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Dark Reach was the name given to an alliance of independent galactic factions opposed to the Federation of Free Planets. The coalition grew from the alliance between the Sith Lord Darth Cyrus Sith Empire, and Darama Kai Spaar's Yevethan Empire. The alliance officially materialised in 143 ABY, with the entry of the Aradan Sectorate, the Chiss Ascendancy and a number of other factions into the pact.

Two years later, in 145 ABY, Dark Reach began a war with the Federation of Free Planets, albeit direct conflicts had begun before that. The war began with an outdrawn siege of Kashyyyk, during which Dark Reach attacked a number of high priority targets in order to cripple the Federation, including Coruscant and Cybe.

With the intrusion of the Imperial Confederation, Dark Reach was suddenly forced to fight a two-front war. Darth Cyrus had not anticipated this, and called for a progressive withdrawal in an effort to consolidate forces. However, with the fall of Xelos V and the Predecessor strikes on many of Dark Reach's members, the alliance was dissolved.


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