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Your blade skills could do with some work Clous, but your tactical skill and power of the Force almost matches my own.
—Darth Galepius to Darth Clous

Darth Clous was a Mon Calamarian Dark Jedi who served the Disciples of Bane. He fought in the final battle at its downfall but was taken alive by Qui-Gon Jinn but later escaped and was later killed by rival Sith lord Count Dooku.


Your life is mine now Clous, but together we shall do great things.
—Darth Sidious

Disciple of Bane

You'll never take me alive."
"Too late.

—Darth Clous and Dooku

Nothing is known about Clous before he was found in the spice mines of Kessel by the Sith Lord Darth Galepius. He was helped by the Sith Lord to escape and he joined his new cult, a collection of powerful rogue Dark Jedi.

Clous served as the political face of the cult, drawing in other Dark Jedi and mercenaries to strengthen their armies. However, his dreams of power were crushed when Jedi Master Dooku and his apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn arrived.

In the final battle he stayed inside the fortress until it was breached and then he fought on the front line, cutting down many adversaries. Soon he found himself face to face with Dooku and they dueled, but Dooku managed to outmaneuver him and slash his thigh, and he fell to the ground.

Clous watched as the battle ended when Dooku defeated Galepius. He then attempted to take his revenge, pulling a blaster towards him prepared to open fire. But Dooku was ready for him and he severed Clous's arm. Dooku was about to kill Clous but Qui-Gon stopped him. Clous was arrested and taken to Coruscant, where he escaped and fled to the Outer Rim.

Sith Lord

I and my new Master have work for you Merik, our time is fast approaching.
—Darth Clous to Darth Merik

However, Clous reemerged several years later as a servant of Darth Sidious and brought Jombe Pescal over to the Dark Side and used him as his assassin. However, Pescal was redeemed by Dooku and the two Jedi confronted Clous and he knocked out Dooku and killed Pescal. However, it is not known why he spared Dooku when he was at his mercy.

A few years before the Clone Wars, Clous emerged again and instructed Darth Merik to find XoXaan's Glove and bring it to him. However, when Merik was killed, Clous made an alliance with the pirate lord Zan Azar to recapture the Glove from the Jedi.

Their first move was to sneak past Coruscant security and attack the Jedi Temple, bombarding it from above with Stealh ships. Clous then snuck in and released Gangru Morpir from his cell and fled the planet.

Using Morpir as he had a link with the Glove, they tracked it to the Xeros Asteroid Belt, where the Jedi Master Nin was hiding it. However, their force is attacked by a Republic fleet led by Commander Sirix and guided by the retired Colonel Granthum. As Azar and his ships were destroyed, Clous and Morpir confronted Nim on the main asteroid and battled him. However Nim did the unexpected and flung the Glove into the base's power core and destroyed it. Clous and Morpir fled, having failed in their mission. However, they meet Clous's master Darth Sidious, who reveals that there is another Glove out in the galaxy somewhere.

Just after the Naboo Crisis, Clous and Morpir traveled to the edge of space and found an ancient Sith ship, the Might of the Sith. Infiltrating the ship, they discovered an ancient Sith Master, who gave Clous control of the ship before he died. Clous then gave it to Morpir, and sent him to search for the second glove of XoXaan while he carried out other missions for Sidious.


Remember me Dooku, he has betrayed me to one, one day he will betray you as well."
"I don't think so.

—Darth Clous and Count Dooku as Dooku cut Clous down

In the last years before the end of the Clone Wars, Clous was approached by his fellow pupil Vergere. Vergere offered to overthrow Sidious and formulated a plan to draw Dooku away. Clous agreed and helped Vergere persuade Sidious to send Dooku off. However, Sidious also sent Clous with him, dividing the conspirators so they couldn't work together against him.

Clous was later betrayed by Sidious when he was sent on a mission to Kashyyyk to retrieve a Sith Holocron for his master. However, he was unaware that Sidious had sent his apprentice Count Dooku to the planet with a force of Trade Federation droids. Although Dooku and his troops reached the Wookiee village where the holocron was contained first, the Wookiee chieftain Lomaak escaped with the holocron. Clous killed him but was confronted by Dooku and Dooku bested him in battle.

Clous was left helpless when a hologram of Sidious arrived. Sidious revealed that he knew of the plot against him and that Dooku was now his full apprentice. Despite Clous's many years of service, Sidious ordered Dooku to kill him and Dooku did, ending the Sith Lord's life.


However, Clous was to have some influence on events after his death. He plotted to get his revenge on Sidious and sent his apprentice to get a holocron to find the Second Glove of XoXaan. When his apprentice went to the planet Varus, Clous guided him until he'd found the Glove and told him to use it to retrieve the other glove.

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