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The difference between other Sith Orders and these guys is that they don't desire to control anything. All they want to do is cause chaos, or as they call it "change"
— Gillian, explaining the Dark Cabal's purpose
The Dark Cabal, is a Sith Cult founded sometime ago by Darth Arma, who was one of the first Sith Lords. They are highly organized and loyal to Darth Arma, many members revering him as a god. Unlike other Sith Orders, the Dark Cabal does not seek conquest and control of the Galaxy, but rather manipulate it from the shadows, under the belief that from chaos and war, comes change and evolution, which Arma developed from his training with his Master, Ajunta Pall.


Though the exact date when the Dark Cabal was officially founded is unknown, it originally began back when Bavok became a Sith Lord. After the passing of many of his fellow Exiles, Bavok eventually retreated to the seventh moon of Korriban, building a citadel within the mountains, where he would remain in isolation most of the time, researching more about the Dark Side, and creating new experiments and techniques. Among the other occupants in his home were Sith slaves, as well as many Massassi warriors under his command, Kissai who assisted in his experiments, and Zuguruks, who helped maintain his fortress palace. Others were minor Sith Lords, who would sometimes come to Bavok for wisdom, or stayed within the citadel for further training in the dark arts.


The Dark Cabal does not follow the Rule of Two, as Darth Arma had lived long before it was created. The title Darth is bestowed onto those that have completed their training and gained full approval from Arma himself. Once that is done, the Sith Lords teach their own apprentices, Sith Acolytes, so they too may become useful to the Cabal. However, all acolytes must be tested and bestowed the title of Sith Lord by Arma himself, even if he did not personally trained them.

Along with being recognized as a Sith Lord, those who gained the position are more privy to the organization's plans. Many times members are given certain roles and tasks, such as infiltrating governments, the military of various worlds, businesses and even the criminal underworld too. Acolytes would sometimes accompany them, under the guise as assistants, enforcers or other positions where they would be near their master and help with their operations.

Council of Twelve

Armed Forces

The primary forces of the Dark Cabal are the Massassi, the ancient Sith subspecies that served the Sith Empire of old as warriors. These Massassi warriors are clones created from Bavok's old forces, empowered by the combination of both ancient dark alchemy of the Sith and cybernetics. The warriors all wear onyx black and crimson red armor and are armed with a variety of blasters, such as the E-11 carbine, A280 blaster rifle, E-11 blaster rifle, DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, DLT-19x targeting blaster, E-Web repeating blaster, FC-1 flechette launcher, DLT-20A blaster rifle, DH-17 blaster pistol, and the DH-17 blaster rifle. For melee, the Massassi warriors wield a variety of vibroweapons, as well as electrostaves and force pikes.

There also exists a subdivision within the Massassi forces, known as the Dark Guards. These clones are similar to the ARC Troopers, highly trained and elite fighters. Wearing the same colored battle armor as the main force, the Dark Guards also have waist-length black capes strapped to their shoulder pads, as well as jet-packs for flight. For weaponry, the Dark Guards wield Lightsaber Pikes, as well as retractable double vibroblades, and also the rare DC-17m ICWS, originally produced for the Clone Commandos and Imperial Commando Special Unit, as well as the side blaster variant. They also had cortosis covered bracers when fighting against lightsabers.

Excluding them, the other forces of the Cabal are mostly the private armies, security forces, mercenaries and thugs that the various Sith Lords possess due to their positions. Though many of them are unaware of their masters' true alliegance, they do still act in service of the Cabal's goals, but are treated nothing more than fodder.


Due to Darth Arma's longevity, he has managed to amass quite the number of Force-users. Many members were formerly agents of the Galactic Empire, coerced into joining by Arma during his time infiltrating the Empire. Others were possible once members of the Jedi Order, having survived Order 66 and the Great Jedi Purge.

  • Darth Arma: A Near-Human, Darth Arma is the founder and leader of the Dark Cabal. He was one of the first Sith Lords long ago, and has mastered nearly all forms of the Dark Side.
  • Darth Vorn: A Gen'dai, Darth Vorn was one of the Cabal's first members. He loyally serves as Darth Arma's right hand man, field leader and enforcer.
  • Darth Rorkan: A young male Kiffar, Rorkan secretly comes from a long line of Siths, and was taken into the Cabal by Arma personally. He serves as one of his most prize students and members, performing various deadly assignments for his master.
  • Darth Ylgo: A Hutt who has gained extensive influence after the death of Jabba. Ylgo is Arma's voice within the crime world of the galaxy, assisting the Cabal in various deeds.
  • Darth Skarr: Formerly a Kolkpravis of the Kaleesh race, Darth Skarr is the unofficial son of the infamous General Grievous and Ronderu lij Kummar. After hearing the death of his father, caused by both the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as the treacherous machinations of Darth Sidious, Skarr joined the Cabal to hunt down and kill any Jedi and others who may follow the same path as them.
  • Darth Illoh: Once a slave, the female Twi'lek was taken in by Darth Vorn and made the Cabal's most deadliest assassin.
  • Darth Zech: A former Chiss Jedi Knight of the Old Jedi Order, Darth Zech survived Order 66 and swore revenge against a galaxy he believed betrayed him.
  • Darth Pryd: A Skakoan, Pryd was once a member of the Techno Union, a part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Having survived the Confederacy's fall, Pryd began doing his own experiments before being approached by Arma. He is now the Cabal's leading expert on bio-engineering and a proficient user of Sith Alchemy.
  • Darth Eshoc: An Albino male Wookie, Eshoc was sold into slavery near the beginning of the Galactic Empire. Both an outcast and a slave led Darth Eshoc into a life of brutal violence, and eventually became a member of the Dark Cabal.
  • Darth Zuix: Formerly a Nautolan Padawan of the old Jedi Order, Darth Zuix was forced into the Emperor's Hand and personally trained by Arma. She eventually joined his order after Palpatine's death.
  • Darth Xox: A Male Zygerrian, Xox also serves Arma as another voice in the underworld, dealing with slavery and the selling of illegal arms.
  • Darth Vittra: Once a highly respected female Kaminoan scientist, after the end of the Clone Wars and the ceasing of production of clone troopers of the Galactic Empire, Vittra joined the Dark Cabal when Arma discovered her Force-sensitivity. She is now assigned in the mass production of cloned soldiers, using the DNA of Arma's old Massassi warriors.
  • Darth Skim: A male Muun, Darth Skim currently holds a seat in the Core Five of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, and is close to becoming Chairman. He uses his position to fund the Cabal's operations without anyone knowing.
  • Darth Zead: Formerly one of the Emperor's Hands, the female Umbaran left the Empire after the Battle of Endor, deciding to join the Cabal after having been convinced by Arma.
  • Darth Mylfin: A male Siniteen, Darth Mylfin is highly intelligent and has great mastery of Sith Magic and Alchemy. He serves as the Cabal's most powerful sorcerer, second to Arma, as well as a tactician.
  • Darth Votto: A member of the BlasTech Industries, the male Duros helps supply the Cabal's forces with the latest weaponry, using his Force powers to distract any suspicious co-workers.
  • Darth Enroph: A male Vultan Sith Lord, he was killed by Gillian Skirata during the latter's return trip to Mandalore after attempting to persuade him to join the Dark Cabal. His death earned Gillian the attention of the Cabal.
  • Darth Cemra: Formerly an Imperial Inquisitor, the Chiss betrayed the Empire under the influence of Arma. She slaughtered many Imperial Troops before taking a recently completed Super Star Destroyer, now called the Harbinger for the Cabal and Arma's flagship.
  • Darth Ammath: A Devaronian, Ammath was a part of the same clan as Mother Talzin and Asajj Ventress. She survived the clan's massacre done by the Confederacy and saved by Dark Cabal members, brought before Bavok. Trained by the ancient Sith Lord, Ammath uses her strong connection to the Force to hunt down other Dark Side individuals that might be a threat to the Cabal.
  • Darth Xil: Once a Tusken Raider Chieftain, Xil was discovered by Bavok and witnessed the Sith Lord's powers. Fanatically loyal to his new master, Darth Xil is willing to cut down anyone in Bavok's way, serving as another of the Cabal's assassins.
  • Darth Xiawn: A male Miraluka, Xiawn is a powerful user of precognition. Once an Imperial Inquisitor, after foreseeing the Empire's fall, Xiawn joined Arma's order.
  • Darth Rozzuk: A male Herglic, he and a fellow Sith Lord, Darth Iabus, were in charge of delivering force-sensitive children to become future Sith Lords. They were killed by Gillian when the Mandalorian was hired to bring back several missing younglings.
  • Darth Iabus: The female Arkanian was one of Arma's trusted lieutenants. She was killed alongside Dark Rozzuk by Gillian, when the latter had come to save several kidnapped children.
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