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Rise of the Empire era

The Dark Side Coven was a dark side organization that was dedicated to gaining control of the Nightsisters and eventually taking control of all of Dathomir. They were created after Shanti Rimia stumbled across of cache of artifacts from the Sith's time on that world. Delving into the records the Sith left behind, Shanti became convinced that while the Nightsisters had a truer understanding of the Dark Side, that there was much to be learned from the Sith and that the Nightsisters could gain much by studying these teaching and embracing off world technology.


Born In Darkness

Assualt on Funeral Peak

Lead by Mother Talzin, a loose confederation of Nightsister clans attacked Funeral Peak and slew most of the members of Shanti's coven.

The Blackest Night

Agents of Dooku

Night Falls on Kashyyyk

In 22 BBY the Coven were dispatched to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk were they sabotaged a critical portion of the planet's power gird in Thikkiiana City. Count Dooku offered the services of the Techno Union for no charge and power was quickly restored. This act gained Separatist supporters on Kashyyyk critical ground though they were unable to fully push the world into the Confederacy. It also allowed Techno Union agents to plant spies, create back doors into key computer systems and learn vital information about key sabotage targets. This information proved critical during the Separatist's invasion of Kashyyyk in 19 BBY.

Hell on Haruun Kal

Grimm Hunters

In 23 BBY the Coven was tasked with finding Darth Grimm's Holocron by Count Dooku at the behest of Darth Sidious.

Clash on The Undying

In 22 BBY the Coven clashed with a Jedi strike force consiting of Master Luminara Unduli, Knights Bultar Swan Jyuria Song and padawans Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano. Interrupting the Coven's search for Darth Scion's holocron, the two groups clashed aboard the wreckage of the ancient Sith warship Undying in the asteroid field that had once been Malachor V.

Battle Royal on Felucia

In 19 BBY the Coven again clashed with the Jedi. Verakan engaged in a brutal duel with Jedi Knight Jyuria Song at the planet's Sarlacc pit.


The Coven preferred to establish bases in places strong in the dark side and then spread out from there. There initial home, Funeral Peak, had been the site of strange funerary rites for centuries before the establishment of the Witches of Dathomir. These rites, believed to be similar to Sith Magic, caused dark side energy to seep into the very mountain itself. By tapping this energy the Coven was able to strengthen itself which allowed them to defend their home from outside attack even when the odds were highly against them. Control Web was a favorite tactic of Coven members when clashing with groups of enemies.

In terms of combat the Coven preferred to fight with and produce Force-imbued weapons. Coven founder Shanti was interested in adding lightsabers to the Coven's arsenal but despite her best efforts finding the needed information to build them eluded her.



As is common on Dathomir, the Coven was organized like a tribe. In the early days Shanti Rimia, the coven's founder naturally filled the role of leader.


Funeral Peak

A remote and forbidding mountain on Dathomir, Funeral Peak was the initial home to the Nightsisters who joined Shanti. It served as both home and fortress to the Coven and they drove off several assaults on the peak by both the Witches and opposing Nightsisters.

Null Castle

Null Castle was a castle located on the planet Null that served as a residence for Count Dooku when he was on planet. Seeking to keep the Coven hidden from the Republic and the Jedi, Dooku allowed them to quarter in the castle when they were not on missions for him.

Behind the scenes

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