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Chiss era

Darth Cyrus, in disguise Rawn Talon, was a male human and Dark Lord of the Sith, a member of the Order of the Sith Lords. He was born on the old Sith world of Xelos V, a planet largely considered inhabitable. Darth Cyrus' first public appearance was during the war against the Chiss Ascendancy, founding his own empire among the ruins of Korriban. Darth Cyrus was however eventually defeated, effectively ending the war. Cyrus vanished into what was expected Wild Space, but was dead in official records. To repay the damage done to the Chiss Ascendancy, Monuatir of the Chiss Ascendancy followed him, never to be heard of again.

Darth Cyrus returned almost a century later to the known galaxy, however remaining in secret. Cyrus, under the name of Rawn Talon, faking to be a descendant from the famed Nick Talon and Victor Alexander Nero Talon during the Chiss Ascendancy-Galactic Alliance War. He formed the Dark Reach, which was in official Federation of Free Planets record an organization which focussed on making profit. Darth Cyrus influenced a large portion of the galaxy's species to rally under one banner, which was the official purpose of Dark Reach, and to go to war against the Federation of Free Planets.


First actionsEdit

Darth Cyrus had made himself first public, to Tem'onuati'rasim, the most powerful admiral of the Ascendancy Navy, given that the Chiss Ascendancy was the strongest superpower in the galaxy by now. Monuatir was obsessed with a lust for power, a weakness Cyrus found most easily to exploit. Cyrus had started corrupting Monuatir since even before the Chiss Ascendancy-Galactic Alliance War, allowing Cyrus to slowly take full control over Monuatir.

By the time the war had started, Monuatir was thinking rather clearly, but would retain an aggressive attitude to his enemies, often acting out of aggression during battles, rather than finding a peaceful solution. Nick, which had nearly retired from his leadership of the Chiss Ascendancy, only led one offensive during the war, the battle of Fondor, the others being defensive engagements, leaving Monuatir to fight the majority of the war, which would allow Cyrus to corrupt him even more.

Monuatir's ally, with whom he had served since the Wild Space conflicts, had started to worry about Monuatir, not being aware of the presence of Darth Cyrus, nor about Monuatir's slowly detoriating state. Nevaulaz noted that Monuatir had become increasingly aggressive during the war, and reported this soon to Nick. Nick, blaming the war for it, ignored Nevaulaz's warning about Monuatir, which would allow Monuatir to detoriate even worse.

Following the end of the war, Nick was to retire from leadership of the Chiss Ascendancy, handing over control to his son, Cserono. Before Nick could do so, however, he was mysteriously drawn into space, far beyond the space controlled by the Chiss, assumably by Darth Cyrus. Nick hadn't returned in more than a year, provoking Monuatir into seizing control of the Ascendancy, corrupted by Cyrus to do so. Monuatir, which had lost most of his mind to Cyrus, did not realize what he was doing, and blindly followed the orders Cyrus gave him.

Control of MonuatirEdit

Cserono was to remain within the Chiss Ascendancy under orders of Cyrus, stating he was not allowed to leave it. As such, Cserono had a very pleasant life during the process, but however did not agree with Monuatir's day of handling things, and one day he escaped. Cyrus, which was outraged, had Monuatir hunt him down. Cserono would lead a rebellion against Monuatir's newly-formed Chiss Imperium, joined by many oppressed people following the formation. Many rebels did not agree with Cserono's ways however, and formed their own rebellion, making it a three-way war. Cyrus in the meantime had started building resources for his empire on Korriban and Xelos V.

Monuatir worked had to oppress both rebellions, keeping them at bay for atleast 15 years since the formation of the Chiss Imperium. Cserono's rebellion however succeeded, and he was able to enter the estate. A non-physical battle occurred between Cyrus and Cserono, backed by Seniwir, Monuatir's daughter. Monuatir was supposedly free from Cyrus' corruption after this, but this turned out to be incorrect. Monuatir was imprisoned due to the crimes he committed, after which Cyrus left him, for the time being.

Seniwir and Monuatir started to plot to free Monuatir from prison for days. Seniwir eventually managed to succeed, and Cyrus, realizing this, assumed control of Monuatir again, essentially becoming hostile to Seniwir, which eventually fleed. Monuatir, furious, was able to retain control of most of himself following a tense non-physical battle against Cyrus, and took a fleet from the remainder of the Chiss Imperium, subtly under influence of Cyrus, and went to get Seniwir back, only to engage in a battle with the Chiss Ascendancy and Cserono's fleet, which had reached Cercit before Cyrus had, and were able to evacuate his daughter before he could.

Cserono incidently hyperspace-jumped to the Port, where a massive space battle went on following this, between the forces of Cserono, the forces of Monuatir, and Cyrus' forces, which had inhabited the station since long. Following an extensive battle between combined mental might of Monuatir and Cserono, they were eventually able to free Monuatir from Cyrus' corruption, which had fleed back to Korriban to continue building his forces.

Galactic warEdit

Many of the galaxy's organizations refused to join the war, following the Chiss succession of the earlier war, leaving the Chiss to fight them alone. Cyrus' forces were outmatched against the Chiss troops, and the Chiss sieged Korriban, his capital. The Chiss were successful in driving off his Sith forces, allowing them to retain Korriban as neutral ground again. Cyrus however had fleed, to expectedly Wild Space.

Monuatir, which had effectively joined in the war, serving under supreme admiral Nevaulaz, which had taken his rank, requested that he was to redeem himself for the damage he had done to the Chiss. Cserono declined, and insisted that Monuatir was not to go, but he went anyway, and followed Cyrus into Wild Space, but he was never seen returning from Wild Space.

Rawn TalonEdit

Cyrus returned almost a century later, going by the name Rawn Talon, pretending to be descendant from the famed Nick and Victor Talon from the Chiss Ascendancy-Galactic Alliance War. Darth Cyrus at this time had visited the Varino Imperium to speak with the Imperatus Adrian Varino VII and requested the meeting with the Cha'Halian Council. Darth Cyrus founded a movement that was in records officially known as a company based on making profit selling hardware from older wars like the Clone Wars and the Galactic civil war for collectors, much like the Corporate Sector formerly did. The movement, named Dark Reach, was in reality an organization which united the enemies of the Galactic Alliance Remnant under one banner, which he eventually succeeded in, causing the Yevetha to go to war in the Koornacht cluster as first step.

Cyrus had successfully corrupted the Yevetha into forming an empire out of their captured territory. Kai Spaar, which led the Yevetha, had successfully assassinated the Galactic Federation leader, causing the organization to go into distress. This allowed the Yevetha to expand to nearby worlds at very fast pace. The Galactic Alliance Remnant was soon reorganized into the Federation of Free Planets.

Rawn drove the Chiss Ascendancy, which had been long reformed into it's old leadership, into reconstructing a superweapon which Treuten Teradoc, a warlord of atleast a century ago had constructed on the border of Chiss space, so it would go unnoticed. Cyrus supplied the Chiss with the location of the weapon, and tasked them with rebuilding it.