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The Dark Jedi Order was an informal organization of Dark Jedi formed in the years between Darth Vorath's death and the Glorian invasion. Based on Dromund Kaas, its primary purpose was to help keep the balance of the Force in check, which had become disrupted due to the disturbance caused by Waru's increased presence. After the Glorian War ended and Waru was banished into another dimension, the Dark Jedi promptly disbanded.



The Dark Jedi Order was established around 28 ABY by Toah Jarsan II, a clone of the Jedi Knight Toah Jarsan. After helping his template defeat their corrupted father Aron Jarsan, the clone Toah had set out to find his purpose in life. While on Belderone, he met an old Firrerreo by the name of Hethrir. Hethrir had once been the ruler of the Empire Reborn until his mind was broken by Darth Vorath, leading to the dissolvement of his domain. Having come to Belderone to recuperate, Hethrir told the clone Toah of Crseih Station and the entity it held, Waru. While initially Waru had been a benevolent healer, at some point the entity began to have aspirations for conquest and was seeking to rebuild the Star Forge to enact his dominance.

Realizing that the balance of the Force was in danger due to Waru's increasing presence, the clone Toah set out to establish an order of dark siders to maintain said balance, as well as to prevent Waru's Glorians from rebuilding the Star Forge. To this end, he set out to find the five Star Maps which led to the Star Forge's location — one of which he had already found on Dantooine — and to find four other individuals that would help him defend the other four maps.

The Revanchists

The first of these Revanchists was a man from Tatooine by the name of Kaden Rand. A former student of the New Jedi Order, Rand had returned to Tatooine to live with his family, only to lose his wife and children to the Sand People. Left without cause, Rand agreed to join the Revanchist's order and became the Revanchist of Tatooine.

The next Revanchist to be selected by Lysira Naris, a former acolyte of Vorath's Sith. The clone Toah had sought her and other former Sith acolytes in the hopes of preventing them from rebuilding their order and standing in opposition to his efforts, especially since the remnants of Vorath's Sith had begun to increase their efforts against the Galactic Alliance under Lord Jerec. To the clone's relief, Naris agreed to join his order and become the Revanchist of Kashyyyk, disguising herself as an Alliance officer to maintain her cover.

The third Revanchist was a woman from Kegan named C-Tra Murik. While Murik had minor Force-sensitivity, her fifteen years of being an explorer lent her skills that were ideal in underwater settings, leading her to be assigned to the aquatic world of Manaan.

The final Revanchist was another former Sith known only as Avner. A member of the Order of Revan cult, Avner had infiltrated Vorath's Sith to implant false memories into the Dark Lord, leading Vorath to believe that Toah was in fact descended from Revan. Since the collapse of Vorath's empire, Avner was an outcast among the Sith, living among Darth Scythe's remnant on Korriban. Figuring he would need someone to keep an eye on Scythe's faction, the clone Toah made Avner the Revanchist of Korriban.

After the five Revanchists had been established, the clone Toah went on to recruit others into his order, including Jedi Masters Viron and Mar Voran.

The Glorian War

In 35 ABY, the Dark Jedi were put to the test when the Glorians finally made their move. Seeking out the Star Maps, the Glorians infiltrated the five worlds associated with them and came into conflict with the Revanchists. While Toah II, Rand, and Naris succeeded at keeping them at bay, Murik met her end on Manaan while Avner was discovered and murdered by the Sith shortly before Korriban was abducted by the Glorians. In time, despite the Dark Jedi's best efforts, the Glorians had the resources necessary to rebuild the Star Forge.

As the Glorian War proceeded to rage across the galaxy, the Revanchists realized that an alliance with the New Jedi Order was necessary in order to prevent Waru from further disrupting the Force. While the two Jedi Orders worked together to find the Star Forge, the Revanchist and Grand Master Xanus Baran were captured by the Glorians and taken to Crseih Station, where Waru was being held. There, the Glorians began the final stage of their plan, transferring Waru's soul into Baran's body and rebuilding the Staff of Valtheran to summon its primordial namesake. The clone Toah attempted to stop them only for Waru to transfer his consciousness into him, trapping the Revanchist in his own body with Baran.


After the Glorian War ended with Waru's defeat, the Jedi returned to Crseih Station and collectively liberated the Revanchist and Baran's spirits, allowing them to become one with the Force. Their purpose fulfilled, the Dark Jedi Order disbanded and went their separate ways. Some such as Rand rejoined the Jedi Order while others such as Naris began a secret Sith order to continue the Dark Jedi's original purpose in the event that Waru — or a being like him — returned to threaten the galaxy.

Behind the scenes

The four Revanchists outside of Toah Jarsan II have names derived or correlated to video game protagonists that had optional genders:

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