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The Dark Moon organization was an underworld syndicate that operated outside the law, often in illegal activities. It originated as nothing more than a league of bounty hunters who took up contracts and pooled resources. Eventually, it grew into an immense organization that spanned the entire galaxy and fought for supremacy with the Black Sun crime syndicate. The Dark Moon usually refrained from overt action against visible individuals or targets; instead, it operated in behind-the-scenes manipulation of supply lines, destruction of trade terminals or beacons, and the periodic kidnapping. Many of its members were frequent contacts for Judicial Forces agents, and many Dark Moon bounty hunters covertly offered their services for Republic bounties. For many years the organization was run by the Duros Sans Venret, who "retired" from the syndicate 703 BBY. The Duros had a longstanding relationship with Governmental Investigative Network Director Pelmar Aiden, which was believed to have been spawned from Aiden's years in as a bounty hunter. As a result, when the Dark Moon was implicated as a co-conspirator in the Seswenna Security Crisis, Aiden spoke directly with Venret through backdoor channels rather than via his agents.


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