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Chieftain: “You're insane!
Lanmaw: “Possibly, but I was sane enough to outsmart you, wasn't I?
―Malik Lanmaw and the Rakatan Chieftain

Darth Exemplar (born Malik Lanmaw), was a human male born on Lehon, into slavery of the ruthless Rakata. His family was one of the many to work on the immense Star Forge. Through his anger at the Rakata, and of his overly abusive father, he grew immensely strong in the Force, especially the Dark Side.

Though he was an angry individual, Malik was quite attached to his sister,and it was this bond that drove a great deal of his anger. Seeing her in any kind of pain, set him over the edge, as he would violently attack anyone who harmed her. Perhaps the best example of this would be when Malik murdered his father in defense of his sister.

Fate would give Malik the chance he was waiting for when his sister, Shizu, was chosen to be a servant of the leader of the Tahh tribe. Through this, he was able to uncover an ancient Rakatan tomb, and gain full control over his powers. However, history always dictates that with great power, comes great sacrifice. The more Malik used this dark power, the more it consumed his very soul. Perhaps even more disturbing, the more power he used, the less others would be able to distinguish between each. The normal, if he could be considered as such, or the darker, more sadistic personality that surfaced whenever that power was harnessed.

Fate, however, would conspire against him, as he would eventually be forced into a confrontation with his beloved sister. A violent encounter that saw no winner, and ended with the disappearance of the two.


Early lifeEdit


Exemplar as a child

Born as a slave, Malik was constantly beaten by the Rakata, who felt they had to prove their dominance over their slaves. Even as a young child, he was forced to do back breaking labor until he could no longer continue. This caused him to harbor extreme hatred toward the Rakata, but also at his father, who seemingly did nothing to help him. Though if it was out of fear of repercussions from the Rakata, or just hatred of Malik himself is unknown. Malik's dark side grew and grew each day, until he snapped, lashing out at his enslavers. After witnessing such a display of power, the Rakata were hesitant to cross him again. However, Malik had tasted the dark side, tasted power, something he loved, possibly too much...


Malik gives his sister a necklace of flowers to express his love

Malik spent almost every day of his childhood working for the Rakata, having rest periods only to eat and to sleep. However, they did rotate the slaves, allowing time off occasionally to rest, so as to be able to work longer hours when they were rotated in. During his rest periods, he spent time with his older sister, Shizu.

The two were very close, and Shizu would often take the blame for things that Malik had done, causing her to receive the beating. However, at one point when the Rakata attempted to whip Shizu, Malik's anger got the better of him.

Loss of InnocenceEdit

What are you gonna do about it you little punk?!?! Kick me in the shins!?
—Tiro Broxtin to Malik

When Shizu began to see one of the boys from their camp, Tiro Broxtin, romantically, Malik became somewhat weary of him. Seeing as how she usually came in late, and had numerous bruises on her body at different times, and even returned with a broken arm once. She told Malik it was the Rakata's punishment, but he knew better. This Tiro thought he was a tough guy.
Malik decided to follow them one night, and it was here that he lost control for the first time.

An argument between Shizu and Tiro escalated and when he began to beat her, Malik went mad...
Stepping out of his hiding spot, he challenged Tiro, who responded by making jokes and then spat on Malik. In a flash of anger, Malik's hair stood straight up and his pupils went blank. Not lifting a finger, Malik flung Tiro away from him, sending him to the ground hard. After getting back up, Tiro brushed himself off and laughed, proclaiming that he too had special abilities. Malik stood motionless, a blank stare on his face. Tiro made a shoving motion with his fingers and lightning flowed from them. It connected with Malik, but was surprisingly ineffective against him. Still staring blankly, Malik's eye's flashed red, and Tiro dropped to the ground, convulsing. Malik walked over to the collapsed Tiro and raised his hand, causing Tiro's body to lift from the ground. But before Malik could continue, a quick warning from his sister caused Malik to return to his normal self. As Tiro hit the ground, so too did Malik, apparently drained of his energies.

When Malik awoke, he was back at home, with his sister sobbing in the corner. Malik, who loved his sister very much, was hurt to see her crying when. Attempting to cheer her up, he snuck out and made her a necklace of flowers from the gardens of the Rakata. He presented it to his sister, and the two hugged.


Malik protects his sister

The Rakata, who were making their nightly rounds discovered Malik and Shizu with the necklace, and since she was in possession of it, Shizu was responsible. They then brought her to the detention block, which was just a fancy word for their torture chambers. Malik, who had followed, made his way over to his sister. As soon as he made it to her, he pushed her aside and snatched the whip just as it was about to strike. Try as he might, the Rakata could not get the whip from Malik's grasp. Pulling violently, Malik swung the whip to the side, sending the Rakata into the wall. Backup arrived, but was no match for the invigorated Malik, who cut down the Rakatan warriors with seemingly thoughts alone. After the last Rakata had fallen, Malik stood among their broken and dismembered corpses with a blank stare on his face, seemingly unaffected either positively or negatively.

Shizu grabbed her brother and the two made an escape through the underground tunnels that ran the length of the slave camp, a way for the Rakata to quickly travel the facility without wading through hordes of slaves. Against the odds, they managed to escape detection and make it back home.

The Last StrawEdit

If you miss mother so much, I will send you to her...
—Malik to his father

Malik prepares to kill his father with his own weapon

Malik's father, Vin, being drunk, saw it necessary one night to beat his children, as he saw them a burden, and the reason his wife was dead. She had died while giving birth to Malik, and Vin resented him for it. He beat on his children for quite some time by throwing them into walls, punching them and finally stomping them as they lay on the ground. Finally, Vin pinned Shizu down and was ready to end it, taking out a sharp weapon from his cloak and running it slowly across her neck to toy with her. He then pointed it directly toward her chest. As he brought it down, Malik interrupted by grabbing hold of his arm. Vin warned Malik to release him, or else he would feel it's wrath first. Squeezing, Malik broke his father's wrist with a series of crunches, snaps, and pops. Screaming in pain, Vin dropped the weapon and fell to the ground clutching his wrist.

Taking up the weapon, Malik raised it over his head to finish his father. Vin then attempted to strike his son from a sitting position, but Malik dodged, and as his father fell forward he drove the weapon into his shoulder. Vin yelled in agony as he fell to the ground, now clutching his shoulder. Vin attempted to shive Malik aside and escape, but with a flick of his wrist, Malik threw his father against a wall. As Malik made his way over, his father begged to be spared, but Malik gave no response, only his blank stare. He then made a pushing motion with his hand that caused his father's skull to slam into the wall. With a squishing sound, Vin's head smacked the wall, and slumped foreword. Malik had killed his father.

Malik began a soft, almost cackle-like laugh, his upper lip twitching as used his powers to cause his father's corpse to stab itself with the loose blade.
Shizu gasped and sobbed softly as she witnessed the horrid sight.

Stroke of LuckEdit

When his sister Shizu was "chosen" by the Rakatan Chieftain to be his personal servant, Malik was chosen as her assistant. He, along with Shizu, was brought into the Rakatan encampment, to be Chieftain Tahh's personal servants.

Malik used this new position to gain access to the Rakatan library underneath the compound. In it he learned of a tomb somewhere under the planet's surface, that contained the knowledge of the Rakata's first leader. A being who could, supposedly use something called Force. His teachings had been passed down to other higher-ups within the Rakatan ranks, but the full extent of his knowledge was buried with him in his tomb. Malik suspected the location of the tomb was unknown to any living Rakata, as they would have found it by now, and utilized this power against their enemies, to establish one dominant tribe.

There were suggestions within the texts of the location, however, they were dismissed as just that, merely suggestions.


I feel the anger, the hatred, the power within you. Perhaps you will be the one to restore my family to it's former glory by ridding this planet of my pathetic descendant.
—The Rakatan hologram to Malik

On one of his off days Malik went in search of the supposed tomb. On the very outside of the camp, close to the forbidden lands, he found what he was searching for.

A large cave stood before him, the opening looming in front of him like a hungry beast ready to swallow up anyone foolish enough to venture inside.

Malik began his journey inside, several hours passed, and he endured many traps including, falling ceilings, trap doors, and spiked walls. Arriving in the main chamber, he was presented with not a grand throne room, or massive burial plot as he had expected, but instead a small floating staff, with the shape of an eye atop it, and what appeared to be wings attached to the side.


Malik gains the knowledge of the ancient Rakata

He approached the object and picked it up from its resting place. Upon being removed, the object glowed a soft red, and opened, revealing a holo of a Rakata. The Rakata identified himself as the ancestor of Tahh, the current ruler of the Tahh tribe, and added that he himself, was also named Tahh.

After some dialogue, the hologram disappeared and Malik wondered what had happened, then suddenly, he felt a wave of dark energy rush over him. He began to feel incredibly ill, and felt as if his skull itself would explode.

Fighting the urge to just give up and pass out, Malik exploded in dark energy that shook the cave, causing the walls to buckle and begin to crumble. Back in control, Malik felt invigorated, he noticed a purple cloak was lying on the floor, under where the staff floated. He put the cloak on, and with the ancient Rakatan's approval, took the Dor as his own.

Bad BloodEdit

I know nothing of the one you call Malik woman, now stand down.
—Malik to Shizu

As Malik exited the cave, he was confronted by Shizu, who sensed the darkness within him. She told him that the path he's going down would only lead to darkness, to turn back. Malik would have none of her bleeding heart and demanded she step aside, and when she would not, he grew angry and threatened her with death, he then pointed the Dor toward her and trapped her in a stasis field.

Laughing, he made his way toward the Tahh encampment.

The Path To GreatnessEdit


Malik confronted the Tahh chieftain in an attempt to overthrow him. But Malik was met with extreme resistance from his followers, who, despite Tahh's ruthlessness, were still 100% loyal to him. Amidst his best effort, Malik was unable to make it past the seemingly endless numbers of Rakatan warriors.

The warriors stopped attacking for a moment as Tahh made his way to the battlefield. He approached Malik and commended his fighting capabilities, offering him a position within his inner-circle, as general. Seeing the potential for a betrayal down the road, Malik accepted. Malik figured Tahh did this out of fear of him, that would buy him some time to formulate his next move.

Tahh's choiceEdit

It is time for me to take a wife. And I have the perfect woman in mind...
—Tahh to Malik

When Tahh decided it was time for him to take on a wife, he chose his current servant, Shizu Lanmaw. Malik did not approve of this and expressed it to Tahh, who dismissed his warnings as empty threats. Tahh would try his best to see that these threats didn't come to fruition.

As Malik was returning from meditation, he was attacked by two of Tahh's assassins. Malik inquired if they knew what they were getting into, and without answer, was attacked. Malik engaged them in combat, they were quick reflexed and difficult to strike. However, Malik's inherit Force powers strengthened his muscles, and heightened his senses. The battle drew on for quite a long time with neither able to claim a hold of the battle. Though as it did, the assassins grew winded, tired from the near endless physical exertion. Sensing an opening, Malik drove his fist square into ones temple, fracturing the skull, killing him instantly.

The second one paused at seeing his partner downed, which was all Malik needed to drive both fists clenched together, up under the Rakata's chin, breaking his neck from the abrupt upward force.

That was Tahh's final mistake...

A Mutual AgreementEdit

Malik knew there wasn't any way he was going to defeat the Tahh clan on his own, and thus, he set up a meeting with the ruler of the Darr tribe, to discuss the problem that the two shared. They made the necessary arrangements, and parted ways.

Battle of LehonEdit


Malik leads the darr tribe

When the day arrived, and the wedding commenced, Malik was nowhere to be found. Tahh assumed his warriors had done their duty in killing Malik.

Though, just before Tahh and Shizu would have been declared joined, the darr tribe, led by Malik, marched into the area. Taken off guard by the abruptness of the attack, the Tahh were powerless against the Darrs' merciless onslaught. However, Malik had forgotten all about the Star Forge, which was semi-operational at that point, and had begun to release small fighter craft to strafe the planet in bombing runs. Tahh would rather his entire clan perish in the onslaught, than risk defeat at the hands of another tribe. To Malik's surprise, it was at this point that the Rakata all unleashed their Force powers upon one another. The battle escalated to a whole new level, each tribe using their powers to gain control over the Star Forge, that itself, feeding off the Force energy, became incredibly corrupt, it's fighters simply bombing randomly.

Amidst the heavy concentration of dark Force energy, the sky itself changed from a tranquil blue, to a sinister shade of purple.

Fueled in turn by the Star Forge's immense dark energy, both Rakatan tribes became overly aggressive, attacking not only enemy forces, but their own allies.

Losing ControlEdit

NO!!! What's, me!!??

Malik's anger builds

As the Rakata slaughtered each other, Malik pushed his way toward a final fight with Tahh. When he arrived, Shizu was shocked to see her brother alive, and attempted to run to him, but was grabbed by Tahh, who threatened to kill her if Malik stepped closer. Simply laughing, Malik slowly moved closer.

Tahh, true to his cowardice, struck Shizu from behind with a weapon and took a fighting stance. Malik, grabbing a weapon from the ground, faced him, the two then engaged in combat. Tahh, with his greater experience, quickly overcame Malik, knocking him to the ground.

Demanding he give up, Tahh held his weapon to Shizu's throat. When Malik would not surrender, Tahh stabbed her in the midsection, then focusing it back to its original spot, he pressed harder. Shizu cried out for her brother.

Disgusted with his apparent failure, and faced with the death of his sister, Malik's anger grew, and he underwent a horrific transformation. Screaming, and grasping his head, he fought against the dark energy that began to consume him...

The Darkness ComesEdit

St... Stop laughing!

Facing off against Tahh

As Malik screamed and clawed at his skull, the Star Forge glowed a dark purple, apparently feeding off of the dark energy being emitted from Malik and the Force powers of the Rakata battling each other. Or, perhaps it was the Rakata that were drawing upon the Star Forge, as they went seemingly insane, even more so than before, attacking anything in sight with extreme ferocity.

In a dazzling flash, Malik erupted with dark side energy, sending shockwaves through the planet and splitting the ground itself.

After the dust settled, Malik began laughing as he hung his head. As he slowly raised his head, the symbol of an eye that seemed to be embedded on his forehead, glowed with power.

Tahh commanded Malik stop laughing, and when he did not, Tahh attacked with Force Lightning. Holding his hand out, Malik absorbed the attack, and redirected it back at his foe. Tahh deflected it away from him, and laughed, commenting that nobody was as strong as he. Malik stood motionless, a grin on his face.

Tahh then shot a burst of dark energy towards Malik, who instead of deflecting, absorbed it. The fight continued for some time this way, each negating the other's attacks. As the battle drew on, Tahh began to tire as Malik seemingly drew upon an infinite pool of stamina.


Preparing to strike

Falling to his knees, Tahh surrendered himself to Malik's mercy. Unfortunately, Malik possessed no such emotion.

Piercing Tahh's shoulder with a blast from the Dor, Malik began his revenge. Falling backwards, Tahh quickly turned and began a desperate crawl for safety. Stepping over to him, Malik kicked Tahh, flipping him onto his back. Tahh told Malik he had won, to just let him leave, that he would hand over control of the Tahh clan to Malik. Staring down, Malik laughed as he used the power of the Dor to fire blasts of energy into Tahh, piercing his skin at various points on his body. As Tahh screamed in agony, Shizu stepped in. Placing herself between Tahh and Malik, she told her brother that he had won, killing Tahh would prove nothing.

Malik violently punched his sister in the stomach, doubling her over, he then followed up with an elbow to the back of her head, knocking her out.

Focusing back on Tahh, Malik pointed his weapon at him. As it glowed, readying itself, Malik grinned at his victim. Finally, he released the shot straight into Tahh, incinerating his body, leaving only ashes behind.

No survivorsEdit

Malik turned his attention to the Rakata, who, at that point, had literally wiped each other out, as only a handful remained, and even they still fought each other, regardless of allegiance.

Raising his arm, he called out to them to halt. They took no notice, instead rushing Malik, who dispatched them easily.

As Malik walked the surface of the planet, he realized that, from what he could see at least, none of the slaves had survived. Bodies littered the ground at every step, and the stench of slain bodies filled the air.


Malik: “I see your fear woman. I can even taste it...
Shizu: “NO! Malik, it's me Shizu! Your sister! Please...
―Malik and Shizu


Malik revels in his sister's pain

Shizu managed to catch up to her brother, and questioned him on his decision to kill Tahh. Malik didn't take well to being second guessed, and again struck her to the ground. He moved on her, driving his knee into her abdomen, pinning her down. He then placed his hand on her neck, slightly choking her.

As tears filled her eyes, Shizu remained trapped underneath her brother's weight, despite her efforts to free herself. She tried to reason with him, her voice stuttering, and her very body shaking as she stared up into her brothers lifeless gaze. Malik made no response, instead, raising his knee up and driving it down into her stomach, causing her to throw up blood only seconds later. Tightening his grip on her throat, and taking note of her tears, Malik leaned in and licked them from her cheeks.

As Shizu was deprived of breath, she became limp and her face became flushed of color. Malik laughed as he looked into the tear filled, dying eyes of his own sister.

Deep within however, Malik could not bring himself to kill her, and he again began a struggle within himself. Releasing his grip, but still pinning Shizu down, he began smashing his head into the ground above her shoulder, screaming Get out!. When it was over, Malik was back to normal, and despite seeing his sister underneath him, her face covered with blood and tears, he remained motionless as he stared into her eyes.

Back for moreEdit

Tiro Broxtin, apparently feeling he was a match for Malik, kidnapped Shizu and took her underground, along with the Dor. Malik went searching for his sister, and during his journey underground, encountered several slaves, who attacked him on sight. Apparently some of them had gone into hiding when the battle broke out. Malik had suspicions it was Broxtin, and thought perhaps he had developed his Force ability and was using it to control the slaves. Tiro had the Dor, and Malik prepared himself for the inevitable battle that would develop upon his arrival.

When Malik reached his destination however, what he found was not what he had expected...

Tiro was suspended in mid-air, screaming, as Shizu stood before him. Tiro called to Malik, begging him to control his sister. Grinning, Malik walked over to them. He watched approvingly as she tortured the pathetic Tiro.

When Shizu was done having her fun, she broke Tiro's neck with a flick of her wrist. Shizu laughed as Tiro's body hit the floor, Malik, impressed by his sister's sudden change of ethics, congratulated her.

However, Malik didn't take into consideration that Shizu possessed the Dor, and she attacked. Blocking, Malik did his best to fight back the blast of Force energy that struck him head on, though the Dor's power combined with Shizu's natural Force power was too much for him. He was overcome by the blast and crashed through the cave wall into a large circular shaped room containing a starship of some kind. Shaking it off, he got to his feet. Shizu walked slowly toward him, a cold stare in her eyes. When she raised the Dor, Malik was raised into the air as well.

He was trapped, there was nothing he could do, his sister had beaten him. Or so she thought, remembering his sister's words, he told her not to kill him, after all, he was her brother. Upon hearing those words, Shizu's eyes shut, she dropped the Dor, and fell to the floor. Malik was released, picking up the Dor, he stood over his fallen sister.

Sibling rivalryEdit

Stand down sister, lest you become another body on the pile of those who have stood in my way.
—Malik to Shizu

Impressed by his sister's abilities, Malik considered teaching her how to harness her natural ability. After some deliberation, he decided it would be best to simply end her life, after all, someone with that kind of power could be a threat to him.


Facing off against Shizu

Malik raised the Dor over Shizu, pointing toward her chest. He wanted to end it, but for some reason, wouldn't allow himself to follow through. With all his might, Malik was able to shatter any doubts in his mind and brought the Dor down. However, before he could finish, it was stopped cold, the point of the Dor pressing against Shizu's skin.

Shizu then suddenly opened her eyes, they flashed white, and her body pulsed with Force energy, sending Malik tumbling away from her. Getting to her feet, she raised her hands and performed Force Lightning. Malik raised the Dor in defense, and absorbed the blast, the Dor then flashed, and sent the attack streaming back at her. Taken by surprise, she barely managed to roll out of the way. Getting her bearings, Shizu concentrated, and ripped chunks of rock from the wall to throw at Malik, who blocked with his own Force ability, shattering the rocks into harmless dust before they hit. Shizu grew angrier with her brother, and they both rushed at each other. In a Force based contest, Malik had the upper hand, with his possession of The Dor. Shizu knew this, and used it to her advantage, as she was physically stronger than he was. Getting in close, Shizu grappled Malik and threw him to the ground. The Dor was lost from Malik’s control and lay on the ground. As both made a dash for it, they arrived at the same instance, both having a hand on the device.

The two siblings stayed silent, staring each other down. It was a stalemate, and neither would accept defeat...


You really don't have any idea what you're getting yourselves into, do you?
—Malik to the Darr tribe

Malik and Shizu stared each other down, a fire raging inside each of them. However, before one of them could make another move, the Darr tribe burst into the cavern. An army of Rakatans, all armed for combat, surrounded them.

The Rakatans attacked full force, hoping to overwhelm Malik and Shizu, and gain possession of the Dor.

The two siblings fought as one, watching each other's back. Malik, at one point was quickly becoming overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite amount of Rakata that flooded into the room. Moments before being struck down, he was rescued by Shizu, who, in all the fighting, had gained control of the Dor. Utilizing it, she pointed it toward the oncoming Rakata, and with a sneer, incinerated a large potion of the assault force. Despite the loss, the Rakata continued to fight. Rested from the short pause, Malik was able to join his sister, together, they placed their hands on the Dor and focused their Force energy. With a blinding flash, the Dor exploded with energy, ripping through the cavern. Under such extreme stress, the cave itself began to collapse, the walls and ceiling crumbling, and the floors buckling.

The EndEdit

The planet itself shook under the pressure of what was happening below, the inhabitants themselves feeling the effects. With a large bang, the ground erupted with light energy that shone through small cracks in the planets surface, lasting only a few seconds then subsiding.

Nobody emerged from the cavern that the Rakata had entered, as the entrance had been sealed in a cave in. A small starship was supposedly seen emerging from a mountain in the distance, but the accounts were speculation.

Personality and traitsEdit

Malik was always an angry and powerful young boy. Ever since he was a child, his father would beat him and his sister; making his hate grow, and the darkness within him swell. Malik never liked being pushed around. However, Malik's greatest goal was to protect the ones he loved. When he had realized that his sister was beaten by her lover, Malik got involved and used the Force to attack the abusive boy. On several occasions, Malik would even confront his Rakatan slavers, in the defense of his beloved sister. Malik proved his love for his sister, perhaps in the wrong way, after killing his father after he'd threatened to kill her.

Malik later would become a power hungry and powerful dark side adept, after his power surfaced, and he learned to control it. Once he became Darth Exemplar, he was Malik no more. He had changed entirely, not caring for the ones he once loved, such as Shizu. Instead, he was ruthless, merciless, and seemingly emotionless. He also had no quarrel with seeing blood, as for he had many kills in his day, which he enjoyed every minute of each one.

With the latent Force energies granted by the Muinnellim Dor, his own natural Force abilities, and on his capability to overcome almost any situation, Exemplar was almost certainly a sufferer of Power syndrome.


Darth Exemplar had many talents during his lifetime. Due to the fact that he grew up with so much hate and anger towards the Rakata and his father, Exemplar's power grew in the shadows within him. When he would get infuriated, his power would surface and it would be nearly unstoppable.

When he faced off for the first time with Tiro Broxtn, Exemplar did not even have to lift a finger to use the Force to hurl the young man into submission. Later, when Exemplar killed his father, his true physical strength surfaced, as he easily overpowered Vin and broke his wrist.

Darth Exemplar's power perhaps was entirely unleashed after he recovered the Muinnellim Dor, and could easily use the power of the Force at will. Unfortunately for Darth Exemplar, he could not always control his power, and when he used the Dor, it was as if another, more ruthless and brutal Exemplar was born. It was rumored that Exemplar had dual personalities, however this was never confirmed, and regardless, both personalities were very alike.

In what was believed to be the end of Exemplar's life, he and his sister, Shizu, were both extremely powerful, so powerful in fact that in their duel, the cavern they fought in collapsed under the stress of their powers colliding.

Overall, Exemplar was arguably the most feared man of his time, and so would be the case for his descendants of the future.

Behind the scenesEdit

Exemplar means Original or Model. Exemplar is portrayed by Marik Ishtar. Marik, is sometimes spelled Malik, which is where the character's name derives from.

Darth Exemplar was the first of the good articles to become a featured article.