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What the fierfek are we doing on this osik'la planet anyways?"
"Being paid to kick some serious Vong shebs, thats what."
"Oh ya, now I remember.

Ruso Cil asking Hons Juag a question

The Darasuum Dralshy'a are an elite group of Mandalorian mercenaries under Boba Fett lead by Vako Wryth. The phrase Darasuum Dralshy'a translates to "Forever Powerful".



Formed by Vako Wryth shortly after the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Dante Quall was assigned second in command. Boba Fett utilized the Darasuum Dralshy'a to assault and harass Yuuzhan Vong forces.


Ke nu jurkad sha Mando'ade, di'kute!
Nils Evit

Vako's forces assaulted multiple planets conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong, such as Fallen, Tynna and Druckenwell. When the Vong finally invaded Mandalore, Fett ordered Vako's men to return to Mandalore in order to aid in the defense. During the conflict Vako's third-in-command, Ruso Cil,was wounded by a Vong warrior in hand-to-hand combat. By the end of the battle, the Darasuum Dralshy'a had defeated nearly 500 Vong warriors. The conflict ended with the Vong forces completely annihilated.



The men and women of the Darasuum Dralshy'a typically used old DT-57 heavy blaster pistols and later the newer, more powerful T-6 "Thunderer" and KX-80 repeating blaster rifles, though Orin Drog was known to use a modified Verpine sniper rifle. They also used MM9 mini concussion wrist rockets and Dur-24 wrist blasters. On heavy assault missions, troopers would sometimes carry HH-4 grenade launchers and MiniMag PTL missile launchers. They also carried various assortments of grenades and gauntlet and/or jetpack weapons.


They wore traditional Mandalorian Protectors armor, similar to Boba Fett's. Orin, who prefers stealth, uses black Crusader MK III armor.


The main starship used by the Darasuum Dralshy'a is the Adenn, a Crusader-class corvette. They also pilot 8 M3-A Scyk fighters and 4 M12-L Kimogila Heavy Fighters.

Known Members

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