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You're whole life has built up to this point, to this betrayal, to your downfall and my ascension.
—Darth Galepius to Darth Destru

Darth Destru was a Sith lord of an unknown species and a leading member of the Disciples of Bane. He served as a part of the Triad of Darkness before he was killed by Republic forces.


Our hordes shall sweep across the galaxy, across every planet, star and moon. Nothing shall stop us, not the Jedi, not the Republic, not even Baden.
—Destru at the Battle of Commenor

Destru was in command of one of the largest Sith cults in the galaxy. However, instead of attempting to attack the Republic, he attempted to gain control of the other Sith orders which led to civil war. When Darth Galepius ended the war and brought the Sith together, Destru served with him and Darth Baden as joint leaders of the Disciples.

Destru favoured an all out attack on the Republic, which brought him into conflict with the other two, particularly Baden. He won battles at Thwaite and captured Korriban. However, things came to a head when Destru was defeated at the Battle of Commenor. Having been manipulated by Galepius, Destru sent his ally Xethyr and his apprentices Darth Morgu and Darth Sharka to kill Baden. They succeeded and Destru made himself leader of the Disciples. Little did he know that Galepius was planning to betray him and he was killed in battle with Republic forces at the Third Battle of Korriban.


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