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Darth Destra was a male Human Sith Lord who, like all Sith, desired power more than anything else. He took a single apprentice named Akella Vera,whom he named Darth Hawkrus. He led the Shadow Battalion, a group of former Dark Jedi and Sith that had sworn loyalty to Destra. Destra himself was slain by a Rogue Jedi after he had been forbidden the chance to join the Shadow Battalion.

Born under a constellation that formed the Sign of the Sith, Darth Destra was called Brakkus as a child. At age 18 Brakkus lost his father to a Jedi Knight that had led a battalion of clones on his home planet. After witnessing his Father's death, Brakkus vowed to destroy all Jedi, a deep hatred he would carry until his death in 10,000 BBY.

Conquest and Death

Brakkus went to Korriban where he was trained by Darth Omegus, a Sith Lady who was also seeking revenge against the Jedi, only Omegus wanted revenge because she had been exiled from the Jedi Order. Why she was expelled, she never revealed to Brakkus, whom she named Darth Destra. Destra that began killing Jedi, even the man that killed his father. Then Destra began to gather his Shadow Battalion to attack Coruscant. He never got the chance to lead them there. A Rogue Jedi sought to join the Shadow Battalion, but Destra refused, saying "Only Sith or true Dark Jedi may join us". In rage the Rogue Jedi thrust his lightsaber through Destra's back killing him instantly

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