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I am the Eclipse that will shadow over your pathetic little rebellion!
—Darth Eclipse before striking down the commander of the Bassy's Messenager[src]

Darth Eclipse[1] was a Force-sensitive human Sith Apprentice male who was trained under the supervision of Darth Sidious[1], the Galactic Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

Eclipse was sent on missions that included hunting down remnants of Darth Angel's Dark Angels of Corellia[1] as well as preventing potential rebellion uprisings[1]. Under Palpatine's request, he was accompanied by a small team of assistants and these included two Nakamura Research Laboratories droids and an Imperial Navy pilot[1].


Early life

The early life of Darth Eclipse isn't known but during a conversation between him and NEO: 52157, it is said that he was born under very strict parents and that the planet he lived on wasn't like "any other planet," meaning that he was probably born on an unknown planet discovered by the Empire.[1]



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