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Darth Bakar was an OOM-series command droid who became a Sith. It was known for its destruction of the Jedi Praxeum II of the Contemporary Jedi Order.



OOM-832 had been promoted from pilot droid to command droid when Palpatine stored important files in the droid's CPU. Jedi Knight Kento Tokran and his Padawan, Tekon Planetar, captured the droid to extract the files. However, when they attempted to do so, they accidentally gave OOM-832 a level of intelligence almost equal to the midi-chlorian count of Yoda or Mace Windu. The Jedi fled, and reported the incident to the Grand Jedi Council.

Fall to the dark side

When OOM-832 discovered what the Jedi planned to do to it, it dubbed itself Darth Bakar. It constructed a double-ended red lightsaber, and perfected its use of Force lightning. It sought and confronted the two Jedi. It mortally wounded Tokran, and finished him off with the lightning. Planetar, after a battle between him and the droid ended in a draw, fled.

Battle of the Praxeum II

At the Battle of the Praxeum II, Bakar killed three Jedi piloting the ship. Having flight experience of its own, Bakar set the ship to self-destruct in three minutes. He flew out of the ship, filled with Jedi and other light-side force-users, on a repulsorlift moments before the Praxeum II exploded.

First confrontation with Tekon Planetar

Planetar, since his promotion to Jedi Knight, had set out to avenge his slain master. He confronted Bakar aboard the Death Star III. Planetar was seriously injured in the battle, and his left arm was later replaced.


Bakar was an OOM-series command droid with a black cape and a red antenna. He carried a double-ended red lightsaber with an electrum hilt. He was one of the most accomplished users of Force lightning.

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