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Darth Abyssus was a Sith Lord that fought in the early New Sith Wars era. After a failed attempt at overthrowing the ruling Sith Emperor at the time, whom he previously served as a Sith Councillor, Abyssus roamed Wild Space for several years before coming upon a barren, rainy rock world, upon which he established a stone homestead. After many years spent alone creating holocrons, Abyssus made another attempt at overthrowing the current Sith Emperor, this time with much more support from a militaristic political faction within the New Sith Empire. His paramilitary soldiers were quickly defeated and Abyssus once more went into self-imposed exile on the same rock world. He later traveled to Bah-Rinn in search of Jedi holocrons to bring to his homestead, though he was killed in a duel with several Jedi after discovering that the enclave on Bah-Rinn was still active. Thousands of years later, during the Sith-Imperial War, a member of the One Sith discovered Abyssus' armor and holocrons, after which point the individual took on the same title and continued fighting for the One Sith until his death on Mala during Darth Wredd's insurgency.

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