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Darkome was a Force Sensitive Male Human Dark Jedi and Crime Lord. He is also the honorary brother of John Black and Sade Darbs as well as the padawan to Jedi Master Ardan Sateel.

Born about 50 BBY on the planet Stavin. Darkome lived with his father, mother, older sister and younger sister. His father was half Varamite, a scientist and a former army captain, who ran for planetary governor. Several high level governmental and military officials conspired together and falsely accused him of corruption and being involved in a terrorist plot. The Republic didn't do anything, while the planetary senator supported the governmental officials. They ended up assassinating them as they tried to escape, leaving Darkome the sole survivor at the age of 8.

Former Jedi Master Ardan Sateel took him in while he was living on the streets, with his already two students and other orphans, John Black and Sade Darbs. He and four other Jedi masters helped train them in the ways of the Force and the jedi way. They were inducted into the Jedi Order at the age of 13, him and John becoming Padawns to Master Sateel, who also rejoined the order. He and his brother reached knighthood at the age of 20. Sateel had once again left the order, believing he had fulfilled his wish and goal of training the boys.

The three brothers stumbled upon an old Sith Temple, where they learned secrets of the Dark side. While Sade and John stopped using the dark side, Darkome continued to use it to some capacity. John had left and seemingly lied low after disobeying the council and Sade had secretly married a force sensitive politician having a son with her. As the darkside became taking a hold of Darkome, he had accidently killed a Jedi master and her padawan after they discovered him with sith artifacts and using the dark side. He ended up killing several other Jedi knights has the dark side began corrupting mind. He built up a small army and went to the planet where his brother Sade was living with his family. They attacked the village and then dueled with his brother, the battle ending with him killing Sade and then his wife. He retreated and became elusive. His other brother, John, now an unofficial bounty hunter found this out and with the help of the Jedi Order, hunted him down. John and him fought on a remote planet. John ended up winning, shooting him in the shoulder and force pushing him off a cliff, believing he killed him. Darkome survived the fall.


Early Life

Darkome was born 50 BBY on the planet Stavin. His father was a former captain of the Stavin Military turned scientist particularly biology, chemistry and genetics, while his mother was a Doctor who did teaching on the side. His father's father was a Varamite or Enhanced Human, while his father's mother was a quarter varimite. His mother was normal, making Darkome naturally about 30% enhanced, meaning he was stronger, faster, smarter and overall better than the average child his age. He also had a sister who was about five years older. Two years later, they gave birth to another girl.  

About six years later, His father decided to run for governor of Stavin after discovering them polluting several water systems and a secret illegal trade of illegal arms and weapons. Not only that, but he also discovered that the people aware of this and behind this were several Stavin political and military officials, including Commander Almand Deverest, Minister of State Rhon Lank, with the help of several unknown senators in the Republic Senate. His campaign and goal was to stop the population and not only expose the members of the illegal arms dealing, but ban it completely. His completion was the man who would suffer from this ban, Commander Deverest himself. Commander Deverest and the other corrupt high ranking officials banned together and accused him of treason, being corrupt and involved in a terrorist group known as Stavin liberators. The problem was many knew Darkome’s father and knew him as a kind, brave and friendly man with a good heart, disbelieving the rumors. Eventually, Commander Deverest and the others convinced the most of the government and military of this, giving them the choice of either fleeing or staying, where his father and possibly his mother would be arrested, if not killed, and him and his sisters being sent off or executed. His father chose to leave the planet with his family with the help of his father's close friend and a group of smugglers. As they were escaping, Commander Deverest and soldier pursued them. They shot his mother, big sister and his father's close friend, and as his father was helping his little sister their speeder exploded killing them. As Commander Deverest and the soldiers were about to kill him, Darkome officially discovered his force sensitivity when he used the force to telekinetically push them back. He escaped and left on the smuggler ship. They dropped him off on the planet Lothal.  

He spent four months on his own until he was found by former Jedi Master Ardan Sateel and his two adopted students and former Orphans also, Sade Darbs and John Black. He sensed his force sensitivity and saw his potential when he defeated five men three times his size. He took him and sort of adopted him, to train him in the Jedi ways and teach him about the force. 

Jedi Training

Sateel trained them in his own version of what Jedi training should be as well as the way of other force adapt groups mainly the Matukai. He trained them mainly on the planet Ossus and Belsavis, but often traveled to various planets setting up a main home on Ossus. Tunshi trained them on Osadia and other places, quite a few of them being criminal hangouts. Kaireel had trained them on various planets, mainly the Jedi Temple on Syphis and on the planet Rannon. Makudo trained them on Dantoonie. And Ca-Heto trained them at various places as well. They also received some mild training from and went on a few missions with Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

As their main master, Sateel trained them the most. He trained them how to hone their force sensitivity, their martial arts skills and getting their body in great condition. This involved the boys mediating, punching through wooden boards and stone plaques, hitting them with his staff, imbued with the force to increase their resistance and resilience as well as their reflexes and making them go through intense physical training. He made Darkome punch stone plaques and hit him harder, due to Darkome being naturally physically better. He had them spend 12 hours in the freezing cold temperatures of Belsavis, walk barefoot on hot coal, walk on thin poles and get chased by various, large predatory animals. In time they became more intune with the Force, better martial artists and physically better. They learned how to also use regular swords, throw knives, blades and other projectiles, wield staffs, batons and even blasters and slugthrowers. They also learned pressure points to stun, kill, paralyze and cause pain. They've learned to use the force to augment their physical and mental capabilities such as moving and thinking faster, becoming stronger and more resilience.

When Darkome and John were thirteen and Sade fifteen, Sateel tried to get them inducted into the Jedi Order by convincing the Jedi High Council. Jedi Master and Master of the Order, Mace Windu, strongly disagreed with this, claiming the boys were too old to be inducted into the order and have the potential to become dangerous. Grandmaster Yoda was conflicted on them, seeing their potential, but believing they were too old to be inducted into the Order. Sateel had lied and said that he had been training Darkome, John and Sade since they were four. The Council tested them and after privately consulting with one another, decided to let them in, due to their possible potential and previous training by a revered, well respected former Jedi Master, who served on the council at one time. He made an exception that he would be the master to all three boys and return to Jedi Order.

Turn to the Darkside

Clone Wars

Order 66 and Exile


Personality and Traits

Darkome was a jokester and a nightmare, he was funny, insane and menacing all wrapped into one. He was a psychopath and -to some extant a sociopath, who was mentally insane. He would often talk to himself and ramble on. His insanity had also saved him multiple times, because it increases his tolerance to pain as well as his rage, anger and emotional pain, allowing him to seem nearly invincible. In this state, he has been shown to be able to resist force lightning, force based attacks, hard impacts and even blaster fire (non-fatal hits and for a limited time). In his days of as a Jedi he had a dry, sarcastic and was fairly funny, often in a deadpan way. He would often make jokes and was humorous. After his turn to the dark side, he developed a much more constant sense of humour, making jokes and being funny constantly.

His humour side was often used to hide or cover his pain, his anger, his rage and his sadness. He has lost many people in his life, making him a very angry man with a lot of pent up rage.

Powers and Abilities


Darkome was a highly skilled lightsaber duelist being aggressive yet smart, brutish yet elegant. Darkome mainly used Form V or Djen So or Shien, Form VI or Niman and Jar'Kai. His enhanced condition allowed him to deliver strong, powerful blows that can stagger an opponent, fast and swift swipes and quick blocks without the help of the force. Bultar Swan commented that a hit from Darkome, caused her to slide back about 10 feet back. He incorporated a large amount of martial arts into his lightsaber duels. He preferred to use two blades and with enough strength can easily fight multiple opponents and deflect blaster fire better than most Jar'Kai users. He could deflect blaster bolts with just one blade. Darkome has also shown significant skill in Form II or Makashi, Form IVor Ataru. He is also highly skilled at Sun Djem, cutting a blaster in half in less than a second.


Darkome became a genetically altered human, granting him an enhanced superhuman physiology, physically and mentally. He had superhuman strength, speed, durability, senses, agility, stamina, endurance, reflexes, enhanced mental capacity, lung capacity and processing, and regenerative healing. Darkome possessed amazing strength allowing him to lift about 14,000 tons, jump 20 feet and leap 40. He could run about 60-65 mph. His reflexes and agility were also better than a normal human. He could easily dodge blasterfire and attack as well as catch projectiles. He could withstand and survive falls from high heights, hard impacts, force pushes and even a low powered blaster shot. He also possessed regenerative healing factor, which allowed him to heal from injuries faster and more efficiently. He could heal from being cut, slashed, shot and burned in hours to days. He has healed from being claws across the chest by Tunshi in about 4 hours, a blaster shot to the shoulder and gut in about 6 hours, being slashed across the chest in about 8 hours, being stabbed in the abdomen with a sword in about 12 hours and multiple broken bones in less than a day. He can't regrow limbs or vital organs and would die if he was ripped apart or beheaded. His healing made it so that he produced less fatigue toxins, granting him enhanced stamina and making it so he was immune to many diseases. He could also withstand harsh conditions, could hold his breath for 20 minutes to 30, and even last in space for about 10 minutes. Darkome mental capacity was increased, allowing him to be even smarter than before, and for him to process things about 5x faster than an ordinary human. This did come with a weakness. Darkome's senses were enhanced to superhuman levels. He could hear someone whisper from about a kilometer away and sounds the average human could detect. His olfactory system was also enhanced, making his sense of smell far greater than a normal human or most beings. He could smell scents that a normal human couldn't, smell scents from over a mile away and even recognize people based on their scent. His vision is also great. He can see with perfect clarity from a mile away, spotting a pin on someone's clothing and can see in near complete darkness fairly well. The reason why this was a weakness was because bright lights, very loud noises and sonic noises, and strong smells. They would damper his senses and cause great pain as shown when John and several others used a weapon that produce large, powerful sonic blasts that weakened and immobilized Darkome for a while.

Force Powers

Darkome was a powerful force user skilled in the dark side of the force. He was very skilled in various forms of telekinesis. He could use the force to control his lightsaber and knives with a great speed and accuracy. He also had powerful Force Pull, being capable of pulling the air around someone, ripping them apart in the process. He was highly skilled in Force Choke, Force Grip and Force Wounds, using them as interrogation tactics, being able to injure internal organs.

Even with Darkome's physiology, he could still further augment his physical abilities through the Force. He could perform force-jumps and leaps, gaining great distance and height. He could further augment his strength and durability through the force, allowing him to survive blaster fire to some extent. Most of all, he was extremely skilled in Force Dash, having an extremely rare control over it. He could not only sprint at speed that surpass that of the speed of light, but also vibrate his body and phase. He could vibrate so fast, he was capable of becoming intangible, causing things to explode and even vibrate so hard and so fast he could scrabbling somebody's brain and crushing their heart. The interesting thing with this ability is that he doesn't alway uses out of fear that he may feel the effects of it.

Darkome could also use Force Lightning. It wasn't as powerful as some dark siders like Darth Sidious or Darth Tyrannus, it was powerful enough to cause discomfort and short circuit electronics. He also couldn't maintain it for too long. He was skilled at telepathy, being able to read someone's mind and control it. One of Darkome's most impressive powers is force fire or pyrokinesis. Darkome can generate fire and also manipulate it with an incredible degree to the point he can shoot large blasts of fire, breath fire or shoot them as small dart like projectiles. He is also fairly skilled at manipulating the elements like water, earth and air.

As theorized by quite a few as well as confirmed by Darkome himself, one of the main reasons he's able to use telekinesis in combat better than many force users is because his mind is working better and faster, so he can concentrate better and tap into the force.

Other Abilities

"Darkome is the kind of guy who seems like an idiot and a psycho, but let me tell you, he's a complete psychopath and sociopath, but no where near stupid. In fact, he is one of those guys who is 5 steps ahead of you, with four contingency plans and four backups to those contingency plans, all while executing 4 other plans and he is playing a different game."
- Director Diller Wells

Darkome was a martial arts master, one of the best in the Jedi Order and on route to become a Jedi Weapons Master. He also knew various pressure point techniques, pressure points that can stun, paralyze, kill and injure opponents. In fact, Darkome is such a skilled martial artist that he appears more powerful with the force and more skilled with a lightsaber than he really is, seeing how he wins most of his fights by combining martial arts with his superhuman capabilities. Aside from this he was also a skilled marksman. Although he didn't prefer them, he was fairly skilled with blasters. He preferred to use knives and throwing stars much more than blasters and as much as his lightsaber. He could throw several knife with perfect accuracy in less than a second. He was also a very fine and skilled swordsman with both sword and staff.

Despite his insanity, he possesses a incredibly high genius level intellect. He was very knowledgeable in history, astronomy and science, especially chemistry and biology. A bioengineer and him made the serum that enhanced his physical and mental abilities. He is also a tactical genius and strategist, making elaborate, complex, long ranging plans that few can truly and fully figure out.

Behind the Scenes


  • Darkome has been compared to DC comics villain, the Joker due to both being insane psychopaths yet with genius level intellect. They both also known
  • He has also been compared to Khan from Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, due to them both possessing an enhanced/augmented physiology and being geniuses and master strategist, as well as terrorist.
  • Darkome is the only known genetically enhanced force user.
  • Despite proving to be a pretty good pilot, Darkome himself believes that he is a poor pilot and prefers not to fly himself.

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