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If I can't live without hiding, I might as well not live!
—Darth Edel

Darth Edel formally known as Kane Argan, was a Sith and apprentice to Darth Vader during and after the Battle of Yavin before he committed suicide after realizing he will not be able to ever show himself to Darth Sidious because he is the apprentice of Darth Vader.


Early life

Born to Xcrat and Gyna Argan he was raised by Ben Kenobi for 15 years before he decided to join the Empire to Kenobi's dismay. He was trained to be a stormtrooper but Darth Vader saw his talents and selected him to be his Sith apprentice. He was than given the name Darth Edel.

Battle of Yavin

During the Battle of Yavin He attacked many Rebel leaders and killed many people including Empire employees he did not like. After the destruction of Alderaan he attempted to save Princess Leia, the enemy spy. However Vader pulls him out as he can not let any Empire leaders see him just in case they tell The Emperor who will kill Edel.


In 3 ABY, After the Battle of Hoth, Vader told him that it was too risky to have him out in the open like this so he should go into hiding. Kane decided he did not want to live like this, hiding his whole life. He than ran to a window and jumped out.


After his death, nobody knew except Vader so he was never mentioned.

Personality and traits

He was shown to get aggressive a lot going to the point where if somebody insulted him he would kill them.

Powers and abilities

He is also shown to be very strong even picking up a 250 pound bar. He also has shown sides of the Light Side of the Force such as failing to shoot force lightning which he could easily do. He is skilled with two ligthsabers, one red, one blue. He can also use force choke.

Behind the scenes

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