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How did you find it? It's been lost for millennia.
—Unknown Sith apprentice, to Darth Ation, on recovering an immortal sword known as "Ation"

Darth Ation was a legendary Sith assassin known for unlocking secrets of the Force, mastering lightsaber combat, and collecting relics and legendary items for himself.


How has he became so strong?
—Dorak, thinking to himself

Jedi Training

Not much is known about Ation's childhood. During his time as a padawan, he was bullied by one of his peers Alek and Revan. After a couple of years, he found a Sith holocron. Once he gained the information on it, his master, Doark, noticed a very large improvement in his lightsaber combat, to the point where he could beat any opponent, padawan or master, in three swings of his saber. After this, he strayed to the path of the dark side.

Mandalorian wars

In the year 3,976 BBY, Ation decided to join Revan's army. Despite of their rivalry, he was accepted due to his unbeatable lightsaber combat skills. Because of this, he met a knight names "Annie Segil." During the war, he discovered that he could hide in the shadows and take out his enemies more efficiently. However, if they ganged up on him, he would kill them using combat. As the more battles went on, the increase of his friendship with Annie increased. After a few more battles, they admitted their love for each other. Whilst in the battle for Malachor V, Ation was severely hurt. His injuries included a crushed skull, a chopped-off forearm, his jaw cut off, and a broken shoulder. After the battle, Annie and Ation escaped using his spaceship Serenity XX2 to the planet Sarkhai.


Ations spent his next seven years of his life on an operating table or in a bacta tank. He went under several operations. Ation had a memory implant placed on top of his brain, a cybernetic bar inserted into his left forearm, a cybernetic left shoulder, synthetic eyes, hearing enhancers, and a reflex enhancer. When the seven years had passed, Ation and Annie returned to Coruscant where they were arrested on sight.

Return to Coruscant and Dromund Kaas

Once they were arrested, they were accused of betraying the Jedi Council. Both Annie and Ation were to be cut from the Force, but they escaped stealing a Jedi defender. Without enough fuel and being stranded on Dromund Kaas, Ation and Annie went into hiding. Without enough credits to survive, Ation set out to return to his rival Revan. Due to his connections with Revan, Ation joined the Sith. His first mission was to retrieve a Rayth Saber.

Raid on Coruscant

Ation and Annie left for Coruscant on a modified BT-7 Thunderclap to disguise themselves. When checking the cargo hold, Ation found enough parts to create two single bladed lightsabers and two light-whips and a crossbow which shot frozen plasma. While traveling to Coruscant, Ation raided a fighter and retrieved some trooper armor for he and Annie to hide their true identity. With Sith training, Ation and Annie both were incredibly good at sneaking, stealing, and assassination, so the were able to steal a security key for the Jedi vault where the saber was kept. While inside the vault searching, the alarms went off causing Ation and Annie to fight droids and Jedi. Annie could take down droids quickly while Ation overwhelmed the Jedi with his devastating melee combat skills. After defeating their enemies, Annie used the Force to find the saber. After leaving the vault, they were recognized, and Ation unleashed his anger, blasting red lightning at the troopers and killing them all immediately. He then smashed into the floor, sending a pulse pushing all of the surrounding people twenty meters away. While the people were stunned, they used Force cloak to hide themselves, then they ran to the spaceport. When getting there, Annie was shot in the leg twice and in the hip paralyzing her. Unable to act, Ation had to leave, but he vowed he would come back.

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