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Darth Crane was a Sith Lord from long ago. He and his master Darth Bio didn't get along well.


Darth Crane was born Ferth Xan on the planet Hoth. He grew up in a poor village. His mother Saqra was the sister of a queen from another region on Hoth. It was always cold and snowy where he lived and Ferth was a troubled child. Ferth's father Jerth was a hunter. One day mysterious forces invaded Hoth. Ferth's village was destroyed and he was abducted by the mysterious forces. He was abducted by Sith Lords. A Sith called Darth Maze abducted Ferth because he thought he might've been a good Sith because of his rage of his village being destroyed. Darth Maze took Ferth to the planet Tattooine where there was a secret Sith headquarters. The Sith held Ferth captive for two months. Ferth did not like it there and he hated the Sith. But then Jedi knights invaded the Sith headquarters killing all of the Sith Lords and sparing Ferth's life. Ferth was taken to the Jedi temple and taken care of by the Jedi. He was taught how to control his emotions and not be dark and vengeful. When he was ten he became the padawan of an elderly Jedi Master named Geronimo. Geronimo felt sympathy for poor Ferth because Geronimo's village had been destroyed by the Sith and he was also from Hoth. As years went by Ferth and Geronimo went on missions together. They fought evil Sith Lords and saved the innocent. When Ferth was seventeen Yoda sensed something disturbing in the Force. A great evil was rising and would attack the Jedi Knights. Ferth became very nervous he wondered what would happen. He and Yoda went to the planet Yazmire. On Yazmire there was another Sith headquarters and Darth Maze had survived that Jedi attack years ago. He was left horribly disfigured after that but he was cybernetically enhanced to keep him alive. Darth Maze wanted revenge.more to be added

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