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Old Republic era

Force Ghost: “You my friend, are a Sith, BY BLOOD!!!
Omuk de-Frost: “NO! NO! I'm a Jedi!!!
―Omuk de-Frost discovering his Sith Ancestry

Darth Admer, previously known as Omuk Frost, was a human Jedi, and then Dark Lord of the Sith in alliance with the 3rd Mandalorian Crusaders. After successfully aiding in the defeat of the Galactic Jedi Republic, he was allowed to create his own Sith Academy on Mandalore, which brought to the creation of the Mandalorian-Sith Empire, a union between the two governments.

Early life

Birth and JedizTraining

Omuk as a young Jedi, prior to the Mandalorian Crisis

Darth Admer, was born on Onderon under the name Omuk Frost. At a young age, he was taken for Jedi training in the Jedi Academy on Coruscant. He was a most successful student and moved very fast in his training. Years have passed and Omuk was close to achieving his rank as a Jedi Knight. He was later sent to a mission that will change the destiny of the galaxy.

Mission to Korriban and Sith Training

Darth Admer's apparent landing site in the Valley of the Sith Lords.

After he was trained as a Jedi, he was sent to Korriban in order to achieve the rank of Jedi Knight. This mission was issued in order to find out whether the Mandalorians had a military base in that system. Upon his arrival, a Sith greeted him, and led him to a tomb. Suspicious, Omuk Frost followed him to the tomb. Once inside the tomb, he saw a vision, or a force ghost, which the tomb belonged to. Once inside, he discovered that he had a Sith ancestry, and that he was fighting for the extinction of his own people. After realizing the truth about his ancestry, he turned to the dark side, and, in his ancestor's tomb, received a Sith training for three years.

The Sith Emperor's galactic reign

Beginning of the Republic-Mandalorian wars

Admer during the Republic-Mandalorian wars.

After finishing three years of Sith training, he showed himself and declared himself emperor of the Sith Empire Remnants. After creating excellent relations with the Mandalorians (based on both factions' hatred towards the Republic) and taking the place of the ruling Mandalore in the Empire, he allowed his Imperial Remnant to be absorbed into the 3rd Mandalorian Crusaders. After declaring war on the republic, he led his empire to victory after 8 long years of war. At the end of the war, the Republic collapsed and gave birth to remnants of local authorities. In the end of the war, the crusaders and the Sith formed a new Imperial Union known as the Mandalorian-Sith Union.

Great Sith acquisitions

After fragmenting the Republic, Lord Admer continued his war against the shattered remnants and led the Union to a very impressive victory. The only Jedi who remained were either hidden in systems unknown to the Union or blended in the galactic population. The war continued on for almost a millennium, doing great harm to both independent governors and Union holdouts. Lord Admer remained Emperor of the Union for a very long time. Tales told that he lived on for millennia after creating the New Order.

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