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I was Wrath to Emperor Vitiate. You think Acina will lead us into a glorious golden era? Do you think she can? Only I...only WE can save the Empire.
—Darth Cursil to his followers

Arden Cran'zal, also known as Darth Cursil and the self-styled Emperor Cursil, was a Sith Lord and Leader of the Sith Imperialist faction. He was a noted Sith patriot and war hero, with a large, strong following.

After the Invasion of Zakuul, when Darth Acina took over the Empire as Sith Empress, Cursil launched a campaign to seize the throne himself.


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Cursil is (loosely) based on the Sith Warrior story from the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. He is NOT the 'canon' Sith Warrior Character in the Galactic Faction's Continuity, however.

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