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So you have come to kill me, I am not surprised. Do your worse, I am prepared for my death and I know that in dying I shall bring about the downfall of your master.
— Darth Baden to his assassins.

Darth Baden was a Twi'lek Sith lord and a member of the Disciples of Bane. He served on the Triad of Darkness before being murdered on the orders of his rival Darth Destru.


Baden is the cause of all your failings and the reason for your defeats. Kill him and the Sith shall rise again, I promise you.
—Darth Galepius to Darth Destru

Baden was leader of a small band of mercenaries led by a close knit group of Dark Jedi. When Darth Destru attempted to wipe out rival cults, this led to war between him and Baden. However, Darth Galepius managed to bring them together and the Disciples of Bane were formed.

However, as the Disciples began their war against the Republic, Baden began to clash with Destru over the latter's increasingly rash attacks on the Republic. This led to a split between the two factions and Baden refused to send reinforcements to Destru at the Battle of Commenor, after Galepius's manipulations. Before his death Baden saw the mechanics of Galepius and the eventual rise of the Sith and he realized that he must die. However, he did not go down without a fight and Destru's agents Darth Morgu, Darth Sharka and Xethyr had to work together to bring him down. His faction was then led by his lieutenant Darth Kreel which sparked the civil war. Destru did not long outlive Baden, as he was betrayed by Galepius, who then took over the Disciples.


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