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Darth Ewad[1], was born as master Feel—the Jedi Knight, apprentice of master Yoda and master Luck (when he was the Jedi) and apprentice of Sheev Palpatine (when he was the Sith Lord). Father of Savage Opress, husband of Aldebara. During his live he give Anakin Skywalker new padawan—Ahsoka Tano, killed Agata the Cow.

Master Feel was born on the Juesej, the planet in the galaxy center. There he met Aldebara, mother of lord Maul. Their son was Savage Opress.

His family—he, his wife Aldebara and his son Savage—emigrated to Coruscant when he met Yoda. Little green friend and Luck are training Feel.

A few days later, Feel went to Sheev Palpatine’s apartment. He felt that chancellor is the Sith Lord. Then, Sidious stretched him for the dark side of the Forse. He was named Darth Ewad[1]. His new master ordered him to give Anakin Skywalker a new padawan—Ahsoka Tano. Next Darth Sidious commanded him to kill Agata the Cow, the great Jedi Master. After her death, Ewad, Luck ang Aldebara went to Geonosis. Sith was fighting with Grievous. Feel weakened the general.

Later Darth Sidious instructed him to reduction of Barriss Offee’s rank from Jedi Knight to padawan. Next he commanded Jabba the Hutt to remove his son from mather’s bag. He was on Dahgobah when Yoda qave him reviving elixir, because Darth Sidious wanted to revive a Sith army.



Master Feel.


Feel and Gungans.


Ewad vs. Grievous


Death of Agata the Cow.


Reforms in the Jedi Order.


Feel and Shmi Skywalker.


Feel was born on the Juesej, forest planet in the centre of the galaxy. His mother was unknown woman and father was unknown too. When he was six moths they left him.

Meeting Aldebara

When he was age he met Aldebara, inhabitant of Juesej. Aldebara was lord Maul’s mothers and she wanted next child. Feel agreed with her and they had new child—Savage Opress.

Trip to Coruscant

Feel was the father but he didn’t had a good job, so he wanted be a Jedi. He, his wife Aldebara and new son Savage went to Coruscant, capital planet of Galactic Republic. There he met master Yoda and he could have asked him to be a Jedi. Yoda decided to train him.

Feel met Luck in the Jedi temple.

Darth Ewad

Next he met Palpatine, chancellor of the Republic. Darth Sidious persuaded him to be a Sith. Feel was named Darth Ewad.

Palpatine’s commands

Ahsoka Tano—new padawan

His new master ordered Feel to give Anakin Skywalker a new padawan—Ahsoka Tano. He asked Yoda about this but Ewad had to give him a slave—Shmi Skywalker.

Ewad vs. Grievous

Next, Ewad fight with Grievous. He defeated general. Next commends from his master was reduction of Barriss Offee’s rank. He told Yoda again and he said that this is request of Darth Sidious. Yoda agreed to this.

Trip to Hoth shopping centre

During his holodays, he was in the Hoth shopping centre with his friends, Luck and Aldebara, when he met Wampa Confident, Agata the Cow, Leia Windu and Padmé Kenobi.

Trip to Tatooine

Palpatine commanded Feel to go to Tatooine. He went with Luck and Aldebara there. Aldebara said to Jabba to remove his son from mather’s bag.

On Dagobah

Palpatine wanted to have a Sith army so commanded Feel and his friend to go to Dagobah when Yoda lived. Little green friend gave then reviving elixir. Shortly afterwards Feel was member of Jedi Council.


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