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The Dark Angels of Corellia aren't who the Sith are. We don't betray each other like they do. When a Master sees his apprentice as no more use, we don't kill them. Thats what the Dark Angels are, Ven. You ever bicker about the Dark Angels being like the Sith then I'll take your head.
—Darth Angel to Darth Ven after telling Angel that the Dark Angels were more like the Sith in many ways.

The Dark Angels of Corellia was formed by Darth Angel at the start of the Clone Wars. Darth Ven, former apprentice of Darth Angel and master of Darth Varanee, helped Darth Angel establish the Dark Angels of Corellia on the world of Angel's home world, Corellia, within the core. Both Angel and Ven founded the Dark Angels while Angel was still loyal to both Dooku and Sidious. Ven, Varanee and the Dark Angels were unaware of Dooku and Sidious' presence as Angel thought it was best if Sidious did not know of the group he formed behind their backs. In 20 BBY during one of Angel's assassination missions, he was sent to kill a bounty hunter named Zidjoho Loki who was believed to have been stealing credits from the C.I.S. stockpiles as well as weapons and supplies from the planet of Kaai.


Much like the Order of the Sith Lords, the Dark Angels of Corellia could be seen on the battefield of the Clone Wars by both sides while Dark Angels were either given to take care of the tasks that were given to Angel to handle by Sidious or Dooku, he would often give the tasks to his members instead of doing it himself and at the same time telling his members to not allow the droids to tell their leaders that Angel wasn't with them to avoid Dooku or Sidious to find out that Angel formed his own faction.


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