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Names are not important.
—Darth Dararus

Darth Dararus was a Sith who was the emperor of the Extragalactic Empire. He was a slave on Tatooine at an early age, but convinced his master to take off his slave collar. After he escaped, he moved to Nar Shaddaa and became a con artist. He was very successful, in part because he was Force sensitive. The Reborn Emperor found him and trained him, to serve as a backup in case his plan to turn Luke Skywalker failed. After the Reborn Emperor was killed by Luke, Darth Dararus vowed to destroy him.

Dararus joined the Imperial Remnant and led the extragalactic expedition that discovered Earth. He led both the original and skirmish attacks. Soon enough, he had taken over Earth's entire northern hemisphere, except Japan. He infiltrated Tokyo, were he tricked a local into becoming his apprentice. After Darth Akiko was redeemed by Luke Skywalker, Darth Dararus attacked both, starting the Duel of the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. He was blown off by a Force Push and was assumed to have drowned.


Early lifeEdit

Darth Dararus was born into a slave family and given a slave collar as soon as he could wear one. However, when he was 16, he convinced his master to take it off, promising to pay him when he got a job. He went to Nar Shaddaa and tricked a smuggler into giving him enough money to pay off his former master. After that, he decided he had a future as a con artist.

He went around Nar Shaddaa, tricking people into giving him everything from large sums of credits to his own ship. It was not long before the Reborn Emperor noticed him, particularly due to his Force sensitivity. He personally went to Nar Shaddaa and told him that he would train him to be the most powerful man ever to live. Dararus accepted the offer.


The Reborn Emperor sent Darth Dararus on many missions against the New Republic, including a mission to Coruscant. He was involved in the capture of Luke Skywalker, luring him with a strong dark side presence. He was also very close to the Reborn Emperor. He entered the mans room shortly after he was killed. He vowed to destroy Luke Skywalker.

To achieve that end, he went into hiding on Korriban, biding his time and inventing new Force powers. After he became sufficiently powerful, he joined the Imperial Remnant and sponsored an extragalactic expedition, hoping to find a remote location were he could launch an attack on the Galactic Alliance. When he found Earth, he ordered an immediate attack.

He engaged in many skirmishes across the planet, with special interest in the northern hemisphere. Before he attacked Japan, he decided to infiltrate the country, hoping to find tactical advantages. This was were he met Akiko, a Japanese teenager. He tricked her into becoming his apprentice.


As time went on, Akiko became more and more unhappy with Darth Dararus, especially because he used her as a test subject for new Force powers. Darth Dararus tried to subdue her, but to no avail. Soon, she left the Sith entirely, joining Luke Skywalker. When Darth Dararus discovered that he had been betrayed, he engaged both Akiko and Luke, starting the Duel of the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. During the duel, Akiko Force Pushed him, throwing him off. On the way down, he realized that this was the punishment the Force was giving him for his actions. The Extragalactic Empire fell soon after his death.


Darth Dararus was well remembered. He had an extensive article in both the Jedi and Sith Archives. He was quoted many times by various members of the Imperial Remnant.

Personality and traitsEdit

Darth Dararus had black hair and brown eyes. He was vain, brash and slightly sadistic.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Darth Dararus was a master of the Jedi Mind Trick, but rarely needed it, since he was good at tricking people in the first place. He was also the only known user of Force Shape Shift, Force Evaporate and Force Bind. He was also known to be a master of Force lightning.

Behind the scenesEdit

Note that both the characters name and the word doom start with the same letter.

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