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The Dark Empire was a government founded by the One Sith Order and the Imperial factions of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate. It was named after the Dark Empire of the reborn Emperor Palpatine that existed nearly two centuries ago. Led by the Emperor, Johan Fel, the Dark Empire went to war with the Triumvirate, which was reformed into the Alliance of Free Worlds out of the Galactic Alliance Remnant and New Jedi Order factions. The conflict became known as the Triumvirate Civil War. The One Sith eventually intended to overthrow Fel and put one of their own as Emperor.

The Empire had a government similar to the Galactic Empire. The head of state was an Emperor, while the head of government was a Grand Vizier. The Emperor held the real power, and the Grand Vizier was essentially a personal assistant, though also wielded much power. As the majority of the galaxy came under Sith control, they thought about renaming the government to the Galactic Empire, though that idea never formulated due to the Sith being highly against it, preferring the name Dark Empire for obvious reasons. The groups of Sith that formed the Exiled Sith, the remnants of Darth Krayt's One Sith, were often arguing with each other, causing several problems in the functioning of the state.



In 251 ABY, a Triumvir and the Chief of State of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, Johan Fel, became obsessed with the Galactic Empire after reading about it in old Imperial records. Around that time, he began making contact with the One Sith Order, which fled the galaxy after their defeat in the Second Imperial Civil War. Thinking that the Empire deserved to be more than just a semi-autonomous state and should rule the galaxy, he attempted to commit a coup against the other two Triumvirs, the representatives of the Galactic Alliance Remnant and the New Jedi Order. However, it was prevented by Triumvirate Intelligence and Fel was forced to flee into the Unknown Regions. However the other Triumviri died killed by Darth Mellik, the One Sith.[1]

So he tried a coup, trying to stop the elections of new Triumviri, but his plan was discovered by Triumvirate Intelligence. Fel saved himself from being killed by security forces and fled away from Coruscant. Then, he met up with the Sith remnants, which had been preparing for war against the Triumvirate, and had already taken Kamino long ago in the aftermath of the Civil War. There they began production of dark clones, soldiers that served them to the death. Fel was crowned Emperor, and the Datk Empire was created. He called on the Imperial elements in the Triumvirate to join him, which formed the majority of the Triumvirate Military. Billions of troops went to Wild Space, where they gathered above Kamino. There, the Dark Empire was declared. In 252 ABY, the Triumvirate Civil War began.

Taking control

Imperial excursions

The early excursions of the Imperial military into the Outer Rim and other regions.

The Dark Empire swept through the outer and inner sectors of the Outer Rim territories quickly, capturing large swaths of territory before the Triumvirate, which was reformed into the Alliance of Free Worlds, realized what was happening. The Alliance military, confused and in complete disarray (many units have not even known that the Triumvirate was reformed into the Alliance) lost a lot of ground to the Empire in the first months of the war. Emperor Fel himself traveled into former Imperial Remnant space, to his homeworld of Bastion, aboard the Maelstrom, his flagship, an Eclipse-class Star Dreadnaught. The planet joined him willingly, out of either loyalty to his cause or fear of the Maelstrom, which was one of the largest and most effective warships in existence even though the design was over two centuries old.

The Empire continued its push towards the Core upon securing most of the Outer Rim Territories, and captured many factories and shipyards on the way. With the dark clones and the billions, if not trillions, of regular recruits, the Imperial military became a very strong war machine very quickly. The Alliance began steadily falling back towards Coruscant, which was the ultimate objective of the Military Executor (commander-in-chief of the military), Makos Velkor. The Alliance scored several minor victories but was still being pushed back by 253 ABY.

Government and politics


The Dark Empire controlled a vast military, with two main branches: the Imperial Army and the Imperial Navy. The organization was very similar to that of the old Galactic Empire's military, though the Dark Empire possessed much more advanced technology. The military was made up of both normal recruits of different species and dark clones, soldiers created on Kamino specifically for combat. Infantry used stormtrooper armor, which was still some of the best combat armor available. The Sith acted as commanders in the military, and many commanded fleets, however, regular non-Sith generals and admirals ran the majority of the operations.

It fielded a large fleet of various warships, including the massive Eclipse-class Star Dreadnaught. Other vessels included the Pellaeon II-class Star Destroyer, Devastator-class Star Destroyer, Minsk-class heavy cruiser, and the Alpha-class DX-10 troop transport. Some starfighter classes included Deception-class interceptor and the Subjugator-class starfighter. One advanced experimental fighter was the TIE/Ty Typhoon starfighter. The flagship of the Navy was the Maelstrom.


The Dark Empire conquered most of the Outer Rim, as well as large portions of the other galactic regions, within the early months of the war. Over the course of the conflict, in came into control of Coruscant, and afterwards, the rest of the galaxy. However, their enemy, the Alliance of Free Worlds, was able to take a significant amount of planets from the Empire.

Behind the scenes

The Dark Empire was created for Project New Galactic Wars after brainstorming by users Беркут ("Berkut") and Thimm Noruodo (Admiral mike501). It was based off of the Dark Empire of the reborn Palpatine, due to both Berkut's liking of that government and to make the conflict seem like another Galactic Civil War.


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