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New Republic era

The Dark Order of Korr was formed from the Disciples of Ragnos and its Imperial Remnant forces after the death of its leader, Tavion Axmis. Tavion, a Dark Jedi, had gained the support of a faction of the Imperial Remnant, and conceived of a plot to resurrect an ancient Sith Lord known as Marka Ragnos, who would then lead them to dominance of the Galaxy. This process required the use of a dark side artifact known as the Scepter of Ragnos to siphon force energy from various locations of high force-sensitivity. Once enough energy had been gained, it could then be concentrated onto a subject's remains, regenerating their cells and returning him or her to life.

While she was attempting to effect the Sith Lord's resurrection on Korriban, Tavion was killed by fallen Jedi Jaden Korr. After ensuring his position of command via the execution of the officers who refused to follow him, Jaden reformed the Cult into a new Order, which was in reality little more than a name change. Dominated by his desire for power over others, Jaden's ultimate goal was to destroy the New Republic and take the place that Palpatine's Empire had years earlier as the dominant force in the galaxy, ruling with an iron fist.



The Disciples of Ragnos were a Sith cult who worshipped the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos. Composed of Dark Jedi and supported by the Imperial Remnant, the Cultists traveled throughout the galaxy, using the Scepter of Ragnos to drain the force energy from numerous sites, usually places which had dark side auras.

Despite interference from the New Jedi Order, most notably Jaden Korr, the Cult's leader, Tavion, succeeded in collecting enough force energy to achieve her goal, while Imperial military forces distracted the New Republic from turning the full force of its fleet and armies against the Cult. She then traveled to Korriban, accompanied by an assortment of Cultists and Imperials. The Jedi, having discovered her intentions, dispatched a small army of Jedi to Korriban in a desperate attempt to prevent Ragnos' return, beginning the Battle of Korriban.

During the battle, Jaden Korr arrived, having turned to the dark side on Taspir III. Driven by his blind hatred, he planned to kill Tavion and take the scepter from her. Jaden fought his way through the Valley of the Dark Lords to Ragnos' tomb, where Tavion was beginning the resurrection process. After she refused to turn over the scepter, Jaden fought and killed the Dark Jedi. Following a second battle, this time with his former master Kyle Katarn, Jaden escaped with the scepter. He then traveled to the Star Destroyer Dark Hand above the planet, took command, and fled, avoiding a group of en route Republic capital ships. While on the way to an Imperial outpost at Thule, Korr found a supposed Dark Jedi on his ship, who claimed that he wished to join him in his quest for power. Jaden accepted the man into his soon to be founded order, not knowing that he was Darth Persia, the Dark Lord of the Sith. Persia had learned of Jaden's plans, and saw an opportunity to gain power for himself. Persia would stay in Korr's organization, waiting for the correct time to kill Jaden and take over his forces.

Jaden's fleet regrouped itself at Thule, and the Cult was renamed to the Dark Order of Korr. Korr ensured his position as leader, mostly via the execution of anyone who spoke against his new rule, and began plans for conquering the New Republic.

The Dark Order War Begins

Jaden's flagship, the Dark Hand enters the Yavin system.

Jaden began what became known as the Dark Order War when he personally led an attack against the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. The battle's intent was to discourage the Jedi by killing, wounding, and capturing as many of their members as possible. This attack was also carried out partly in order to stall any attempts by the Jedi to send one of their own to capture the aspiring Dark Jedi. The small task force, transported by a single Star Destroyer, deployed a regiment of stormtroopers and some accompanying walkers.

Despite heavy infantry casualties, the Imperials managed to inflict significant damage on the Jedi ranks and captured various students, who would later be interrogated and turned to the dark side. Although most of the future Dark Jedi would not be particularly significant in the war to come, Jaden Korr insisted on the capture of as many Jedi Padawans as possible. One of the Jedi captured during the fighting was Jorus Kuun, a male Kel Dor who would change course of the war years later.

The Kuat Disaster

The Dark Order's fleet advances on Kuat.

Following the raid on the Jedi Praxeum, Jaden realized that his fleet was inadequately equipped and too few in numbers to face the New Republic for very long. Using the Hydian Way trade route, Jaden took his fleet to Kuat and captured the Orbital Shipyard Array, where many Imperial warships were already under construction. The New Republic presence in the area was weak and easily eradicated. Korr's Imperial ships underwent repairs at the system and construction of the vessels which were already at the yards was resumed. Over the course of seven weeks, Jaden drew heavily on the reserves of the Shipyard Array, which allowed completion of the unfinished starships in a small timespan. After a vessel was completed, it was immediately sent to Imperial territory to reinforce weak defenses.

To replenish the resources of the shipyard, three convoys of supplies were ordered to the shipyards. Although the majority of the supplies arrived despite interception by Republic forces, Jaden soon realized that the Kuat system was virtually surrounded by hostile factions of the Imperial Remnant as well as the New Republic, which he suspected was already preparing a full retaliatory force. Taking advice from one of his generals, Korr secretly had his secretly men place explosives around the entire Shipyard Array, which would ensure that the system's most important asset would never be able to be used by the Republic. In the battle which followed shortly after, the Imperial fleet was routed and the explosives were activated, destroying the entire Array. This catastrophe, in which billions of credits' worth of property was destroyed, became known as the Kuat Disaster. While it was a severe blow to Kuat Drive Yards and the economy itself, the Dark Order had gained a substantial amount of vessels and equipment while the shipyards were under its control. Following this boost in fleet capabilities, the Dark Order would continue the war with a much stronger military force.

Leadership Issues

One of the highest-ranking generals in the Dark Order was General Persia, secretly the Dark Lord of the Sith. Persia had been a military commander in Jaden's forces from the start and gained more and more power as he continued his impressive victories. Persia led a successful campaign into New Republic territory, capturing most of Bothan Space with three stunning victories. This brought the Sith Lord much influence over the other generals and commanders. Jaden was worried by this, having always suspected that one of his generals would eventually become too powerful.

Imperial stormtroopers under Jaden's command on Ryloth.

Despite the fact that Jaden was the nominal head of the Order, in reality he never gained much more than a begrudging respect from his immediate underlings. Although powerful, the Order was only loosely organized and the reality of the matter was that Jaden did little more than keep his various commanders fighting external enemies rather than each other. This lack of central leadership led to rifts and poor coordination between his forces on a galaxy wide scale. Some, like Persia, pursued campaigns against the Republic, while other commanders followed their own campaigns against rival Imperial factions with varied success. Likewise, Jaden went on with his own plans of attack on strategic targets, sometimes making grave tactical errors such as was the case with the Skirmish on Ryloth, where a group of stormtroopers as well as a dedicated team of commandos were all lost. As such, Jaden was mostly a figurehead and never reached more than mild prominence among the populace that he "ruled". Additionally, Jaden was unnerved by the fact that one of his Order's most promising force-wielders, Jorus Kuun, was usually participating in missions and battles alongside Persia, who was building a reputation as an ambitious and lethally able commander. Jorus was also receiving training under Persia, in addition to the lessons taught by the other instructors. Jaden was worried that this duo represented a block of power that could be a threat to his already precarious hold on the Order.

He attempted to regain his supporters' confidence through an ambitious campaign, code-named Operation Dark Disease. The Operation was based around severely harming the Republic's economy and morale through the deployment of Dark troopers on heavily populated planets. The campaign was an initial success, but the rapid failure of the campaign lost him even more favor with the military establishment and his own followers. As the war went on, Jaden's obvious motives and conventional attacks were eclipsed by Persia's well-planned victories, which placed doubt in Jaden's supporters, while at the same time solidifying the confidence that Persia's supporters had in his eventual ascendancy.

Jaden's Fall

The Super Star Destroyer Persia orbits Bakura, where Jaden met his destiny.

The time of Jaden's leadership would soon end in the year 15 ABY, when Darth Persia finally betrayed him, having decided that the Order had gained enough forces for him to adequately rule without Korr's interference. During the Second Battle of Bakura, Persia, who was coordinating the defense against a New Republic fleet, sent Darth Imperious to the planet's surface, where Jaden was at the time of the battle.

Imperious engaged Korr and Jedi Master Kyle Katarn in a lightsaber duel. Katarn, Jaden's former master, had traveled there to capture or kill the Dark Jedi. During the battle, Jaden incapacitated Imperious, cut his arm off, and turned his attention to Katarn. Meanwhile above the planet, Darth Persia could not sense Imperious in the force due to his incapacitation. Thinking his apprentice dead and fearing Jaden's escape, the Sith ordered a Base Delta Zero, which consisted of bombarding and eventually destroying the surface of a planet. Because of the fleet's loyalty to Persia and lack of respect for Jaden, the order was carried out with little hesitation.

Jaden and Kyle were dueling at the top of a cliff as the bombardment began. Kyle managed to escape, but Jaden, trapped with no transportation, was killed in the bombardment. After Jaden's death, Imperious revealed to his master that he managed to regain consciousness and escaped the planet's surface with the Scepter of Ragnos, which Jaden had lost during his battle with Katarn. Imperious presented it to Persia, who decided that since it "seemed to carry misfortune for its owners", would keep the artifact in his quarters until he could fathom a use for it. Once word of Jaden's death was revealed to the rest of the Order, the last of his supporters fled to Eriadu, the Dark Order's main industrial planet. Darth Persia and Imperious led a fleet to Eriadu personally to capture the planet. Following a total military victory, Darth Imperious' troops broke into the main citadel and killed the loyalist leaders in a firefight, ending the last remnants of the Dark Order of Korr. After the victory on Eriadu, the Order was officially reformed into the Greater Sith Empire, which would continue to battle the New Republic, but with much greater coordination and success than before.

The Order's Forces

Two Imperial Stormtroopers.

Stormtroopers & Other Imperial Forces

The Imperial Remnant supplied the Dark Order of Korr with stormtroopers, starships, bases, and vehicles to fuel his war against the Republic. Most of the Imperial personnel was composed of members of the Imperial 901st Legion, a less than reputable stormtrooper division. The military successes of the Order were mostly due to the tactical capabilities of its commanders, rather than the effectiveness of the soldiers. This is somewhat impressive, considering the weakened state of the Imperial Remnant.

Dark Side Adepts

Shortly after the Third Battle of the Jedi Praxeum, the Dark Order discovered a cache of Shadowtrooper armor hidden near an Imperial outpost on Thule. Jaden, dissatisfied with the lack of protection that his force-wielders had, distributed the limited amount of suits throughout his organization, typically to the higher-ranking Dark Jedi and more promising students, such as Jorus Kuun. The newly recruited force-wielders in Jaden's Order, such as Jedi apprentices captured from Yavin, were sent into the underground caverns of Thule for survival training. Those who managed to live through the dangers and hardships were allowed to serve in the Order. Jaden's Dark Jedi were often granted commanding ranks in the fleet and army, much to the dismay of many of the more legitimate officers.

Other Dark Jedi include former members of Tavion's Cult, as well as a handful of Jedi who had been captured and turned to the dark side. Regardless, the Order never attracted many Dark Jedi, and the vast majority of the non-masters were poorly trained. Despite this, Jaden insisted on making his acolytes among the highest-ranking members of his military forces, leading to a greater number of his commanders having little or no command ability. This contributed to the overall weakness of leadership the Order often experienced in its short life.

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