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Betrayal is not something I take to kindly.
—Darth Abeonis

Darth Abeonis, previously known as Jasca Ducato, was a Human male and Dark Lord of the Decreton Empire who ruled over the Sith Order of Decreto shortly before the rise of Darth Krayt. He was considered by many to be the amongst the most powerful Sith Lords to have ever existed. Darth Abeonis was a former Jedi Knight of considerable strength, who fought with skill through the Yuuzhan Vong War and Swarm War before being swayed towards the dark side of the Force. After a short stint as the self-proclaimed Dark Lord of the Sith, Ducato returned to the light. Several years later, Ducato and the crew of his flagship, The Soiyo, were tasked with exploring the Unknown Regions in order to assist the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. It was during these travels that Jasca Ducato finally ceased to exist, and took up the title of Darth Abeonis permanently.

After years within the Unknown Regions, Darth Abeonis returned to the known galaxy at the head of a massive Sith armada, with the intent of destroying the Galactic Alliance and the New Jedi Order. For ten years, Darth Abeonis' crusade would ravage the galaxy, slowly bringing it under the Sith banner. Following the conflict, Darth Abeonis ruled the galaxy with an iron fist, but would also maintain a rule which he considered to be fair and just; a rule which would go relatively unopposed for almost sixty years.

The legacy of Darth Abeonis was so great, that for years after his death the Dark Lord's name was used as both curse and praise. Even during his lifetime, with his exploits throughout the galaxy well known, he was even granted the prestigious title of Tiorsiabeo, meaning The Honored Sith Warrior, Abeonis, by the people of Vania.


Early years

Jasca Ducato was born on the ecumenopolis Taris in the year 6 ABY; too late to suffer at the hands of the Galactic Empire, but early enough to suffer the raids of the Imperial Remnant. Jasca grew up learning the tales of Jedi long dead, and the troubles they both caused and cured. He would pretend to be a Jedi as a young child, making believe with his friends. By the age of thirteen however, Jasca had grown out of his childhood play, and had taken a more realistic view of life on Taris, helping his father to earn the family a living from the highly competitive Tarisian ale market; which was suffering under the thumb of the Imperial Remnant. After only a year of work, however, news reached Taris of a peace treaty between the New Republic and the what remained of the Empire, but that did little to bring the Remnant into a new light in Jasca's eyes, as Taris was still under the rule of one of the Imperial Remnant's more tyrannical warlords.


Taris, homeworld of Jasca Ducato.

For over five years Taris remained under the control of the Imperial Remnant, and this had left many Tarisians believing that the New Republic had forgotten about the planet. Many on Taris resorted to joining criminal organizations such as Black Sun, as Jasca did. As a member of Black Sun, Jasca learned a great variety of trades, including weaponry and espionage. Eventually, however, Ducato's overconfidence was his downfall, and he was arrested by the security forces of the Imperial Remnant.

At first, Jasca feared the death penalty, but when word reached the prison that Taris was being handed over to the New Republic, he began to feel relieved. After a preliminary court hearing Jasca was sentenced to serve six months in a criminal rehabilitation center. It was in this rehabilitation center that Jasca was discovered to be Force-sensitive by a member of the New Jedi Order and was offered to be trained as a Jedi. Jasca, having worshiped the Jedi in his younger years, was astonished by this revelation, and jumped at the chance to join the Jedi Knights.

Only two months after beginning his training as a Jedi, and in an astonishing feat of engineering, Jasca built his first and only lightsaber. This amazed many in the Jedi Order, as it usually took a new pupil around a year before they constructed their weapon. It was this early blooming that convinced the famed Jedi Master, Suri-lux Theomoni Vi'squis, one of the few survivors of the Great Jedi Purge to take Ducato as his Padawan learner. Suri-lux Theomoni Vi'squis, or Vi as he was also known, approached the young Jedi and offered to take him on as an apprentice. Jasca accepted the offer on the condition that he not be held back with what he considered to be petty training and library studies, a condition which Vi agreed too.


One month later, Ducato and his master were sent to the temperate world of Wiwibringlo to preside over a meeting of the planet's two superpower nations which would, if successful, see the unification of the planet and its application for New Republic membership. The meeting was interrupted when a suicide bomber from the Hessiean Alliance, which was attempting to incite a world war on the planet, killed several leading officials of each nation.

Not keen on seeing the world collapse into civil war, the two Jedi located the headquarters of the Hessiean Alliance and assaulted it, assisted by military personnel from each of the superpower nations. The Jedi infiltrated the base, which personnel were being distracted by the military, and made their way down into the bowels of the base. They located the leader of Hessiean Alliance, a Twi'lek named Hess, and captured him. Hess was later charged with treason by the newly formed joint Wiwibringlo judicial system.

Two weeks after the mission to Wiwibringlo Master Vi and his apprentice returned to the planet to assist Jedi Master Suntas in the capture of one of Hess's underlings, a Rodian crime lord named Gunto. Gunto's trading operations out of Wiwibringlo had been causing the New Republic serious trouble, and unbeknownst to the NRI or the New Jedi Order, he had managed to secure blueprints for a rudimentary cortosis weave armor.

Equipping his soldiers in the armor, along with cortosis-weaven swords, Gunto had begun to rebuild the criminal empire of his old leader and had even begun re-initiating attacks on government installations on the planet. Determined to keep the planet from reverting into a state of war, the three Jedi led the armed forces of the planet in a week-long conflict against the Hessiean Alliance. As the fighting progressed, the Jedi learned the location of Quaser's Star, Gunto's flagship, and assaulted it.

As Gunto and his warriors engaged the Jedi, empowered by cortosis melee weapons which caused lightsabers to short out, it quickly became apparent that he stood no chance of winning the battle. Leaving his soldiers to their fate, Gunto fled, followed closely by Jasca. As the Jedi closed in on the Rodian crime lord, Gunto detonated a series of concealed explosives, throwing the Jedi off his feet and killing the crime lord.


Three months later, a now fully recovered Jasca Ducato was tasked with his first solo mission, as his Master was away at the time. Jasca was sent to Corellia, given the task of finding a suspected Force-sensitive female Human by the name of Katae-muri. Arriving at the household of the Force-sensitive, Jasca was shocked to learn that a criminal syndicate named Freyas'ias had taken several people on the street hostage, including Katae-muri. With little effort, Jasca dispatched the hostage takers rescued Katae-muri, along with all the other hostages that had been taken.

Having rescued the hostages, however, Jasca soon found that the Freyas'ias had not been totally wiped out, and they were now after him and Katae-muri. After several hours of pursuit through the city, the Freyas'ias pursuers were apprehended by members of the Corellian Defense Force and Jasca was able to leave Corellia unharmed.

For his heroic actions Jasca was awarded his own starfighter, a modified and updated Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor. Not long after the mission, Katae-muri, who had become infatuated with Jasca Ducato, began seeing him often.

The Yuuzhan Vong War

In the year 25 ABY an alien race known as the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy at the hardpoint of Helska 4, in the Outer Rim. Word quickly spread throughout the armed forces of the invasion, though many believed it was nothing more than pirates, or even one of the few rogue Imperial warlords that had plagued the galaxy since 19 ABY. The Jedi, however, were better informed with thanks to Jedi Master Kyp Durron.

Following the defeat at Helska, and the news of the death of Chewbacca on Sernpidal, Master Luke Skywalker ordered many in the Jedi Order, including Jasca Ducato to the Crispin system, in the hopes that they could intercept the attacking Yuuzhan Vong before they continued the progress into the galaxy.

A few days after the victory at Dubrillion, Ducato and his fellow Jedi were ordered to accompany the attack force of Commander Warshack Rojo in their assault on Helska, and, although the mission was a success, with Ducato destroying no less than twelve Coralskippers personally, the Jedi suffered heavy losses. Rojo had been killed, Helska was destroyed and Miko Reglia, who had been on Helska 4 at the time, had also been killed.

Two months passed, and the victory at Helska 4 had done little in the grand scheme of things. Yuuzhan Vong warriors had continued their incursions, forcing the evacuations of both Dubrillion and Destrillion. Jasca, who had been assigned to Leia Organa Solo was a part of the refugee convey that landed on Dantooine, was nearly killed during the resulting battle, but managed to survive thanks to a blind hyperspace jump and by the time he had managed to return to New Republic space without being detected by the Yuuzhan Vong, the war had only progressed for the worse of the New Republic.

Ithor had been destroyed, Ord Mantell conquered and the Yuuzhan Vong were in control of a great swathe of the Outer Rim. Ducato arrived in orbit of the industrialized planet of Gyndine where he was greeted by his friend Wurth Skidder.

YVCapture Beast

Yuuzhan Vong Fire breathers on Gyndine.

Wurth. Behind you!
—Jasca Ducato to Wurth Skidder

Having arrived safely on Gyndine, Ducato soon found himself trapped on the planet, alongside the millions of refugees, courtesy of the encroaching Yuuzhan Vong fleet. Being the only two Jedi on the planet, Ducato and Wurth realized that Gyndine was a lost cause and begun the evacuation of the world. Fortunately for the Jedi, Leia Organa Solo and Commander Ilanka had also recently arrived on Gyndine with a sizable force of soldiers. As the refugees were evacuated from the planet, the New Republic forces assisted the Jedi in repelling the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. After two days of pitched battle, the evacuation was nearing its end and the New Republic forces begun to withdraw.

With Gyndine's forests burning and its lakes boiling, the two Jedi decided that in order to give the New Republic soldiers a fighting chance to escape they would engage the Yuuzhan Vong directly, drawing their attention away from the evacuation ships. After several attacks on patrolling Yuuzhan Vong forces the two Jedi realized that they were being tracked, and attempted to flee.

Shortly before the two Jedi could reach their own fighters, they were ambushed by the Yuuzhan Vong. They fought skillfully but it soon became apparent they could not hold out. In a manner which would be considered heroic by the Jedi, Skidder covered Ducato's escape and was himself captured by the Yuuzhan Vong. Ducato watched the capture of Wurth Skidder as his R2 unit took control of the fighter and flew away from the planet, and made a silent promise to himself to make sure Wurth was freed.

Battle of Fondor

Having secured the assistance of the Hapes Consortium in the war the Jedi Council ordered both Jedi Master Vi and his apprentice Ducato to the ship building world of Fondor, which had recently been attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong warmaster Nas Choka.

They arrived mid-battle, with much of the shipyard having already been destroyed, along with the entire fleet that had been docked at the spaceports there. A long battle ensued, in which Ducato proved itself an able, if slightly suicidal pilot, though far from the greatest. Ducato soon received word that the Yuuzhan Vong warship Crèche, where Wurth Skidder had been taken following his capture on Gyndine, was a part of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, and moved to engage it. As his fighter closed in on the warship, Ducato noticed that the vessel was beginning to slowly decompose and die; the bodies of thousands of Yuuzhan Vong warriors being sucked into space. Jasca sensed the death of Wurth in the Force, and felt upset. Lacking the controls of his fighter, all that saved him from being destroyed was the timely intervention of the Millennium Falcon, which destroyed a number of coralskippers closing in on Ducato's position. Regaining his focus, Ducato spun his fighter around and headed back to the Hapan fleet; just in time to avoid a massive beam of energy that ripped through the Yuuzhan Vong and Hapan fleets. Amongst the rambling chatter on the intercoms, Ducato just made out the words "Centerpoint Station", which he later learned had been fired by the Corellian Thrackan Sal-Solo.

For his actions during the battle Ducato was given the rank of Jedi Knight and command over the 39th Heavy Cavalry, at the time in orbit over Duro.

Battles of Duro and Ebaq 9

In the year 26 ABY, the Yuuzhan Vong launched an attack on the planet Duro, homeworld of the Duros. During the battle, Leia Organa Solo was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Tsavong Lah and it fell to Jasca Ducato and Leia's son; Jacen Solo to free her. As Ducato's fleet attacked the flagship of Tsavong Lah, Jacen Solo snuck aboard the vessel to free his mother. Unfortunately for Ducato, his flagship; Hunter's Dagger, came under heavy fire from the Yuuzhan Vong fleet and was destroyed, but not before most of the crew, including Ducato, could be evacuated.


The Yuuzhan Vong Assault upon Duro.

However, the troubles were not over yet, for as the Yuuzhan Vong conquered Duro, Tsavong Lah broadcast a message galaxy-wide calling for the heads of all Jedi, in return for peace.

For the next year Ducato led many rear-guard actions against the Yuuzhan Vong and their supporters until the Battle of Ylesia. Here he and his division, the 39th engaged a Yuuzhan Vong assault force and thoroughly defeated it. Ultimately however, when the Yuuzhan Vong brought in reinforcements he was forced to retreat, but for his actions he was given the rank of Jedi Master and thus, promoted to the rank of General. He was given a new warship, The Soiyo and ordered to patrol the Sullust system. But word soon reached the Jedi Council that the Yuuzhan Vong had a special focus on Master Ducato, and he was far from safe, even from his own crew.

After another year of fighting he was ordered to Ebaq 9, where the he fought with the New Republic task force under the command of Ducato’s friend, General Garm Bel Iblis. They destroyed the Yuuzhan Vong fleet.

After numbers of defeats and the loss of Coruscant, the New Republic was on the verge of defeat. After the government regrouped on Mon Calamari, it became apparent to its members that one more major defeat could destroy the remnants of the New Republic. Several factors contributed to giving the New Republic a chance to turn the tide. The election of Cal Omas as the new Chief of State helped stabilize the government, as well as Luke Skywalker’s pledge to have the Jedi work alongside the government. Yet the military, still shaken following so many defeats and retreats, needed a boost of morale. It would take the return of an old hero to help formulate a plan that would give the defense force a chance of beating back the Yuuzhan Vong. That hero would be the retired and ailing Admiral Ackbar.

Thanks to their new alliance with the Imperial Remnant, the New Republic was able to use several key Imperial hyperspace routes in order to set several traps for the Yuuzhan Vong forces around Ebaq 9. Having reorganized and strengthened its military forces, the New Republic assaulted Ebaq 9.

With events set in motion, the Yuuzhan Vong fell for the trap, charging the New Republic fleet with overwhelming numbers, but suffering heavy casualties in the process. Ducato, who had left his flagship to serve as Twin Sun Eight in Twin Suns Squadron inflicted several heavy casualties alongside his lover Katae-muri, who also served with the Jedi squadron.

When, midway through the battle, Katae-muri's fighter was disabled, Ducato broke formation and put his own life at risk in order to save his love, suffering heavy damage to his fighter and himself in the process. Eventually however, Ducato managed to grapple Katae-muri's fighter to his own, and pulled her back behind the lines towards Keyan Farlander's flagship. Once aboard the flagship, Ducato and Katae-muri witnessed the arrival of reinforcements of Admiral Traest Kre'fey, a New Republic Bothan Admiral.

The Yuuzhan Vong general; Tsavong Lah, then realized that he had been drawn into a trap, but was determined not to lose the battle. Lah, keeping his own fleet in reserve, ordered yet another support fleet into battle against Farlander's fleet, whilst the Battle Group of Yun-Txiin moved against Kre'fey's reinforcements. At this moment in time, yet another New Republic fleet arrived, trapping Tsavong Lah.

Tsavong Lah belatedly ordered a retreat, and was forced to move his fleet towards Ebaq 9's moon. Ducato, realizing Lah's intention to eliminate the few Jedi who were on Ebaq 9, returned to his heavily damaged fighter and made his way towards Lah's flagship — Blood Sacrifice. Lah, realizing Ducato's intentions, order his crew not to fire upon the Jedi's starfighter, and allow it to land.

Assassination attempt

Arriving on Blood Sacrifice, Ducato was instantly assaulted by countless Yuuzhan Vong warriors, but repelled them easily. Having cleared out the landing bay, Ducato began to sense the departure of hundreds of troop transports, and decided that he would be best located on the bridge of the warship. Tsavong Lah, fully aware of Ducato's presence, and determined to wipe out one of the few Jedi to ever escape the Yuuzhan Vong, repeatedly ordered his warriors to eliminate the Jedi Knight.

As Ducato made his way towards the bridge, countering the countless Yuuzhan Vong warriors, he felt his connection to the Force begin to weaken. He realized all too soon that Tsavong Lah had bred six more xoxyn, and that they were rapidly making their way towards Ducato's position. As the first xoxyn came around the corner, Ducato used the Force to launch the countless Yuuzhan Vong bodies against them, throwing the xoxyn into the wall, crushing one and wounding the second. Three more circled around the corner once again, charging Ducato and pouncing through the air. Ducato readied himself, lightsaber high, and sliced the first of the voxyn into two and kicking the second in the jaw; the third narrowly missing being decapitated by the Jedi's weapon. A final voxyn slowly paced around the corner, holding back as it watched Ducato's stand-off against the surviving voxyn.

Ducato then sensed the now fully-healed voxyn he had previously removed from combat rise to its feet and charge Ducato. Jasca took a single step back and leant on his rear foot, holding his lightsaber horizontally, slicing the pouncing voxyn in two. Ducato then lunged forward, impaling his lightsaber into the skull of the other voxyn.

All too late however did Ducato realize the presence of the sixth and final voxyn, who had waited for Ducato to finish his combat. The voxyn sliced widely at Ducato, tearing the flesh off of his leg and shattering his shinbone. The voxyn landed just beyond Ducato, and spun around, firing its deadly acidic saliva at Ducato; catching him below his left eye, searing the skin. Enraged, Ducato shot at the voxyn with the Force, who found its ability to blanken the Force insufficient to stem Ducato's attack. The voxyn's lifeless body hit the floor, smoking and burnt. Worn out and wounded, Ducato was thrown against the wall of the warship.

Fire from the New Republic fleet was ripping Blood Sacrifice apart, and Ducato knew that he would soon die if he did not escape. Making his way to the nearest landing bay, Ducato eliminated the crew of a Yuuzhan Vong transport ship, and departed from Blood Sacrifice, looking back only once, after he had heard the warship explode. The force of the explosion disabled Ducato's transport ship, and left him grievously wounded. Ducato sent out a distress call through the Force, before finally collapsing to the ground.


Jasca Ducato aboard Sudden Restoration.

Ducato awoke to find himself aboard the Hospital ship Sudden Restoration with his friend Cilghal sitting beside him. Cilghal commented on Ducato's wounds, saying that, whilst he would make a full recovery, it would be several months before he could return to active service. Ducato was saddened, but Cilghal said she had some good news. Pointing towards the door, Ducato turned to see Katae-muri standing there. Ducato smiled as Katae-muri joined him, and Cilghal took her leave.


Ducato spent the next few months on Sudden Restoration, slowly working to regain use of his legs, whilst treating the burning scar below his eye. He regularly received news from the front line, including the formation of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances; the treaty with the Imperial Remnant and the Yuuzhan Vong defeat at Mandalore.

By early 29 ABY, Ducato had regained use of his legs, and was once again training with his lover in lightsaber combat; although he found his combat prowess greatly weakened, and that he had to compensate for his inability to attack. This led to Ducato developing the first few steps of Atra-Manua. Eventually, Ducato began to develop the lightsaber form further, which also aided in his recuperation and led many in the Jedi Order to become hopeful of a quick return to service.

Towards the end of his recuperation, Ducato received word that the Galactic Alliance believed the Yuuzhan Vong were preparing an invasion of Dac. Ducato, determined to aid in the defense of the capital, forced himself to make his way to Dac, and arrived just in time for the battle.

Battles of Dac and Corulag

First Yuuzhan Vong: Who is it?
Second Yuuzhan Vong: No!
First Yuuzhan Vong: No!
Second Yuuzhan Vong: Abeo Nissa
―Two Yuuzhan Vong commanders during the Battle of Corulag

Arriving on Dac, Ducato was greeted by a welcoming, albeit surprised Luke Skywalker, who informed Ducato of the 39th's military actions over the last two years. But before he could finish the story, the Jedi received word that the Yuuzhan Vong fleet had arrived. Quickly making his way to his flagship The Soiyo, Ducato was greeted by his crew. The greetings were short-lived however, as the Yuuzhan Vong fleet quickly encroached upon their position.

Ducato's fleet was tasked with holding the Yuuzhan Vong whilst the remainder of the fleet assaulted from numerous fronts. The battle was a bloody affair, and Ducato's flagship suffered heavy damage, despite its advanced shielding and weapons technology. Eventually, the fleet received word that a nearby Yammosk had been destroyed at Caluula, which heightened the morale of the Galactic Alliance fleet, whilst demoralizing the Yuuzhan Vong; but it did little to affect the course of the battle, which by now was turning into a Yuuzhan Vong victory.

Ducato received word from Traest Kre'fey that the 39th was to cover the retreat of the Galactic Alliance fleet whilst Kre'fey's own forces charged the Yuuzhan Vong lines in an attempt to draw fire away from the retreating vessels. Ducato agreed and moved his forces to block the way to Dac, but was soon shocked to discover the Yuuzhan Vong were beginning to retreat. Taking advantage of the situation, Ducato ordered the 39th to pursue the Yuuzhan Vong as far as they could without leaving the system, and was soon followed by Kre'fey's own forces.

Although bewildered by the retreat of the Yuuzhan Vong, Kre'fey and Ducato agreed that the opportunity must be seized, and after a short summit on Contruum, permission was granted to General Wedge Antilles to lead the Second Galactic Alliance Fleet attack against Corulag. Unfortunately, most of the Galactic Alliance fleet in orbit of Dac was still reeling from the costly battle, and as such only The Soiyo was capable of joining the Second Fleet.

In preparation for the battle General Garm Bel Iblis temporarily assumed command of The Soiyo, whilst Ducato himself joined the now famous Blackmoon Squadron as its temporary leader. Tasked with escorting several Scimitar assault bombers in their mission to destroy a Yuuzhan Vong base on Corulag's primary moon, Ducato exemplified himself and his new found skills by destroying many Yuuzhan Vong fighters himself. The Yuuzhan Vong, who had believed Ducato dead since the battle of Ebaq 9 feared the arrival of the dreaded Jedi, even naming him Abeo nissa — the vanished dread returned.

With the arrival of the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Harbinger, Ducato ordered Blackmoon Squadron to fall back and dock with the warship, ending their action in the battle.

Battle of Coruscant

800px-TUF2 cover Japm

The 39th arrives at Coruscant.

The victory celebrations at Corulag were short-lived, for within two hours the Second Fleet received word that the entire strength of the Galactic Alliance, including the 39th, was being thrown at Coruscant. The 39th arrived at Corulag just in time to be returned to the command of Ducato, who followed the Second Fleet to Coruscant. When the fleet finally arrived, they found the battle had already begun.

Garm Bel Iblis was horrified to see the Yuuzhan Vong attacking the sentient planet Zonama Sekot, but Ducato was concerned with nothing else than totally decimating the Yuuzhan Vong fleet that protected their new homeworld. Amongst the jumble of messages across the intercoms both Ducato and Iblis discovered that numerous Galactic Alliance fleets had jumped to hyperspace from Dac, Eriadu, Hapes and other worlds, and were focusing their varying strengths on the different planets of the Coruscant Sector.

Shortly after arriving, Luke Skywalker sent word to all Jedi within the fleet that, if possible, they were to make their way down towards Coruscant, and assist the rebellion of the Shamed Ones wherever possible. Acknowledging the command, Ducato ordered the numerous Jedi aboard The Soiyo to board Hidden Side, which then made its way down towards the planet. Once on the planet, Ducato — along with several other Jedi Knights, including his lover Katae-muri — engaged the Yuuzhan Vong in hand-to-hand combat.

Whilst the Solos attacked the World Brain and Luke Skywalker attacked Shimrra's Citadel, Ducato and his forces decided they could best serve the cause of the battle by recapturing the old Imperial Palace, which was being used by the Yuuzhan Vong as a staging ground for their counterattacks. As the Jedi approached the palace the resistance increased in both size and ferocity, and Ducato soon found his attack force quickly dwindling. Fortunately for Ducato, the recent conversion of the World Brain meant that several artillery beasts were now firing upon the attacking Yuuzhan Vong, decimating their numbers. Eventually, Ducato realized that the artillery beast could be much better used, and had them fire upon the Imperial Palace, razing it to the ground.

Arriving at the Imperial Palace, the Jedi swept through the under-croft, mercilessly exterminating what remaining Yuuzhan Vong could be found. Ducato, basking in his rage, cut through the Yuuzhan Vong and personally led an assault on the final yammosk on Coruscant, impaling his lightsaber into the large central mass that controlled the Yuuzhan Vong fleet.

Tired and weary, the Jedi clambered out from the palace under-croft and tried to take in the carnage on the planet before them. A massive ball of flames ripped through the sky before them, as Shimrra's Citadel exploded. The world went blank as Ducato looked down upon the battle-weary world; barely taking in the pats of congratulation and cheers of victory from his fellow Jedi. The heavily vongformed planet was but a shell of its former self, and Ducato could sense that he was not the only member of the Jedi Order to feel the same.

Eventually, Ducato collected himself to join the celebrations, and made his way to Skywalker's location. Once there, Luke told him that the Sekot Accords were due to take place the next day, and that Ducato's presence had been requested by many in both the Galactic Alliance and Yuuzhan Vong hierarchies. Although still seething with rage at the Yuuzhan Vong, Ducato agreed, and attended the proceedings.

Post-Yuuzhan Vong galaxy

The accords went ahead rather uneventfully for Ducato, who did his best to remain hidden away in the corner, although he remained fully aware that the presence of Abeo Nissa instilled fear in the hearts of the Yuuzhan Vong, save Nas Choka.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Accords, as Ducato made his way back to Hidden Side, Ducato heard the rough and guttural clicks of Nas Choka come from behind him. Gripping his lightsaber firmly, Ducato spun on his heels and faced the Yuuzhan Vong leader. Nas Choka, fully aware of the combat prowess of Ducato was careful not to get to close to Ducato, but did not show himself as fearful. Choka simply approached Ducato and bowed, and in one long sentence threw everything Ducato believed into the wind.

«For years we have been enemies, and for years we have killed one another. But this…peace you have called for is welcomed by all. You have proven your right to survive Human, but beware, for I have witnessed all to often the dangers of peace. Wars do not make one great Abeo Nissa. It's what one does in times of peace that shows how great one truly is.» ―Nas Choka to Jasca Ducato

Nas Choka left Ducato standing in shock, turning around and walking back the way he came. It was several minutes before Ducato even moved, let alone returned to Hidden Side. He contemplated Nas Choka's words for several hours, and was constantly in silence as he returned to The Soiyo.

Ducato continued to serve with the Galactic Alliance fleet, helping to mop-up the few remaining Yuuzhan Vong forces that had refused to surrender; but longing to return to his homeworld of Taris. Ducato knew that Taris had been devastated by the Yuuzhan Vong two years previously and that over five-hundred million Tarisians had been killed. When Ducato finally returned he was shocked to discover a vicious world, a world that blamed the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance for the death and destruction wrought by the Yuuzhan Vong. Ducato made his way towards his old homestead in the Tarisian Upper City. Ducato was mortified to discover that the skyscraper which had been his home was little more than rubble, and wept when he read the names of his parents upon the recently erected monument.

But Ducato's grieving was quickly interrupted when a large group of drunken men, recognizing the Jedi's uniform, attacked Ducato. Ducato incapacitated the drunkards, but it had become clear to him that he was no longer welcome on his homeworld. Feeling betrayed, Ducato left his homeworld and finally accepted Kyle Katarn’s offer to replace him as the Weapon Master of the Jedi Praxeum on Ossus. Ducato trained many Jedi, both new and old, in the ways of lightsaber combat; and later took part in the Swarm War, directing his forces to several crippling victories; but never joining in the action personally.

Towards the end of the Swarm War, a conflict between the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, the Chiss Ascendancy, and the Colony, Ducato's forces took part in the Battle of Tenupe, assisting Gilad Pellaeon, an Imperial Admiral working with the New Republic. Once again, Ducato refrained from entering combat personally, but did all he could from the bridge of his flagship. Eventually, with the re-capture of Admiral Ackbar and the defeat of the Killiks, the war was ended.

Ducato, having already requested the blessing of Luke Skywalker, proposed to his long time love Katae-muri, who happily accepted the proposal. Three days after the battle Katae-muri was knighted, and shortly after, in a ceremony presided over by the entire Skywalker-Solo clan, and several key members of the Jedi Order, Ducato and Katae-muri were wedded.

Katae-muri was made the apprentice of Kyle Katarn whilst Ducato took a new apprentice, Pantene.

Fall to the dark side

You cannot understand the power of the dark side, Katae...
—Darth Abeonis

Following the Galactic Alliance victory over the Killiks, the New Jedi Order found itself without a true enemy for the first time in its relatively short history. Ducato, not content with resting on his laurels, decided that he would do what he could to assist those few planets that remained on the outer edges of the Galactic Alliance.

On one fateful mission, Ducato and his apprentice had been tasked with investigating reports of disturbances in the Quelli Sector. Jasca, sensing the presence of a Dark Jedi on Quelli, ordered his apprentice to remain on The Soiyo whilst he searched the moon alone. Once their, Ducato was instantly set upon by the native wildlife, who had been ravaged by the presence of the dark side, but was eventually able to subdue the creatures that had attacked him.

Reaching a large underground mining facility, Ducato made his way into the central chamber and was attacked by the Dark Jedi, a middle-aged women of Human descent. The two Force-wielders dueled for what seemed like eons to Ducato, and as his strength weakened, so did his resistance to the already strong allure of the dark side. Ducato finally snapped, and sent out a large wave of dark side energy, bringing the chamber down upon them. Moments passed before Ducato finally blasted his way out from the rubble, and was greeted by his apprentice Pantene, who had defied his orders and made his way to the planet.

Ducato, sensing that Pantene had not yet fully realized the depth of his Master's fall corrupted the young Padawan, and then the crew of his flagship, The Soiyo, who by this time saw their loyalty to Ducato as being greater than their loyalty to the Galactic Alliance.

Traveling to Korriban, Ducato reopened the aged Sith academy near Dreshdae. Ducato fought his way through the army of Tuk'ata and Hssiss that defended the ancient ruins, and was almost killed when he confronted one of the feared Terentatek; although he eventually victored over the beast by crushing it beneath the crumbling ruins of Naga Sadow's tomb. Eventually, Ducato reached his goal, the empty sarcophagus that was to house Naga Sadow's body. Embedding his lightsaber into the large stone slab that covered the sarcophagus, Ducato pledged himself and the crew of The Soiyo to the dark side of the Force, adopting the title of Darth Abeonis, Dark Lord of the Sith. With The Soiyo now the first Sith flagship in over two thousand years, Ducato and his crew of Sith followers corrupted the entire 39th, and renamed them Death Squadron, in honor of the late Sith Lord Darth Vader.

Consumed by the dark side, Darth Abeonis's Death Squadron ravaged the Outer Rim, destroying all who stood before them in an attempt to rebuild the long-lost Sith empire of Naga Sadow. Mortified by the fall of their close friend, Skywalker and the Jedi Order made it their mission to locate and redeem the fallen Jedi before the galactic populace learned the identity of the Sith Lord. Eventually The Soiyo was cornered far from the eyes of the Galactic Alliance, on the edge of the galactic disc; and a Jedi taskforce led by Luke Skywalker, Katarn, and Katae-muri boarded the Sith warship. The Jedi located the Dark Lord and his Sith apprentice, Darth Adsec on the bridge of The Soiyo, and, despite the two Sith Lords proving their prowess with the lightsaber, eventually defeated them after a long and lengthy duel. Incapacitated by resistance, the Jedi were forced to flood the minds of the captives with visions of all the suffering they, and the Sith past, had caused. Consumed by grief and fear, the Dark Lord renounced the dark side and released his control over the 39th.

Following Ducato's redemption, the Jedi Master was shocked to discover that the 39th was to be disbanded, with its warships being transferred to numerous Galactic Alliance fleets; particularly 4th Fleet.

Second age of a Jedi

Jasca Ducato: “If the Federation only knew of the threat Jedi pose to them, of the threat I pose! Do you think they would treat us so lightly?
Luke Skywalker: “No.
―Jasca Ducato and Luke Skywalker

The year following his redemption, Jasca Ducato was once again thrust into the public eyes, this time as a villain. Word was leaked onto the HoloNet of Ducato's identity as Darth Abeonis, and calls for the former Sith Lord's execution rung out galaxy-wide. Numerous planets, most notably the Five Brothers, united behind the called to execute Ducato and disband the Jedi Order. A soft rebellion began to form, and the Jedi Order realized that before long armed conflict could ensue. As such, it was decided that both Ducato, who was beginning to suffer from the continued pressure, and the Jedi Order would be best suited by removing Ducato from the public eye.

Three years after the end of the Swarm War, the decision was taken for Jasca to lead an Outbound Flight-style expedition into the Unknown Regions, in order to expand the Galactic Alliance's astrographical knowledge of the area. Months passed, and it soon became clear to the Jedi that The Soiyo had gone off the radar. Ducato had failed to transmit his location or any information since the beginning of the expedition, and the entire expedition force was classed "MIA" by the Galactic Alliance. Unbeknownst to the Galactic Alliance however, The Soiyo had discovered a minuscule desert planet on the far edge of the Unknown Regions.

Scanning the planet, Ducato begun to sense a fleeting presence in the Force, and became concerned for the welfare of his crew. Leading an expedition of ten Jedi down to the surface of the arid planet, the Jedi discovered a large series of ruins towering over the landscape. Arriving at the ruins the Jedi discovered four large stone pillars covered in a densely packed archaic script. Although no-one on the expedition force could translate the writings, it was clear to Ducato that the writings documented several great conflicts that had ravaged the galaxy thousands of year beforehand.

Several hours passed, and the Jedi were no nearer translating the script then they had been before. Ducato ordered the Jedi to pack up their equipment and prepare to head out, as they would leave the translation to an archaeological team from The Soiyo. As the Jedi packed up their equipment, one of the large stone pillars blew towards the Jedi, and was only narrowly blown away by Pantene. Within seconds the Jedi were swamped by a large number of Dark Jedi, each wielding a crimson-red lightsabers.

The Dark Jedi divided the Jedi Knights, cutting them off from one-another, although it soon became apparent to the Dark Jedi that this had been a mistake. Ducato had made sure to train all his fellow Jedi in combat with multiple opponents, and as such the Dark Jedi were easily defeated. Before long, all but a handful of the Dark Jedi had been killed, but two Jedi had also been killed.

Wipe them out. All of them!
—Jasca Ducato

Tracking the Dark Jedi back to their base of operations the Jedi were astonished to find nothing less than a fully intact Sith Temple, seething with the dark side of the Force. Astonished at this discovery, and by the fact that they had not detected whilst in orbit, Ducato became determined to destroy the facility. Unable to make contact with The Soiyo, and not believing there to be enough time to wait for reinforcements, Ducato ordered his fellow Jedi to charge the Temple Gate.

Battle of Nerezza


Lord Guerreiro, Dark Lord of the Decreton Empire.

I am the Dark Lord of the Sith!
Lord Guerreiro

Ducato personally lead the assault, charging the Grand Entrance and swarming the Dark Jedi who guarded it. Securing the entrance, Ducato order the Jedi to split up into teams of two, and to search the temple for anything of value whilst exterminating the Dark Jedi populous. Hours passed, and Ducato, who had sided with Pantene, soon became aware that Dark Jedi who resided in the temple did in fact consider themselves Sith. Although it was obvious to Ducato that they did not consider the restrictive Rule of two imposed by Darth Bane to be of any consequence.

Concerned about the large number of Sith within the temple, Ducato ordered his Jedi expedition to retreat to the temple entrance, and await reinforcements, as it was now apparent that there were many more residents within the temple then he had previously believed. Fighting their way through the swathes of Sith, many of the Jedi fell, and before long only Ducato, Pantene and a couple more lived.

Hemmed in, the Jedi were overwhelmed by the sheer number of Sith warriors. Fortunately for Ducato however, the Sith warriors ceased their attack. Confused, Ducato ordered to know the reason for this, and was simply greeted with a choke. A large imposing Chagrian stood foreword, and identified himself as Wyyrlok. Wyyrlok offered the Jedi Master a chance to surrender, and spare the lives of his fellow Jedi, and the crew of The Soiyo. Ducato agreed, on the condition that he be brought before the Master of the Sith. Wyyrlok grinned slightly and agreed, releasing his hold on Ducato and signaling for the Jedi to follow.

It was a meeting the Jedi Master would not forget; before him stood a self-styled Dark Lord of Sith named Lord Guerreiro. Guerreiro was a large man, larger even than Wyyrlok, and stood tall above Ducato. The Dark Lord demanded to know the reason why the Jedi were on Nerezza, letting slip that his Sith had not had contact with the Jedi for several thousand years. Ducato only antagonized the Dark Lord further when Guerreiro, sensing Ducato's past struggles with the dark side, inquired as to the reason for his dark aura, and refused to answer.

Having refused to tell the Dark Lord the mission of the Jedi, Ducato and his fellow Jedi were imprisoned within the temple. Reaching out in the Force, Ducato got word to The Soiyo of the status of the expedition force, and a rescue mission was prepared.

The final fall

Surrender to the power of the dark side! Become my apprentice.
—Guerreiro to Jasca Ducato

With The Soiyo bombarding the temple from orbit, and a large force invading from the ground, the Sith, who had already suffered grievous casualties, were finally overrun. Ducato, Pantene and the two other captives were taken by Guerreiro to a private docking bay, and together, they left the planet. Despite escaping the planet, Guerreiro and many of his followers were still being pursued by The Soiyo. Eventually Guerreiro's vessel jumped to hyperspace, and The Soiyo lost the trail. Returning to Nerezza, they picked up the Jedi taskforce, and scoured the temple's data banks for any information that could point to Guerreiro's destination.

Over the next two years The Soiyo pursued the Dark Lord, gradually releasing the Jedi from the captors, until only Ducato remained. Guerreiro slowly corrupted the already corrupted Jedi towards the dark side, but was met with valiant defense. Calling upon all his strength to counter the Dark Lord, Ducato repeatedly forced back Guerreiro's attempts of seduction, but this only served to make Guerreiro more determined to break the head-strong Jedi.

Two years after his capture, Ducato was given a final choice by Guerreiro; surrender to the dark side of the Force, or see his precious Galactic Alliance fall within one hundred years. Determined not to fall once again Jasca decided upon a third choice — to kill the Dark Lord.

Pulling himself up, Ducato attacked Guerreiro with nothing but his knowledge of the Force, overwhelming the Dark Lord's defenses and releasing he binds that held Ducato down. Retrieving is lightsaber from the Sith Lord, Ducato and Guerreiro dueled. Guerreiro proved himself very capable with the lightsaber, and more than a match to Ducato, but the Jedi's knowledge of Atra-Manua proved Guerreiro's downfall.

With The Soiyo rapidly approaching, and the Jedi warrior looking to victor in the duel, Guerreiro exploded in a fit of rage, hammering down upon Ducato's rapidly weakening defense. Ducato, unwavering in his resolution to kill Guerreiro plagued the Dark Lord with the Force, instantly disarming the Dark Lord and searing his skin. Ducato stood above the weakened Sith, who by now was falling to pieces, and simply watched as Guerreiro's skin melted away. Consumed by the dark side, Ducato bent down over the melted remains of the Dark Lord and smiled.

I, Darth Abeonis, am the Dark Lord.
—Darth Abeonis

Reclaiming the Sith moniker of Darth Abeonis, Ducato returned to The Soiyo and once again corrupted the entire crew, such was the power of his persuasive abilities. The Jedi onboard The Soiyo, physically exhausted and confused about the allegiances towards Ducato and the Galactic Alliance stood little chance, and were easily seduced. Pantene reclaimed his title of Darth Adsec, whilst the Jedi Micail took up the mantle of Darth Micail.

A Sith Crusade

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A Sith Crusade has begun. Nothing shall stand in their way; we shall unite, or we shall fall.
—Luke Skywalker at Ossus
Starwarsgalaxy-Sith Empire

The furthest extent (red line) of the Sith Empire in 62 ABY.

Thirteen years past before Darth Abeonis and his Sith followers returned to the known galaxy; but during that time the Dark Lord had been keeping himself more than busy, slowly conquering the empire of the Sith Order of Decreto, and spreading its' influence further than ever before. By the year 56 ABY the entire Sith Order of Decreto had pledged their allegiance to Darth Abeonis, and many within the Order believed that their power had reached its zenith. Although Abeonis knew that the growing presence of the dark side would not go unnoticed to the Jedi, who would have undoubtedly sensed the growing threat.

Abeonis, unlike previous Dark Lords of the Decreton Empire, had not troubled himself with concealing their presence from the Jedi; preferring to allow the Jedi to gather their strength, but made sure to prevent the Galactic Alliance from fully mobilizing its military. Sensing the growing threat from the Unknown Regions, the Jedi Order petitioned the Galactic Senate for the creation of a defense fleet to be stationed near the Unknown Regions, but with the Galactic Alliance still reeling from the costly Confederation-Galactic Alliance War of 40 ABY, had no intention of entering another war; and did not wish to be seen by the Chiss Ascendancy or the Imperial Remnant by preparing for one. Two years passed, and the "threat" from the Unknown Regions failed to materialize. The Galactic Alliance, who had humored the Jedi Order by stationing a small fleet near the Unknown Regions prepared to pull its forces back when word reached them of an invasion of the Chiss Ascendancy.

Within six months of the invasion over two-thirds of the Chiss domain, including the capital world of Csilla, had fallen to Darth Abeonis' Sith fleet. The Chiss government had been fractured, the Sith had expanded their sphere of control into the heart of the Unknown Regions. Abeonis, sensing that the Jedi were preparing to investigate the sudden loss of contact with the Chiss, took steps to prevent this from happening. In the meantime however, Abeonis and his adviser Darth Wyyrlok, who had since sided with Abeonis following the death of Guerreiro, planned the invasion of the Imperial Remnant.

Two more years passed, and with the fear of discovery past, the Dark Lord put into action his plans for the conquest of the Imperial Remnant. Handing over control to Darth Micail, the two Sith Lords invaded; with Micail assaulting Yaga Minor, whilst Darth Abeonis personally invaded the capital of Bastion. Destroying the Imperial Fleet in orbit of Bastion, Darth Abeonis devastated the planet's surface in order to eliminate its multiple layers of defense.

Conquering the Imperial Remnant, Darth Abeonis was now master over the entire Unknown Regions, as well as a great swathe of the Outer Rim. However, Abeonis' extermination of the imperial Remnant had not been as thorough as he had hoped, and a handful of Imperial warships had escaped to the galactic Alliance, warning them of the new Sith threat, and of the title of the man who led them. An increasingly worried Galactic Senate soon began to see that the Jedi had been right all along, and that the Sith were planning for an invasion. But they still held hope for a peaceful conclusion.


Darth Abeonis in his Darter'Ordeer, using the Force to sustain his youth in 62 ABY.

A peace treaty was drawn up and several hundred worlds, including; Er'kit, Agamar, Morishim, Ord Biniir, Bimmiel, Dantooine, Dubrillion, Adumar, Telos, Dorin, Reecee and Anobis were handed over to Darth Abeonis' empire. For a couple more years, Abeonis was content, but knew that he would not be able to control his follower’s blood lust for long. Knowing this, Darth Abeonis once again begun to formulate plans for his most ambitious campaign yet; the conquest of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.

Despite his conquest of Lehon and the defeat of the Nebulax Empire in 59 ABY; three years after the conquest of the Imperial Remnant Darth Abeonis was finding it increasingly difficult to contain his Sith followers, many of whom believed that the Dark Lord was displaying a weakness by not continuing his war of conquest. Determined to achieve his goal of uniting the galaxy, Darth Abeonis invaded the Galactic Alliance in 61 ABY, authorizing attacks on eight Alliance sectors simultaneously.

Darth Abeonis, who was by now using the Force to artificially hold back his aging, led the invasion personally, attacking Belkadan and wiped out the Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant fleets stationed there; even killing the Supreme Commander of all Alliance Forces Admiral Argos. Abeonis then pursued the remnants of the fleets further into the Galactic Alliance before finally destroying them above the icy remains of Helska 4. Taking advantage of the confusion the Galactic Alliance had been thrown into, Darth Abeonis ordered all of his fleets to press the attack, and within a short period of time, much of the Outer Rim had been conquered.

Following the lengthy battle of Ruuria Darth Abeonis found himself being called to the front line personally. Making his way to Ord Radama, Darth Abeonis set about destroying the planet's communication & distribution network facilities whilst the Sith military launched a diversionary attack on the planet's far side.

Ord Radama onwards

Arriving on Ord Radama in the dead of night, Darth Abeonis wasted no time in his mission. Whilst using the Sith invasion headed up by Darth Adsec as a distraction, Abeonis stalked the darkened streets of Ord Radama, discreetly wiping out blockade after blockade, exterminating the easily overpowered Devlikk reserve forces.

Before long, Darth Abeonis had arrived at the communication and distribution facility and was pleased to see it was heavily defended by members of the Ordnance/Regional Depot security forces. Attacking the facility, Darth Abeonis ripped two of the facilities entrance pillars from the foundations and crushed the helpless defenders, before throwing the pillars into the building, and forcing open an entrance. Abeonis then made his way to the facilities power regulation section, with the intention of overloading the system, but found himself cut off when a series of booby trapped mines detonated, nearly killing the Dark Lord and collapsing the tunnel.

Turning back on himself, the Dark Lord blasted his way through to the adjacent section, and collapsed half of the building before reaching the power regulation section. Abeonis arrived at the subsection with little resistance, and, unable to circumvent the Ord security codes and becoming slightly agitated, simply destroyed the console; triggering an automatic feedback loop. it was only then that Darth Abeonis realized he had not thought the plan through entirely, as he still had to get out of the facility.

Blasting yet another whole into the facility wall, Abeonis made a beeline for the nearest exit, stopping only once after he had noticed a networked computer console. Having downloading the entire Ord data network, Darth Abeonis once again set off to make his escape, barely noticing the blaring alarms warning of the imminent explosion to come. Only a few seconds past, but already the facility was beginning to collapse on top of Darth Abeonis, as several explosions ripped through the building.

As Abeonis ran, he looked up to see the archway before him falling, using the Force to speed himself up, Darth Abeonis escaped under the archway and launched himself through the large glass window that lay at the end of the corridor, shattering the glass and escaping the facility. Rolling as he hit the ground, Abeonis covered himself as the facility exploded into a ball of flames, launching searing hot shards of metal and concrete in all directions.

Within two months of the successful conquest of Ord Radama, the information Abeonis had gathered was out-of-date and useless. With the Sith advance stagnating and a morale booster needed, Abeonis set his eyes on the ancient Sith homeworld of Korriban, planning a daring invasion of the heavily fortified planet. Although Abeonis foresaw a victory for the Sith, he knew the losses would be great on both sides. The Dark Lord knew that even Cal Omas would be foolish not to bring the Jedi into the conflict should Korriban be attacked, as it was the Jedi who commanded the garrison. Unbeknownst to Darth Abeonis however was that Luke Skywalker had also predicted victory for the Sith; nonetheless, the damage that the Jedi could potentially inflict on the Sith was extreme; and so battle was met.

Leading the Sith attack on Korriban Abeonis and his apprentice launched a full scale invasion of the planet's capital, quickly surrounding it and cutting off all escape. Abeonis then ordered wave after wave of Sith troopers and Sith Knights against the Jedi, slowly eating away at their strength and resolve. At first the Jedi, but when the Dark Lord himself entered the fray, Skywalker knew the battle was lost.

Within hours of Abeonis entrance into the battle, victory had been assured for the Sith. Although things had not gone entirely to plan for Abeonis, as Luke Skywalker and his second-in-command, Katae-muri had refused to flee the planet. Unwilling to kill his wife and a lifelong friend, Abeonis offered the two the chance to leave the planet unscathed; an offer the two accepted. Abeonis had realized that if his plans were to succeed, Skywalker would need to survive the conflict, and Abeonis was determined to make sure the Katae-muri did survive.

With Korriban his, Darth Abeonis ordered the invasion of the Meridian Confederation, granting control of the attack force to the Chiss Sith Lord Darth Dimicatio, who was tasked with absorbing the domain into the empire.


The battle of Dathomir.

Within a few days the Meridian Confederation had been conquered, and Abeonis was once again free to focus his efforts on the Galactic Alliance. Abeonis ordered Darth Micail and two-hundred Sith Knights to destroy the Jedi academy on Dathomir and capture the Jedi that resided there, but was later horrified to learn that of the one-hundred and ninety Jedi on the planet, all had been killed by the Sith; including the commanding officer Jaina Solo, the niece of Luke Skywalker. Darth Abeonis was furious upon receiving the news, and he immediately sent for Darth Micail. Upon his arrival, Darth Abeonis set upon him, easily besting the Sith Lord, shattering his jaw in punishment for his defiance, and demoting his to the rank of Sith Knight.

Following the massacre at Dathomir the Outer Rim was almost completely under Abeonis' control and even parts of the Colonies had been conquered. Abeonis was pleased to hear reports of massive drops in morale for the populous of the Galactic Alliance, many of whom already regarded their government as weak for attempting to appease the Sith invader.

Two weeks later, in the following year, Darth Abeonis launched a second invasion of the Galactic Alliance. This time around, his intention was to surround the Galactic Alliance and quickly cut off any possibility of support from the multiple minor galactic powers. Darth Abeonis launched an invasion of the Ssi-ruuk star cluster, placing the aging Sataris Strasbourg at the head of the fleet. Sataris proved his worth, and honored his family lineage by wiping out the Ssi-ruuvi. With the Ssi-ruuvi out of the way, the Sith were poised to take the Corellian Trade Spine and, in doing so draw Galactic Alliance forces away from the front line. The would-be distraction quickly turned into a war of attrition, claiming the lives of millions on both sides. Upset with the immeasurable loss of life, and not content with wiping out half the Sith military in a distraction-turned-nightmare, Abeonis order Sataris to pull his forces back, and allow the Galactic Alliance fleet in the sector to leave. But Abeonis was not one to let any chance go, and with the Alliance reeling from the devastating Trade Spine campaign, Abeonis seized upon the chance to launch a daring assault on his most dangerous enemy, the Jedi.

Following the war on the Trade Spine and the fall of Belderone, Abeonis and the 1st Sith fleet made their way into the deadly Cron Drift, wherin they confronted the 2nd Alliance fleet, under the command of Admirals Ema and Calrissian. With a stunning display of tactical prowess, Abeonis used the very asteroids of the field against the Alliance fleet; smashing the massive asteroids into the sides of vessels and warships, decimating over two thirds of the fleet.

The Dark Lord ordered his fleet to allow the few remaining warships to escape un-pursued; Darth Abeonis had something much more important on his mind — Ossus, homeworld of the New Jedi Order; was now on the very fringes of Abeonis' empire. Contemplating the coming conflict, Abeonis ordered the crew of The Soiyo to prepare themselves for the invasion.

Battle of Ossus

All is not as it seems, Luke.
—Darth Abeonis

Darth Abeonis arrived in the Adega system alone, in his shuttle Hidden Side, requesting passage onto the recently evacuated Jedi homeworld. His arrival was met with great hostility by the planet's defenders, as many of the soldiers, and most of the Jedi wanted the seize the chance to end the conflict. Luke Skywalker instantly rebuked the cries for Abeonis' death, instead escorting the Dark Lord into the council chamber.

Alone with Skywalker, Abeonis revealed to Luke the reason for his going to war with the Galactic Alliance once again, detailing his vision of the betrayal of Cal Omas, and the eventual destruction of the Jedi. Abeonis, far from enjoying the thought, was clearly greatly disturbed by such a possible future. Abeonis told Skywalker that his reason for war was not to wipe out the Alliance and claim the galaxy in the name of the Sith Order of Decreto, although if need be that is what he would do; but it was to promote the Jedi in the eyes of the galactic populous, even if it meant the near-extinction of the Order. Not wanting to see the Jedi destroyed by either Cal Omas or the Sith, Abeonis gave Skywalker a choice.

The Jedi were to leave Ossus, without fear of Sith attack, and travel to Coruscant, where they would remove Cal Omas from power and secure control of the Galactic Alliance. Once this had been done, the Jedi and the Sith would meet in battle one more time, so as to save face, and peace would be declared. The other choice Abeonis offered was that the Sith attack Ossus before the Galactic Alliance relief fleet arrived, and kill as many Jedi as possible. The Sith would then retreat from Ossus, and make sure that the Jedi had been seen to be the heroes of the battle, and Omas a villain.

Although wanting to end the war, and secure peace, Skywalker's loyalty to Galactic Alliance, and its' Chief-of-State was unquestionable; Abeonis was rebuked. Enraged at this defiance Abeonis left, and shortly after, the Sith fleet arrived.

Shortly after the destruction of the Ossus sensor array the Sith fleet encircled Ossus. Darth Abeonis, having returned to The Soiyo ordered the invasion of the Jedi Temple, and prepared to return to the planet himself. By the time of his arrival however, much of the initial fighting had already finished, and much of the city outside of the Temple was in Sith hands. Appearing before the locked doors to the Jedi Temple, Darth Abeonis ignited his lightsaber and order the assault.


Darth Abeonis during the battle of Ossus.

In his favorite fashion, Abeonis blasted the locked doors apart, clearing the way into the Temple in the process. The Sith charged the doorway, but met stiff resistance from the Jedi, who proved themselves more than capable of holding against their Sith attackers. Abeonis then decided to get involved personally, and cut his way into the center of the Temple courtyard. Once there, Abeonis dueled and defeated several Jedi, killing them all in cold blood; only occasionally stopping to eliminate the odd stray non-Force sensitive soldier who had wandered into the killing grounds.

The next two hours passed in a similar fashion before Abeonis finally realized that his soldiers were becoming exhausted. Ordering a withdrawal, Abeonis and his soldiers fell back to just outside the Temple, and proceeded to secure their gains in the Temple. The Jedi also took advantage of the break in combat, fortifying their own positions. The next day, Abeonis awoke to a deadly silence. It was still dark, and Darth Micail was already awake quietly rousing his troops for a pre-dawn attack. Darth Abeonis prepared himself for the coming battle, and soon the entire army had been awoken in total silence.

Handing control of the attack over to Darth Micail, Darth Abeonis set about preparing his troops for disembarkation. He had recently received word from The Soiyo that the Galactic Alliance relief force was rapidly approaching, and te Sith could not risk being caught on the planet. Returning to The Soiyo, Darth Abeonis and Darth Adsec coordinated the gradual withdrawal of Sith troopers.

A short time later, the long expected Galactic Alliance relief force finally arrived, and was met with a barrage of weapons fire from the Sith fleet. Over the next few hours, as the Sith invaders returned to their vessels in orbit, the Sith fleet battled with the Alliance relief force. Pulling The Soiyo back so as to avoid any unnecessary, Darth Abeonis left command of the fleet to Darth Adsec, aboard The Conquerer. In the meantime however, The Soiyo led a small detachment of Sith warships towards the now lightly defended planet of Dac where he intended to reunite with the 4th Alliance fleet, previously known as the 39th.

Laying siege to the planet's shipyards, Darth Abeonis recaptured the 39th and subsequently re-christened it Death Squadron. He later regrouped with his apprentice at a nearby moon, and merged the two fleets into one.

A new ally, and one less enemy

Following his revelation to the Jedi at Ossus and the capture of the 4th fleet at Dac, Darth Abeonis found himself in a strong position from which to attack the Alliance. With the Death Squadron, at his command once again, the Sith had yet another fleet at their disposal, and Darth Abeonis knew he could afford to make war on another of the galactic Alliance's smaller, more strategically located allies; the Ottiumigos Centrality.

At the battle of Novus Kamino Prime Darth Micail, the man responsible for the death of Jaina Solo two years previous, led the assault against the forces of Nathaniel Kenobi Solo, Jaina’s former husband. This was one of the wars most "passion-fueled" battles and although it saw the eventual conquest of Novus Kamino Prime it revealed to the Sith, that not even their own Sith Lord's were unreachable, and that the Galactic Alliance still posed a serious threat to them.

Although unaffected personally, Darth Abeonis knew that this revelation would have dire consequences for his war efforts. The realization that the Sith Lords could be reached, and possibly killed would fuel the morale of the Galactic Alliance. This, coupled with the fact that, despite the re-acquisition of Death Squadron, the Sith fleet was beginning to spread thin convinced Abeonis that the Sith needed an ally who could take over responsibility for keeping the peace in those territories already under Sith control.

After many hours hard thinking Abeonis decided that there was only one race of beings who had the capabilities to achieve this task — the Mando'ade Alliance. But in order to convince the Mando'ade Alliance that becoming a dependent state was the best choice he would have to force their hand.

So he personally led the attack on their world, slaughtering thousands of Mandalorian warriors in the initial bombardment alone. Many more days, and many more deaths later, the Mandalorians, nearly losing their leader in the process, surrendered; albeit on the condition that Mandalore the Wise remained the Head of State, and that the Mandalorian's continued to be allowed to regulate their own government. Darth Abeonis agreed to the conditions, and the Mandalorians allied themselves with the Sith; freeing up just over a quarter of the Sith fleet.

Now, with a much larger fleet to call upon, Darth Abeonis decided it was time to strike at the heart of the Galactic Alliance by doing what the Jedi had refused; killing Cal Omas. Abeonis knew that, despite their overwhelming numbers, the Sith still stood no chance in a direct attack on Coruscant, and that their best option was through subterfuge. Darth Abeonis called his old associate, Darth Wyyrlok to do the task.

Darth Wyyrlok was one of the highest ranking members of the Hand and a proven assassin, having been key figure in the unification of the Decreton Empire during Abeonis' war of conquest. He was considered the ideal candidate by Darth Abeonis and the Sith Council as a whole. Wyyrlok accepted the mission and succeeded in assassinating Cal Omas, throwing the Galactic Alliance into disarray.


Darth Abeonis, leader of the First Sith Trinite; battle ready.

Following Wyyrlok's return to Korriban, a delighted Darth Abeonis offered Darth Wyyrlok the title of Sith Lord, but was astonished when his offer was turned down. Wyyrlok merely said that he did not feel the time was yet right. Slightly annoyed at this refusal, Abeonis instead insisted that Wyyrlok accept a place on the Sith Council, as head of Sith Intelligence’s assassins, an offer which Darth Wyyrlok dare not refuse.

Duel of the Gods

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For the next few months the Sith continued their campaign of destruction against the Galactic Alliance, despite the loss of their esteemed Admiral, Sataris Strasbourg.

Midway through 63 ABY the Sith achieved one of their greatest propaganda victories of the entire conflict when Darth Adsec captured Jedi Master Jacen Solo, the nephew of Luke Skywalker and his greatest military General. Jacen Solo, much like Abeonis, had also been one with the dark side of the Force, and had been one of the architects of the Confederation-Galactic Alliance War; and the Dark Lord had no intention of letting such a valuable commodity slip through his fingers. Within days of his Solo's capture however, Abeonis' attention was again diverted, this time to the large gas giant of Gand.

Gand had been being observed by Sith forces as a possible staging ground for a future invasion when reports came in of a single Human life sign being detected on the planets lone orbital platform. Although no word had yet been received as to the identity of the long individual, Abeonis knew it was none other than Luke Skywalker. Unfortunately, Darth Abeonis also knew that he was not the only Sith to have worked out the identity of the lone Human, and that the Sith Council would be fully aware as well.

The Dark Lord knew that if he failed to confront the Jedi Master, he risked losing the Council's support; the Dark Lord could not do without at the time. So, having prepared himself for the coming conflict, Abeonis traveled to Gand to confront the aging Jedi Master.

Arriving at the Gand Megaplex, Darth Abeonis confronted his old mentor, who attempted to reason with the Dark Lord, telling him of his dreams just the day before. He informed Abeonis that he now believed what he had said almost a year before, on Ossus, and that the time had come for the war to end and diplomacy to resume. At first Abeonis humored Skywalker, but quickly revealed that he had no intention of ending the war, clearly showing how he felt Skywalker, and the Jedi as a whole had betrayed him on Ossus.

Abeonis however still respected his old friend, and informed him that the Sith Council was fully aware of his reasons for coming to Gand, and that if he returned without having killed the Jedi Master, it would stir unrest within the Sith ranks; something Abeonis would not stand for.

Despite Skywalker being some twenty-five years Abeonis' senior, the Dark Lord still had a hard time overcoming the aged Jedi. Abeonis received numerous wounds before he finally managed to force Skywalker to retreat. Enraged by the retreat, Abeonis ordered the few SpecOps that had accompanied him to scour the orbital platform top to bottom, in a vain attempt to locate the Jedi Master; but after four hours, Abeonis knew that Skywalker had escaped.

Having failed in his mission to kill Skywalker, Abeonis knew that many of the Sith Lords who saw Darth Abeonis as a weak Emperor could soon possibly decide to challenge him. Fearing for the success of his grand mission, as well as his own life, Abeonis set about forming a closely knit barrier between himself and the Sith Council — the Sith Trinite.

This alliance of Sith Lords would be the strongest line of defense against those Sith Lords who saw fit to challenge the Dark Lord.

Collapse of the government and mission to Drall

The collapse of the Sith government had happened much more quickly that Abeonis had anticipated; the disastrous battle of Tund and the defeat at Kubindi had only served to strengthen the resolve of those who wished to challenge the Dark Lord, and within weeks of the duel on Gand the Sith Order of Decreto had descended into civil war.

Despite the Sith victory at Thyferra over the rebels under Darth Iiniuria, and the conquest of Kashyyyk just days later, the Sith Council ordered StarFleet Command to temporarily hold its advance whilst the regrouped and re-supplied, giving the rebels a chance to gather their strength. Darth Abeonis, not wanting the advance to stop for fear that the rebels or the Galactic Alliance would counter-attack vetoed the order, but was overruled by his fellow Council members, who took this chance to exert what little power they had over the Dark Lord. Instead, it was decided that Darth Abeonis was to lead the Sith assault on the rebel world of Drall.


Darth Abeonis, engorged by the dark side, whilst on Drall.

The planet Drall, located near to Corellia had only recently been secured by the Galactic Alliance when the local government had been deposed, and a pro-Sith faction had been installed in power. However, the Sith Knight tasked with cementing Sith dominance over the planet had taken the chance to makes gains of his own, and claimed Drall as his own. The Sith Council knew that, like all battles to come in the conflict, victory for Darth Abeonis was key, and so Darth Abeonis made his way to Drall.

Despite narrowly avoiding capture by the 3rd Alliance fleet, upon his arrival on Drall the Dark Lord was ambushed by the Sith Knight's forces. Outnumbered and outmaneuvered, Abeonis had no choice but to flee, but was constantly pursued by the rebels, being engaged in combat many-a-time.

Forced to draw more and more upon the power of the dark side just to survive the constant battles; within days Abeonis had been almost entirely consumed by the dark side, his hair had grayed, his skin had aged and his armor was rusting.

Soon though, the Dark Lord arrived at a small village on Drall and, gripped by rage, slaughtered the entire population before disappearing into the nearby hills. Just hours later, a Drall military patrol found the remains of the village. Infuriated, the Drall searched the surrounding area for the perpetrators of the crime, but found no-one. Abeonis, having calmed down, and seeing his chance to take control of the situation confronted the Drall patrols and told them who he was, and that he had seen some rebel Sith slaughtering the village inhabitants. Although suspicious at first, Abeonis' power of persuasion was undeniable, and the Drall were easily convinced that removing the rebel Sith from power was the best option. Granting Abeonis a Great Ibbot as a stead, the Dark lord and his Drall companions made their way to Meccha, the planet's capital, to confront the rebel Sith Knight.

Flying over the Boiling Sea, Abeonis was once again pursued by rebel Sith forces; themselves flying Great Ibbots, but they were easily defeated thanks to the skillful flying of the Drall patrol. The Dark Lord quickly arrived at the capital city of Meccha and, with the assistance of the Drall patrol, evoked a riot in the city. Now, with the city in turmoil, Abeonis made his way to the headquarters of the rebel Sith Knight.

Cutting his way through many Sith apprentices and lesser Dark Jedi, Abeonis eventually made his way to the leader of the rebels on Drall. A short duel ensued, and Abeonis made quick work of the rebel Knight, decapitating him with his own weapon. Searching the remains of the Sith Knight, Abeonis found various documents and datadisc's that made reference to numerous Sith Lord's and their questioning of Darth Abeonis fitness to rule.

His mission complete, Abeonis told the Drall government that he would soon return with a larger, more secure garrison of loyal Sith troops, and that for now the Drall must hold the planet in their own name, and not that of the Sith; so as to prevent the Galactic Alliance from attempting to reclaim the planet.

Returning to Sith space, Abeonis made sure to heal the affects that his continued usage of dark side energy had thrust upon him whilst on Drall. Once he had effectively returned himself to his former appearance he returned to Korriban to inform the Council of his success on Drall. The Council rejoiced in the news that Drall, a key strategically placed planet, had been re-claimed by the Sith, and preparations for a push towards Drall were made.

In the meantime, Abeonis made his way to the planet Sleheyron to investigate rumors of an increasing Galactic Alliance presence in the sector.

Battle of Praesitlyn

That will be the last mistake you ever make, Adsec.
—Darth Abeonis

During the next year, Darth Abeonis kept himself away from the frontline, instead preferring to hunt down and exterminate the rebel Sith Lords that had infested his ranks, although he still was one for seizing the opportunity.

In 65 ABY, after a series of victories which the Galactic Alliance considered to be devastating, Abeonis received word from Darth Adsec that the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order were preparing to make a stand on the planet Praesitlyn. Knowing that Skywalker would be leading the defense, Abeonis brought together the entire strength of the Sith military for the invasion of Praesitlyn.

A week later, Darth Abeonis had brought together the single largest Sith fleet in the conflict's history. Aboard The Soiyo, Darth Abeonis led a fleet numbering in excess of two-thousand warships, two-and-a-half million NX-03 Space/Terrain Mark Is, three million Sith troopers, and an entire host of Sith Lords, including Darth Alectasa, Darth Korin, Darth Krayt, Darth Validus and Darth Wyyrlok. By now, the war was beginning to take its toll on the Sith infrastructure, and Darth Abeonis was determined to bring the conflict to an end.

Arriving shortly before the Galactic Alliance fleet, Darth Abeonis set about setting up a defensive perimeter in the system. Before he could, however, the Alliance fleet jumped into the system.

The Galactic Alliance fleet, led by the Chief of State Luke Skywalker, instantly begun forming into an offensive formation, something Darth Abeonis did not expect. The Alliance fleet almost matched the Sith fleet ship-for-ship, and Abeonis, along with all of his fleet commanders, could tell that, unlike previous Galactic Alliance captains, the captains of these ships had no intention of turning back – they werem he realized, Jedi.

Skywalker, taking advantage of the Dark Lord's shock, launched his fighters against the Sith fleet, slowly bringing his main fleet into battle behind them. However, it was not long before Darth Abeonis had recovered from his initial shock and ordered his own fighter squadrons to engage the enemy. The casualties were both instant and immense, with thousands of starfighter being shot down before the two sides even collided.

Darth Abeonis, ceasing upon the moment, ordered The Soiyo and the rest of Death Squadron to open fire on the Alliance capital ships, regardless of whether there were Mark Is in the way. Volley after volley of turbolaser fire bolted through the mass of debris, tearing it apart, before it finally hit the shields of the Alliance capital ships.

The battle continued, and before long the Galactic Alliance flagship Alliance was being ripped to shreds. The Soiyo and The Conquerer encircled Alliance and pummeled the now unmanned warship. Leading the assault on Alliance was The Soiyo, which launched a final volley into the port side of the warship, tearing it in two. A second volley from The Conquerer struck Alliance from below, blowing the warship apart, in two separate directions, before these parts were themselves destroyed by secondary explosions.

Arriving on the war-torn planet, Darth Abeonis was greeted with news of varying success. Whilst the Galactic Alliance attacks had been contained for the most part, SpecOps Commander 039 had been killed by Katae-muri. Abeonis, determined to find his wife, ordered Darth Korin to search for her, but after two hours was met with no success. Searching deep inside himself, Darth Abeonis used his strength in the Force to find his wife's spirit, amongst the great mass or carnage that surrounded them both. What he found shocked him to the core, and caused him to instinctively Ghost to the far side of the continent. Before him stood non other than Darth Adsec, with Katae-muri's body lying before him.


Darth Abeonis duels Darth Adsec.

Adsec raised his head, and stared at the Dark Lord in a state of rage, his lightsaber still ignited. Darth Abeonis took no time in making his intentions known, Force pushing Adsec far from his wife's body.

Adsec, regaining his footing then began his attack, proving his mastery of Ataru. Striking hard at the Dark Lord, Adsec easily proved his equality to the Dark Lord in lightsaber combat. Seizing upon his advantage, Darth Adsec spited the Dark Lord over the death of his wife. Abeonis, now more enraged than ever, used a momentary break in combat to conjure up a deadly "midnight black" which struck Adsec in his chest.

Having been knocked onto his back, Adsec panted for breath. Standing over Adsec's exhausted body, Abeonis was launched backwards, but eventually returned to his feet. Darth Adsec choked the Dark Lord, but was quickly repelled when Abeonis broke Adsec's concentration. Abeonis then used the Force to hit Adsec hard in the chest, knocking him backwards slightly, as he ran towards him and impaled Adsec through the abdomen. A slight smirk appeared across Abeonis's face as he withdrew his lightsaber, bringing it around behind his body and swinging widely, decapitating his former apprentice.

With his revenge satisfied, Abeonis ran towards the lifeless body of his wife. He could faintly hear the recognizable voice of Darth Wyyrlok from over the dunes, shouting for the Dark Lord to respond – he simply ignored it. As he sat, cradling the body of his one love, for the first time in over twenty years, Abeonis eyes welled with tears. But even as those tears poured from his eyes, Abeonis could not help but feel anger for one person – Luke Skywalker.

Luke had allowed Katae-muri to take charge of the assault forces on Praesitlyn, he had allowed her to partake in the battle, and he had left her to the mercy of Darth Adsec. Darth Abeonis vowed that, one way or another, Luke Skywalker would pay for the death of Katae-muri.

As Darth Wyyrlok came into sight, Abeonis stood up, using the Force to ignite his wife's body and taking his wife's lightsaber with him. Walking away from the body towards Wyyrlok, who was standing in silence, Abeonis would, for a brief moment, hear the faint voice of his former wife, echoing through the desert.

I love you, Jasca.

Following the battle, Darth Abeonis withdrew from public life; preferring to keep to himself and not get involved in the war as much. Darth Micail took over Darth Adsec's responsibilities of leading the Sith fleet in Abeonis' name, whilst Darth Wyyrlok held the tattered remains of the Council together. Occasionally, Darth Abeonis would allow his fellow Sith Lords to see him, although he rarely received their news graciously.


Darth Abeonis at the time of his death.

Shortly after the cataclysmic battle of Praesitlyn, Darth Abeonis was told rumors of a Jedi Knight traveling vast distances across the Sith empire. Enraged by the fact that a Jedi was wandering though his empire, Darth Abeonis ordered the Hand Darth Korin to eliminate the Jedi, and when he learned of Darth Krayt's past meetings with Cerras Ki, Abeonis ordered Krayt to assist Korin in his mission.


Following the Sith Crusade and many years of uneasy peace in the galaxy, Darth Abeonis suddenly found himself fighting an enemy he could not possibly hope to defeat: the dark side of the Force.

Ever since his corruption in 43 ABY, Abeonis had been using the Force to support him, and to keep him young, even going so far as to heal all the injuries he sustained during the Sith Crusade. But now, the very thing that had kept him alive for so long was now killing him.

Since the death of Darth Adsec during the latter part of the Sith Crusade, Abeonis had remained without an apprentice, as he had realized that if he stayed without an apprentice, those seeking the position would remain loyal to him. However, by 120 ABY, he realized that his end was near, and that if he didn not take an apprentice soon, civil war would follow his death.

And so, once during that same year, Darth Abeonis publicly announced that he would announce his successor by the end of the year. This brought shouts of jubilation among the populous of the Empire, but fear and worry among his Sith followers, wondering who would become his heir.

They never found out, for two days later he was found dead. The report on his death was "inconclusive", though no-one truly knew if he had died from natural causes—that is the dark side of the Force—or if he had been murdered. There was overwhelming evidence to support both theories, but in the end, it mattered not. Abeonis's failure to name a successor in time led to yet another civil war within the Sith empire, and it would not be until 129 ABY that the Sith Order of Decreto once again had a Dark Lord capable of maintaining the Sith domain.



An Abeonis-class Star Decimator.

Following Abeonis's death, many within the Sith Order of Decreto feared that those who had been subjugated by the Sith would rise up in arms against their suppressors. The outbreak of the Successors War prevented any chance of such revolts happening within the first decade of Abeonis's death, but it would not last for long.

Darth Abeonis's name would, however, continue to hold sway, and create fear amongst his enemies, allies, and the Sith themselves. Numerous warships were created bearing the honorific name of Abeonis-class throughout the remainder of the Sith Order of Decreto's history. One such vessel, created at least one thousand years after his the Dark Lord's death was the Abeonis-class Star Decimator, which was created by the combined efforts of the Infinite Sith Empire and Arnish Weapons Company.

The name Darth Abeonis would also be used for years to come amongst not only the civilian populous of the Galaxy, but the governmental populous as well. Numerous times the Sith Council was reported to have issued orders under the basis that it was "what Abeonis would've done" and this only served to further the Galaxy's fear in the anti-hero.

The name would also be used to serve as a kind of legend, with many reported cases of sightings of the former Dark Lord throughout the galaxy.

Personality and traits

For Ducato, there is nothing more important than loyalty and courage. He is the most loyal man I've ever met, and certainly one of the most courageous. He expects loyalty and courage equal to his own in return, sometimes this is too much however. He will stop at nothing to achieve his aims, and will use anything, or anyone, he needs to succeed.
—Luke Skywalker

As a young boy, Jasca was intelligent, friendly, and nonchalant in his views of life on Taris. He was friendly, but had difficulty in getting along with others, due in part to the high position of his family. Following the cessation of hostilities in 19 ABY between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire, Jasca felt as if he had personally been betrayed by the New Republic, and saw it as his mission to make sure they knew this, an early sign of his confidence in his skills, and in himself. Joining Black Sun, Jasca developed his skills and became even more confident, some would say over-confident, and put his eventual capture down to the incompetence of his associates, rather than his own failings. At the coming of the Jedi, he appeared both helpful and generous, doing all he could to assist them, although this guise was quickly seen through by his discoverer, Luke Skywalker. Skywalker quickly learned that Ducato was also one to carry grudges and was vengeful, and had great difficulty in keeping these two emotions in line. His hatred of being falsely accused, as well as seeing those he deemed innocent being accuses manifested itself in many forms, ranging from the occasional bout of displeasure, to almost destructive displays of his abilities in the Force. However, he was fiercely loyal, doing anything to keep those he chose from harm, at any cost. His only price for this dedication was loyalty in return, a price which many in the Jedi Order saw as worth paying. After only three months in the academy, Jasca had, with help from his fellow students, managed to keep a hold of his darker side.

Jasca’s fear of being betrayed was, arguably, his greatest weakness, leading him to take painstaking detours in many of his life’s decisions to assure his friends loyalties. In many cases, these detours were unnecessary. Because of his fear of losing his friends, he often kept to himself, focusing more and more on his training. During this, however, he grew especially close to Luke Skywalker, considering him a man worthy of his utmost respect. His childhood trait, however, of nonchalantly walking through life often dictated his actions. It often lead him to needlessly risking his life, but his continued survival only served to increase his confidence in his own being.

He was naturally honest and despised lying and deception on a personal level, but came to realize that it was often needed in order to maintain the greater good, a dictate that would later rule his life. His yearning to be respected, as well as cared for, came out in his devotion infatuation to his close friend (and future wife) Katae-muri.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, as his fame grew, he became more and more what was considered by many to be arrogant, and he knew that he was one of the best Jedi of the Order, believing that he could easily best any Jedi or Yuuzhan Vong in battle. This, coupled with his frustration at being pursued by the Yuuzhan Vong, made him bitter and distrustful of many around him, often suspecting betrayal amongst his own ranks. The attempted assassination by the Yuuzhan Vong only served to increase Ducato’s paranoia of the enemy, and greatly contributed to the pro-Human attitude of the Sith Order of Decreto. Arguably however, the greatest contribution to Abeonis's pro-Human attitude and his hatred of the Yuuzhan Vong stemmed from the fact that, because of the Yuuzhan Vong attack on Taris during the Yuuzhan Vong War, Ducato's own people despised the Jedi, and him. Rather ironically, Ducato's hatred for the Yuuzhan Vong, which was fundamental to his fall to the dark side, was also the source of his Sith title — Abeonis — which was taken from the Yuuzhan Vong Abeo Nissa; the vanished dread returned.

Extinction is a way of nature. Weaker species are replaced by Humans.
—Jasca Ducato expressing his views

Early in his life, Abeonis was a rattled man, shaken by his initial introduction to the dark side, his outcast from Tarisian society, and his perceived betrayal by many in the Jedi Order following his capture. His only lifeline in these desperate times was his wife, who often saw Ducato as the victim in the grand scheme.

Ducato was greatly displeased when he was informed that he was being sent to the Unknown Regions, fearing that he had lost the loyalty and respect of his greatest friend, Luke Skywalker. Nothing, not even Skywalker’s own denials, changed his mind. Feeling betrayed and, even more so, disrespected, Ducato took up he title of Darth Abeonis once again, and reasserted his lost nonchalant view on life.

In his later life, Ducato remained supremely confident in his own skills, often seen as over-confident by his associates. However, many realized that Ducato was in reality actually not over-confident, and that he was rightly assured of his skills.

Darth Abeonis was perhaps one of the most infamous sufferers of Power syndrome, and his choice in music reflected his personality.

Powers and abilities

The Force

Darth Abeonis confronts Luke Skywalker.

Jasca is an extraordinarily skilled duelist, Katarn. His mastery of the lightsaber arts is impressive to say the least, like none I’ve seen before. Some of the pupils even say that it matches my own at times.
—Luke Skywalker to Kyle Katarn, 36 ABY

Although his formal training was cut short with the death of his Master during the Yuuzhan Vong War, the future Dark Lord proved himself an extremely capable lightsaber duelist. A master of both Djem So and Vaapad; Ducato would often blend both of these difficult lightsaber forms into a single, highly effective form of combat. These, on top of his mastery of Sokan made Ducato (and later Abeonis) one of the most feared lightsaber duelists in the Jedi Order's history. A fault of the Dark Lord however was his tendency to go on the offensive to much.

His complete mastery of the lightsaber led to the creation of Atra-Manua and his skill was often recognized by Luke Skywalker, particularly after his disappearance in 38 ABY;

Alongside his incredible skill with the lightsaber, Jasca Ducato had a mastery of the Force unseen since the Clone Wars. He often turned the tide of a battle with the wave of a hand and the blink of an eye.

It was known that Abeonis could use Force Push, Force Pull, Force Jump, Force Speed, Force Vision, Battle Meditation, Comprehend Speech, Force Crush, Force Storm, Ghosting, Precognition, and Force Dream. He also had the ability to deflect blaster fire without a lightsaber, control minds, stun opponents, persuade others. Other dark side powers he used were Force Drain, Force Destruction, Force Scream, and Force Rage.

Behind the scenes

Darth Abeonis was created by Star Wars Fanon user Jasca Ducato on June 15, 2006. The article gained much praise from the community. It was elected Article of the Year in the First Wiki awards, and the best Sith character in the Second Wiki Awards, alongside Darth Faust.

The main image used for the Dark Lord was portrayed by the article's creator himself,[1] which he dedicated "many hours of painful editing" towards.[2] Other characters used to portray Abeonis were Antares Draco, Darth Maul, Roan Fel, and Darth Bane.

Abeonis's former name, Jasca Ducato, possibly originated from the author himself.


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