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Darth Absoltus.

Darth Absoltus, born as Labile, was a Human male Dark Lord of the Sith during the Great Galactic War and beyond, until the end of 7 BBY. He was also the ruler of the Human Imperium from 17 BBY until 7 BBY. He was a proponent of Humanocentrism that benefited Humans and certain Humanoids.

Behind the scenes

Absoltus's name--when he was named Absoltus Macht--originally meant "Absolute Power" in Dutch and/or German. His original non-Sith name is derived from Middle English, Old French and Latin. "Labile" could mean "unbalanced", "unstable" or "to fall". He is the primary antagonist of the I'm the Chosen One universe. He controls the other main antagonist Darth Nemis, therefore he is considered the primary antagonist over the more prominent 'Nemis' character.

The images used for Absoltus's likeness are a mix of Dooku and Palpatine images. This was so that the character would not have a static appearance, and to extend his ability to be shown in duels. The author did not want to have a concrete facial appearance in his canon representation of the character. The Seventh Seal interpretation of Death by Bengt Ekerot was used as the main image for Absoltus, as it closely resembled Palpatine's Sith alter-ego.

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