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Darth Aries is a Sith Lord who was named Dark Lord after the death of the Emperor in 0 ABY.


Lord Aries was created from the dark side force of Jim Logan. It is unknown when or how he was created but he was active by 12 BBY. In 0 ABY, after the death of Palpatine, Aries deemed himself Darth Aries and met Darth Tensai and with this, they became the new Sith Lords. Aries started a normal Sith master/apprentice relationship with Aries quoted in saying
If you let your guard down for even a second, I will kill you "master"
—Darth Aries

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Aries was originally played by Jim Logan on The Clone Wars Adventures. Aries was made as a character for The Last Days but was cut. He however will be re-used in Embers

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