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"The Sith will rise again!"

— Lady Raana

Dark Lady Raana, previously known as simply Raana, is a a Force-sensitive female Twi'lek, living in the times past the Legacy Era.


Early life and training

Raana comes from a noble Force-sensitive family that has ties to the Sith. She was taken into Sith training, and specialized in Force usage, manipulation, and Sith Magic. After graduating, she achieved the rank of Dark Lady, and joined the Sith, and the Imperial Remnant, in fighting the Jedi.

Later adventures

At some point, she met a former Imperial general, who decided to bring the Empire to its former glory by assuming command. He started a rebuilding effort, and employed Raana with a series of missions. Her employment with the General was short-lived however, as he was overthrown by the Sith. The new status quo did not satisfy Raana one bit, as she herself planed to overthrow the General. Thus she boarded her ship - The Patricia Kaas - and left Sith space.

Raana assassination

Raana in the sniper-sight

After some time traveling the Galaxy, she found herself in the Anoat Sector, where an Imperial Officer came in contact. He promised allegiance, but requested a personal meeting in Lando's Square, on Bespin. The meeting turned out to be an assassination attempt - Raana was to be shot by a sniper. The assassin failed to shoot her, however, as she sensed the oncoming shot and used one of her bodyguards to shield herself. The sniper fled the scene, as he failed his assignment. Raana returned to her ship and began contemplating as to who would want to eliminate her.

Personality and traits

During her time as a Sith apprentice, Raana learned a lot about manipulation, deception and betrayal. One of her role-models was Darth Traya - a Sith Lady that's lived during the times of the Old Republic. It was Traya's example that pushed her to study psychology, culturology, and to specialize on the Force.

As a person, Raana is self-reliant and manipulative - as demonstrated when dealing with the Imperial General-turned-Emperor. She sees the Sith as the only rulers of the Empire, and considers fear to be a tool, rather than a hindrance. She easily faints simple-mindedness if required, and is highly critical of her allies' weaknesses.

Powers and abilities


Lady Raana channeling her anger

As a Force user, she specializes in Dark Side powers, namely: Choke, Lightning, and Drain, as well as the more common Force powers such as Push, Jump, Saber Throw, etc. She also employs the technique of anger channeling, taught specifically to Sith Warriors. Being a Sorceress, she does not pay as much attention to lightsaber combat, and only has basic knowledge of saber offense; her defensive skills are greater however. She practices Shien, Makashi, and Niman.


Lady Raana's Lightsaber
Production information








  • Unknown
  • Lady Raana
  • Hurrikanie (focus)
  • Kasha (primary)
  • Lorrdian (secondary)
Blade color


Physical and technical specifications
Hilt shape


Hilt length

25.00 centimeters

Hilt material
  • Alloy metal
  • Electrum
  • Quartz
Blade type


Blade length

32.00 centimeters

Usage and history
  • Combat
  • Intimidation
  • Status

Post-legacy Era




Coming from a noble family, Raana has no difficulties in acquiring expensive or rare materials for her attire, combining them for both functionality and impression. Her everyday outfit consists of a pair of knee-high boots, skin-tight pants, long-sleeved gloves, and a corset, all made of Spacers Leather. Additional protection is provided by gold-trimmed Cortosis armoring, namely the plackart and the gorget. The arm-armor is said to have been part of Galak Fyyar's Shadowtrooper armor. The flaps are made of gray Cyrene silk.


Initially, the lightsaber was gifted to her by her parents. Where they got it from is unclear, although it is said to have belonged to a friend of the family. It came with a Hurrikaine crystal as a focus, later Raana added a Kasha crystal and a Lorrdian gemstone.

Behind the scenes

Lady Raana was accidentally created as a Sith character for a Jedi Academy clan.

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