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Dark Reach
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143 ABY

Dark Reach, often abbreviated to DR is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts. The game was released in 2015 and is seen as the successor to BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic. While Star Wars Galaxies was shut down when The Old Republic was released, The Old Republic was still playable while Dark Reach was released. The game comes with a guide and a novel to give some additional story.

The game is largerly set in the time before the Infinity War and eventually during the war. Given the discarding of the Expanded Universe, Dark Reach and it's predecessor are the only sources of Legends information still actively releasing information. Dark Reach adds a large amount of content to the Expanded Universe, like it's predecessor, and uses a lot of custom content also taken from the novel and the guide, as well as establishing it's own.

Within the same week of release, the game had one million subscribers, making it a very fast growing game much like it's predecessors. However, the difference in time is assumed to be because the era is largerly unknown, because of a lack of novels and other sources. Given that the novel and the guide are the only ones. It depicts the war between the Federation of Free Planets and Dark Reach, also known as the Infinity War. And much like the game's predecessor, you have the ability to choose your own class and storyline.

Opening crawls

Sith Trooper
The Sith have returned! Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Cyrus has formed a cover for his organization. Age-old enemy of the Chiss, Cyrus has formed out of the remaining independent territories, along with his empire, Dark Reach.

While in official records, it is labeled an organization which seeks to improve it's profit, it is in reality an organization founded to bring down the Galactic Alliance Remnant, and it's successor, the Federation of Free Planets.

In preparation of war, Cyrus assembles all resources available to him, mostly Chiss, Yevethan, Sith and Predecessors. While the Federation of Free Planets is left unsuspecting, the forces of the Dark Side grow every day....
Sith Officer
All troops assemble! Sith forces from all across the galaxy are tasked with rallying on the ancient Sith world of Korriban. Many of Dark Reach's client species have brought military aid.

While the Federation is in struggle of recovering from the loss of their leader, Dark Reach prepares to go to war with the Federation using the independent governments which remain in the galaxy.

Forces of the Chiss, the Predecessors, the Sith and the Yevetha rally on Korriban and Xelos V, the military and political capital of Dark Reach, to prepare for war....
Sith Warrior
Continuing the legacy created by many of Cyrus' predecessecors, he enlisted the Sith once again into the empire, with about one-third of his empire composed of Sith.

Sith Warriors rally on Xelos V, the political capital of the Sith, and are soon deployed to the battlefields of war, joined by Imperial forces.

Sith of varrying species are recruited by darth Cyrus, ranging from Chiss to Yevetha and Predecessors, all having the ability to control the force, and fight the Federation...
Federation Trooper
In anxiety of war with the Yevetha, all troops are assembled by Gar Stazi. Many troops are tasked with accompanying Gar Stazi to the staging point of peace talks with the Yevetha, however to an unexpected result.

Gar Stazi is assassinated! The Yevethan peace talks have failed, and Gar Stazi died over Coruscant due to a trap by Kai Spaar. The Alliance Remnant is in turmoil, and an emergency session is held in the Senate.

The majority voted for a reformation of the fact, with a new leader, and a new title. The faction, much like the former Galactic Republic, will be led by a Chancellor, unlike it's predecessors....
Federation Marine
The Koornacht Cluster at war! The Yevetha have launched a campaign to recapture their former territories in the Koornacht Cluster, owned formerly by the Duskhan League. 

The conclusion of the war brought unwanted results, for Gar Stazi was assassinated over Coruscant, and the Remnant chose to reform into a new organization, the Federation of Free Planets.

While the Alliance Remnant labeled the incident as pirates, the Federation dispatched secret forces to the Koornacht cluster to find out what the Yevetha are planning....
Jedi Knight
The Jedi of the New Jedi Order ultimately back the Federation in the recently-started combat between the Federation and the Yevetha, sending their own Knights to help them in battle.

The Jedi, even though lacking many Jedi since the recent war, joined forces with the Federation once more to create peace within the galaxy.

Jedi forces are sent to meet with Federation forces to discuss a strategy against this newly-arisen threat of the Yevetha, but the war they decided on has brought unwanted results....

Plot summary


The Yevetha have gone a conquest in recapturing their former territories against the oppressing Galactic Alliance Remnant, which has taken control of many of their worlds, including N'zoth, in retaliation to the Black Fleet Crisis. Many troopers of the Galactic Alliance Remnant take part in the peace talks with the Yevetha for security. The inevitable happens, expectly, and a battle breaks out between the Yevetha and the forces of Gar Stazi. Gar Stazi's forces are immediately sent to evacuate, while Stazi and his captain defend off against the enemy forces.

The incident over Coruscant causes the Remnant to go into distress, facing large problems due to the assassination of their leader. An emergency session is held in the Galactic Alliance Senate representing the current situation. A vote is held of whether to reorganize the faction, or appoint a new leader. A large portion of the senate votes to reform, and the faction is essentially turned into the Federation of Free Planets, which becomes the successor of the organization. Federation marines and troops served on the frontlines during the war against the Yevetha, with only few escaping. The Yevethan cluster is blockaded by the naval forces of the Federation.

Sith troops invade neutral systems within Dark Reach, joint with Chiss and Predecessor forces, Dark Reach is expanding to the unbeknownst of the Federation, which labeled them as a profit-making company, much like the Corporate Sector Authority. Dark Reach tasks the Chiss Ascendancy with aiding them military-wise, but largerly with rebuilding the Infinity Gun. The Predecessors and the Yevetha on the other hand are tasked with full military support, and, in this process, the Yevetha managed to assassinate the leader of the Galactic Alliance Remnant. All military forces are requested to assemble at Korriban, the military capital of the organization, including Sith officers.

On Xelos V, Sith Warriors gather given order by Darth Cyrus, leader of Dark Reach. Many, ranging from Chiss to Predecessors have sent military aid and support to join the war, and even the Yevetha spared troops to join. Dark Reach was ready for war, with thousands of Sith troopers, officers and warriors at it's disposal, the time for war had come, and the Infinity War had started with the invasion of Kashyyyk, where a squadron of Sith and Imperials worked together to fight defenses of the Federation.

Jedi Knights of the New Jedi Order prepare to meet with forces of the Federation near Galantos, a planet recently annexed by the newly-formed Yevethan Empire. The Yevetha, troubled by the presence of Jedi and Federation troops in orbit of their planet, engage them in battle, but soon learn that this was an error, as soon the battle for Galantos starts between forces of the Yevetha and the Federation.


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