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Darshkére was a male S'kytri Sith Lord.


Under Lakalt

During the New Sith Wars, Darshkére was apprenticed to the Sith Lord Zirist Lakalt. He fought many battles on behalf of his master, including Lakalt's failed invasion of Milagro, where he killed one of Darth Vaszas's Sith Acolytes. Milagro was merely the latest in a string of defeats against Karr Shadeez, the Galactic Republic, and Vedya Gasald, and Lakalt pressed into retreat from his capital at Sullust by the Seventy-Second Republic Battle Group. Darshkére grew tired of his master's repeated failures and engineered a coup, killing Lakalt in a lightsaber duel and seizing control of his empire with the support of many of Lakalt's military and planetary leaders. As the new Sith Lord, Darshkére made his protege, Bregin Bymar, his Sith apprentice, though he had already been training Bregin in secret before killing Lakalt.

Submission and Salvation

Recognizing that he had little better chance of fighting the Seventy-Second than had Lakalt, Darshkére contacted Gasald himself, offering to submit to her command and join his territory to hers in return for anointing as a Sith Lord of the New Sith Empire and military aid. Gasald agreed, and the two joined forces to entrap the Seventy-Second; in the Battle of Eriadu, Gasald brought her fleet and her interdictor cruisers, allowing the two fleets to destroy the Seventy-Second and the Crescentia.

Darshkére joined Gasald aboard the Kiss of Death, where he became her latest lover. The two began planning a series of battles, codenamed Operation Back Door, to forge a path between Darshkére's fortress world of Eriadu and Gasald's territory Rimward on the Corellian Run. Darshkére attended a feast in celebration of the victory at Eriadu, but left early to deal with a security breach at Eriadu that had allowed Narasi Rican to rescue Yan Razam from Docharvee. Gasald sent him a new heavy cruiser, the Triumphant Successor, to serve as his flagship.

Engineering Victory

A Jedi strike team destroyed the Kiss of Death and Gasald was lost in the midst of the larger Battle of Allanteen, and the survivors retreated to Eriadu. Darshkére welcomed them aboard the Triumphant Successor and brought them into a call with Casalea and Fizen Afarizzo so all of Gasald's Sith Lords could determine their next course. After some debate, Darshkére revealed Operation Back Door to them; many Sith supported it, but they realized a single, authoritative Overlord was needed to direct it. The Sith were anxious about approaching Lord Trayvin Osydro for help, and began to consider electing one of their own to the role, at least until the Council of Five could be consulted. Darshkére nominated Besnasc, who declined; Darth Nyewlk'ek responded by nominating Darshkére himself, and after some discussion, the elected him unanimously.

As the Sith went about their assignments, Teyjean asked Darshkére how long he had planned to become Overlord, noting his various manipulations in the meeting. Impressed and intrigued, Darshkére admitted he had begun laying the groundwork the day he was anointed. Far from being repulsed, Teyjean shared her disgust with her colleagues, and appreciated serving someone able to plan ahead and manipulate events. Drafting her cunning into his service, Darshkére set about executing Operation Back Door.

Appearance and Personality

Darshkére stood 2.04 meters tall, and was well-muscled. He had blue skin and eyes, and kept his hair in the usual S'kytri mohawk. He wore a toga on formal occasions, but usually preferred something lighter and more maneuverable.

Darshkére presented a clever, easygoing front to nearly everyone. On occasion, however, he offered glimpses of his true self to a select few—his mastery of the dark side and his willingness to manipulate people and events to his own ends. He believed the dark side would only really empower those who hungered after its power without allowing themselves to become sated.


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