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"I am Darth Brawl and you are my prey"
—-- Darth Brawl

Darth Brawl was a Sith Male Trandoshan Sith Lord who live after Darth Bane's created the Rule of Two after the Jedi won their victor. Brawl's master was expose long when he killed his own Master to her to rest, knowing it is the will of the Force and the Ways of the Sith.


Early life:

Unknown, but there is rumour that he killed his father from his cruel ambitnation before an unknown female Sith Lord come along and took without question when he was a child back then.

He'd killed his master, knowing it is the Ways of the Sith with his cruel and earn his ranks as Darth Brawl when his father call him 'Brawl' when he was a child. Brawl learn about power and understand the way of the Sith and understand passing down to all Sith Lord from those after before him.


His apprentice, Darth Madai kill him in final battle between Master vs. an Apprentice, knowing it is the Ways of Sith, that Madai have found unknown Force-user who soon to be the next line of the Sith.

Powers and abilities


Brawl is wielding Form VI and wielding a double-bladed lightsaber in crimson red

Darth Brawl's lightsaber

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