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The Dark Empire of Raging Droids, or the Dark Empire of Droids, also known as the Dark Empire, or even shortened to the Empire, was a lone empire created by one man who once worked as a plain droid factory worker for the Galactic Republic. Upon the formation of the Galactic Federal Society, the man desperately left the Republic for a better, brander faction, in which where he would be fully respected; thus, he slowly put together a new faction he named the Dark Empire, in the purpose of spreading fear and menace to the galactic community. As the name truly states, the Empire's civillization was completely composed of millions of droids, either rogue ones, or new ones designed by its Emperor, by the start of the Republic's cloning project for a clone army. In the Second Clone Wars, the Empire was one of the two factions opposing the Republic, first being involved in the Battle of Arcoha. In the end, both the Empire and the Society lost to the Galactic Republic, which was overtook by a dark Sith Lord.

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