.

The Emperor had Epin construct a Lightsaber before departing, and sent him back to Alderaan...

Submission to the DarkEdit

I've longed for this day father. To say that I hated you is to put it in laymen's terms. I've had fantasies of killing you ever since I was able to form my own thoughts...
—Epin to his father
Serve whomever you wish, but do not forget who your true master is...
—Kreia to Epin as he landed on Alderaan

Epin vs. his parents

As the final step in his training, Epin was sent back to Alderaan and it was here that he murdered his parents, and burnt their farm to the ground in the name of the Galactic Empire.

Epin clashed with his father while the inferno reduced the farm to ash. He dispatched him by utilizing Affliction, effectively poisoning him. When his father could no longer fight, he sliced off his limbs, preventing escape, and electrocuted him until death.


Epin prepares to finish off his mother

His mother proved to be far more skilled, however, still not a match for Epin's dark side abilities. Epin and his mother locked sabers in a battle that raged as fiercely as the storm that had formed overhead. Overwhelmed and outmatched, Lania dropped to her knees, surrendering to her son's power, and placing herself at his mercy. Epin placed his hand on her head, then pulling her hair, raised her off the ground and swung his saber, slicing off her head. He then kissed her cheek and tossed the head into the fire.

Seeing the farm as a burden of his past, Epin went on a destructive rampage and destroyed every Nerf farm on Alderaan, killing the animals, and the families that ran them. Because of Alderaan's history of peace, these actions became known as "The Catastrophe." His sister, her boyfriend, and their son would manage to escape the assault.

...So you sold yourself into slavery...!?"
"...Is it slavery when you get what you want?

—Leia and Epin

Leia managed to catch Epin while in the process of committing the crimes, hoping perhaps to stop her friend. Among the burning houses of the farming district, Leia confronted her former lover. For a moment it seemed as if she would succeed, however Epin suddenly, and violently lashed out, striking her with a punch to the stomach, sending her to the ground. Epin glared down as she kneeled, spitting up blood...

Farewell, Princess...
—Epin, as Leia ran off

Epin could hear Palpatine's voice urging him to kill her, and as he readied his saber, Kreia's voice interrupted, causing him to immediately shut off his weapon. Epin turned his back and told Leia she should run while she had the chance. Getting to her feet, she told Epin goodbye, and ran into the night.

Leia managed to escape yet again, however, Epin had accomplished what he was required to do, and had truly joined the Emperor's order.

Imperial ServiceEdit

What fool would willingly give their own life for another?
—Kryon Milan to Epin

One of Epin's first missions of interest involved him and Milan confirming the objective's of an Imperial II Star Destroyer, that had suddenly ceased all contact. Little did they know, their first mission could have been their last.

Under the guise of inspection officers, Epin and Milan made contact with the Destroyer, and allowed to dock. They were greeted by the ships commanding officer, Teban Ciao, who, unknown to them, was harboring a Jedi training facility aboard the vessel. They were given a brief tour of the ship to show that all was in order, then were brought to Ciao's chambers for official questioning.

Epin inquired as to why the ship did not respond when hailed by Bilbringi, its home base. Teban cited a communications problem, and told them they were working on upgrading the communications array. Milan countered with the fact that the ships logs reported no such difficulties, and that he and Epin had made contact successfully. Furthermore, the vessel made no attempt at contacting home base. Thus, they were not authorized to make those upgrades.
Ciao suddenly began to get nervous, stuttering, and slurring his words. Before Epin or Milan could act, he had apparently hit some sort of button, as Epin and Milan were dropped through the floor, into the ship's garbage compactor. Of course what Ciao did not realize is that they were Dark Jedi, and quickly used their sabers to cut through the walls.

They came out in a dimly lit corridor, apparently on the lower levels, as they had just emerged from the compactor. Milan quickly ducked a glowing projectile that Epin managed to snatch out of the air. A lightsaber. It was then they knew what was going on, there were Jedi aboard...

The saber freed itself from Epin's grasp and returned to its master. A man draped in Jedi robes appeared out of the darkness, along with another dressed in similar attire. He identified himself as Alego Olens. He stated he knew why they were on board, and that he was fully prepared to defend himself, and his students. Milan stated that he knew what had to be done, and drew his saber. Olens' companion drew her weapon as well, and engaged Milan in combat.

Duel in the Geonosian Hangar

Epin battling Alego

Alego opened the fight with Epin by taking a stab toward him, which he parried with his own saber, that was ignited just as Alego was about to connect. Pushing each other, they fought for position. Epin countered his opponents Ataru, with Makashi, eventually tiring him out. Just as Epin was about to hit the finishing blow, the girl Milan had been fighting suddenly leaped into the saber's path, sacrificing herself for her master. Taken aback, Olens used Wave to hurl his opponents away from him so he could make an escape.

Smashing through the far wall, Epin and Milan landed in what looked to be some sort of training arena. In the room with them were many young Jedi, who were stunned by the abrupt entrance.

Kill them...
—Palpatine's voice to Epin

Keeping their distance, they began to talk quietly amongst themselves. Epin announced to Milan that they must eliminate these children, and that's what they did. Amidst screams, cries, and pleas for mercy, using a mixture of the Force and saber slashes, Epin and Milan slaughtered the defenseless children. Epin killed the last remaining youngling by punching his unlit saber into the child's stomach then igniting it.

After the last of them had fallen Palpatine instructed them to return with the destroyer.


Commander tear this ship apart, and bring me the passengers, I want them alive!
—Darth Vader

Epin had gained quite a bit of praise from Palpatine, and was assigned to accompany Lord Vader aboard the Star Destroyer, Devastator. Epin was issued standard Imperial Stormtrooper equipment, so as to not to alarm the other occupants on board. Many of the higher-up's of the Imperial ladder were not even aware of him, and Palpatine wanted it to remain that way.

They were to intercept a Rebel transport, disguising itself as a consular ship. With little resistance, the Devastator managed to snare the vessel, and bring it into the docking bay. Epin was to remain behind, at Vader's side, while the grunts went ahead and cleared out the rebels.

After an exchange of blaster bolts, the rebels were forced to retreat from their position. Vader and Epin then made their entrance. They took a quick look at the fallen troopers, and proceeded further into the ship. Epin provided backup as Vader sliced his way through the ship, shutting down critical systems. After the team rushed the cockpit, Vader interrogated, and then killed the ship's captain.

Vader then instructed everyone to search the ship for the Death Star plans, and to bring him any prisoners.

A short time later, Epin was contacted by Devastator personnel, and was instructed to return to the ship. He decided to check and see if anyone had actually been captured. He made his way into the detention area and his eyes immediately locked on one of them. It was a young woman, wearing a long white garmet, possibly a robe or dress. He couldn't see her face, as she was facing towards the wall, but he couldn't shake the feeling that he knew her.

Epin? It is you, isn't it? Somehow, I know it is.
—Leia to Epin

Epin waited a bit for activity in the cell block to cool down, then unlocked the cell and went inside for a closer look. As he drew closer, the woman shifted in her sleep to face him. He stopped in his tracks when he realized it was the Princess, Leia. Epin was suddenly hit with a rush of memories from Alderaan, memories of the time he had spent with her. He was so overcome with emotions, that he had to brace himself against the wall. Breathing heavily, he grasped his head, fighting the conflicting feelings within himself. After a few moments, he was able to regain his composure.

He knelled by her side and simply watched her sleep for a few moments. As she slept, Epin ran his finger down her cheek as he reminisced. As Leia continued sleeping, her hand moved up to brush his away from her face. Despite the obvious signal that she was awakening, he continued, and she awoke a short time later. There was a silence, Epin stood up and took a step back. Leia sat up and rubbed her eyes, adjusting herself. The two stared at each other for a moment before Leia realized who he was and sprung to her feet, pleased to see her friend again. They exchanged pleasantries, and embraced. They talked a bit of the Rebellion against the Empire, and the current situation.

Leia soon fell back to sleep, resting her head on Epin's lap. Epin rested his head against the wall, and let his thoughts run away with him as he gently combed his fingers through Leia's hair.

His thoughts jumped back to Alderaan, what could he have done to prevent Milan from capturing him? Could he have? No matter, he was with her again, and to him, that was the most important thing. It was the same feeling he felt back on Alderaan, in the palace medical room when she embraced him. He wanted to freeze the moment in time, preserve it the way they were at that moment. However, it was destined not to be....

Epin awoke to the unmistakable figure of Darth Vader looming in front of him. Before he could explain himself, Vader grabbed Epin by his throat, and lifted him into the air. After a few seconds, Vader punched Epin in the stomach and Force pushed him into the cell wall. Vader then grabbed hold of Leia, and took her away. Epin could see the sorrow in her eyes as she rounded the corner, and disappeared from sight...

Conflict of interestEdit

You must never reveal anymore than is required to those you travel with, lest they draw conclusions of your intentions, and deem you too dangerous...thus creating a weariness that will make them difficult to control.
—Kreia to Epin

When Epin and Milan learned of Palpatine's death on the Second Death Star, they were unsure of what to do at first. They considered starting their own order. Seeking guidance, Epin once again summoned Kreia, asking her advice.

You must now decide where your allegiance lies. With those you have traversed the galaxy with, your allies, if they can be considered as such, or with those who you have fought against so hard, and yet, have now failed against. The choice is yours, however it is you, not them that must forever live with the decision. Know that one side may show you mercy...However, if you choose that side, if you decide to betray those you have fought with, know that you will feel their wrath no matter where you may go. The penalty for betrayal is paid with blood, especially when dealing with individuals favoring the darker side of existence.
—Kreia to Epin

When Love And Hate CollideEdit

You think you can just walk right back into my life and all is forgiven? You sided with the Empire, with the ones I pledged to defeat since I was a child. Do you think I will simply forgive you for all the pain that you and the Empire have caused? Why? Now that they are defeated, and you have nowhere to go, you come crawling to me? If you supposedly care so much for me, why were you not at my side when I needed you the most? Where were you when people were suffering, dying? Where were you when I was on the run, without any hope, looking for someone to comfort me? There were countless times where you could have been a great asset to the Alliance. No Epin. After everything that you have done, I will never forgive you.
—Leia to Epin

Epin, who was on the Endor moon, managed to locate Leia, and approached her as the Alliance celebrated their recent victory with the destruction of the Second Death Star. However, before he could say anything, he was intercepted by Luke Skywalker, who was able to sense Epin's dark side energies. The two got into an argument that could have gone bad if not for Leia's interruption. She assured her brother that she would be alright.

Leia experienced mixed emotions, pleased to see her old friend, but also angered at seeing the man who had caused so much suffering on her home planet. They talked about the Destruction of Alderaan, their time together, and what could have been. During the conversation, Epin tried to convince Leia to run away with him, but she declined, proclaiming her love for another. Although it ate away at him, since it was he who had ultimately brought her to hate him, he accepted her decision. They said their goodbyes, Leia gave Epin one final kiss, and then left him to rejoin the celebrations...


Epin and Kreia on Endor

Epin stayed and watched the rebels as they celebrated their victory. He watched in disgust as Leia danced and was held by another man. He was overcome with anger and was ready to kill the man, raising his hand, he focused his anger and was about to use a Force choke. But, thinking it through, he would ultimately be causing more pain for Leia. He lowered his hand, and a tear ran down his cheek. Soon after Epin was joined by Kreia's Force Ghost, and they reflected on the events.

See what attachment has brought you? That's right, you cannot, because it has brought you nothing. Your love for her was a weakness, and you should treat it as such...
—Kreia to Epin, regarding his relationship with Leia


You have made me proud, for this day, you have truly earned the right to be called the Lord of Betrayal.
—Kreia to Epin, passing on the title

As Epin was making his way back to his shuttle, he was attacked by a mysterious woman garbed in black, who wasted no time in attacking him. The woman was skilled in lightsaber combat, and knew the ways of the Force. Epin attempted to determine the reason behind the attack, but the woman kept repeating about her mission. Epin finally overcame her, when she lunged in for a stab and stumbled. Epin took this opportunity, and drove he knee into her abdomen. The woman dropped to her knees, and requested death as punishment for her failure.

Epin inquired of her intentions, and she informed him that she was sent to watch him, and to kill, if he betrayed Palpatine. Epin reminded her that Palpatine had died on the Death Star, and that she was his no longer.

I am not your average Sith. To your feet woman, it is not time for your life to end. I may have uses for one with your...abilities.
—Epin to the assassin

Epin offered his hand, to assist in helping her to her feet. She cautiously took his hand and rose. She then identified herself as Karana, and requested Epin become her new master, as Palpatine was no more. He contemplated the idea for a moment and accepted her offer.

Rena on the RunEdit

Kid, I'm not going to hurt your daddy...I'm going to kill him.
—Karana to Epin's nephew, Dakte

Karana informed her new master that she remembered hearing of a woman who bore the name Lanmaw while on assignment to Nar Shaddaa. Epin contacted his old friend, Darth Venno, requesting that he join him on his mission. Venno declined however, stating he had other matters at hand. Knowing that this was quite possibly the woman he was seeking, he took Karana along to aide him instead.

They set down in Nar Shaddaa's refugee sector, and began their search. Epin felt his sister was close, he could sense her fear, she knew he was on the planet. Epin and Karana made their way to the source of the fear, tracking it to Nar Shaddaa's lowest levels. Here, in a long abandoned industrial section, Epin finally confronted his sister, her husband, and their four year old son, Dakte.

Rena pleaded with her brother as she clutched her son, but it would be in vain. Arkus rushed at Epin in an attempt to defend his family, but was quickly brought to the ground when Karana threw her saber at his legs, slicing them off. Arkus hit the ground, screaming in pain. Karana walked over, took hold of his hair, and sat him up. Still holding Arkus by the hair, she placed the muzzle of her lightsaber to his temple. Dakte screamed out in protest, but it was futile as Karana ignited her saber. Arkus opened his mouth to scream, but to no avail, as he was dead before he felt it. Karana then slowly slid her saber up, through the top of his head, the body then slumped backwards.

Mommy please stop!...You're...hurting me mommy!
—Dakte as Epin controlled Rena with Possession

Rena and Dakte began screaming uncontrollably as Epin made his way over to them. Epin informed her it was time... Clutching her son, she closed her eyes tight, tears flowing like a river. Epin then used Force Possession to take control of Rena's body...

He then had her take hold of her son's throat and proceed to choke him. Rena pleaded with Epin as she unwillingly strangled her own son. Dakte went limp and Epin released his control, Rena stood motionless for a few moments, then grabbed hold on Epin, crying as she slid down to the floor.

Mercy!? What about when the old man would beat me!? And you did nothing but stand and watch!? Laughing!
—Epin referring to his father

Epin raised Rena off the floor with the Force, suspending her in the air. Using Force lightning, he sent small jolts into her, her body twitching with each shot. Epin backhanded her when she plead for mercy, then used Expand to cause her leg bones to break and pierce through the skin, so she could not run. However, Rena still attempted to crawl away, which Epin halted as he grabbed hold of her with his bare hands and choked the remaining life out of her. Her hands went limp, slowly sliding off of his, her tears drying up as she took her final breath...

Union of DarknessEdit

Master, forgive me, but I think I'm in love with you...
—Karana to Epin

Epin and Karana wed as Kreia looks on

Epin and Karana were joined 4 ABY, and were wed by Kreia, with Kryon Milan as witness. They performed an ancient Sith ritual known as the Union of Darkness, where they would cut themselves, bleed into a silver goblet, and then drink their partners blood. Epin wore his recently deceased sister Rena's hair in braids on his robe, and Karana wore jewelry made from the bones of Arkus Quelprim, Rena's husband.

The Road to NowhereEdit


Epin on Korriban, his new home

I will follow you to the end of existence itself, my master...

When Epin had time to slow down and reflect on what his life had been like, he realized it was dominated by hatred, death, and destruction.

It was then that Epin confronted an enemy like none he had ever faced before... himself. Struggling with the reality of limitless power, and also the realization that the path he walked led nowhere, a struggle began deep within him.

His final decision was to live out the rest of his days by going on a self-imposed exile. Using his trusty shuttle, he journeyed to Korriban with Karana at his side.

Though, solitude is sometimes the hardest thing to find after gaining the attention of individuals with influence.


As Faust meditated with Kreia one day, he was attacked by his son, who had been sent to kill him and his wife. Laughing at his son's futile attempts, he stood from his kneeling position. The woman identified herself as Darth Traya. He the identified himself as Darth Faust. His son identified hmself as Kiram Arukab.

Walking toward Kiram, Faust announced that he knew why they were there, and that they were wasting their time. Faust told Kiram he wouldn't dare kill his own father... As he said this, Faust launched Force lightning at Kiram, who was hit directly. Kiram hit the floor and remained there. Kiram held his arm, which was rendered useless by the ferocity of the attack. Standing over his fallen son, Faust demanded he leave, and return when he was ready.

Calista then helped Kiram to his feet, and they faced Faust, who remained expressionless. Kiram asked if Faust was indeed his father, and asked why he was abandoned. Faust replied that Kiram was "weak", and "unworthy". Lowering his head, Kiram couldn't help but shed a tear, here was a man, telling his own son that he wasn't worthy of him.

Faust turned his back on them as they then made their way out.

This development sparked something inside of Faust, and he thought perhaps it was time to return. He contacted his associate, Darth Venno, and set up a meeting on a distant Outer Rim planet.


During most of his childhood, Epin was constantly tormented by others, attacked by gangs, and beaten by his father. As a result, he was filled with hate– hate for his father, his mother, his sister, but most importantly, he hated himself. He was disgusted by the fact he never did anything to stop his father from the repetitive abuse. This led him to an extreme level of evil, where he no longer cared for the lives of others, for the most part. This was a major contributing factor in his turn to the dark side.

As Epin grew older and experienced more fights, more violence and more rage, his power only increased, however, his path to self-destruction only sped up. Epin's strength grew but he had no true resolve, other than to satisfy himself. By the end of his life, Epin realized this, and above all else, he realized he had gained nothing but the power that tore away at him.


As a result of his experience growing up around violence, and the fight clubs, Epin was extremely proficient in hand to hand combat. He gained much experience on what was the right time to strike any opponent in order to defeat them in battle, which came in handy, especially against opponents like Kino-Qu.

The most extraordinary of Epin's talents, however, were the ability to use the Force. His power and manipulation of the dark side had grown so much that he could use powers that were devastating and filled with such hatred and no remorse, such as Force Expand and Force Orbit. Epin, perhaps, may have been one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the history of the galaxy, but he could not have done it without one thing – hate.

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Faust was created for a collaboration between Wayne Lipman III and Victor Dorantes. Faust is the name of a man from German legends, who made a pact with the Devil for power. Darth Faust was the first article that Lipman submitted to the Star Wars Fanon wiki.