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I break Republic necks in my sleep.
—Darth Atrion

Darth Atrion, birth name Kadus, was a male Sith Juggernaut active in the Cold War. His strict adherence to Sith philosophy often earned him titles such as the Merciless or the Ruthless.


Early lifeEdit

Born to a Sith Pureblood father, and a human mother, Kadus was a hybrid - a fusion of specific traits from both species. After his mother passed away six years after his birth, he lived under the harsh rule of his father - a prominent Sith Lord. He was physically beaten and abused by his father until he was able to attend the Sith Academy on Korriban - and eventually grew a hatred for his father. Little did he know, that the beatings were not out of anger or contempt.

Tutelage in the Sith AcademyEdit

Get lost in the tombs yet, half-breed?

When he joined the academy, he was placed in a small group of fellow students, under Overseer Sendan. He was mocked by Vaal, an arrogant acolyte who was in favor with Sendan. Kadus later remarked that Vaal - obviously being the most dangerous out of all of them - would be the first one to be killed. On his first trial, he encountered Vaal in the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, and brutally smashed his skull into a stone slab after besting him in a duel. Throughout the rest of his trials, he slowly killed off each of the remaining acolytes - if the tombs didn't already do so, until only Yrem remained. Viewing Yrem as a sniveling coward, he personally slew him in front of Sendan before venturing into the Tomb of Naga Sadow to retrieve his lightsaber.

Training as a JuggernautEdit

The SlaughterEdit

Confronting the FatherEdit

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