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Whatever you do, don't compare him to Darth Vader. He hates that. Maybe because he has less armor. more robotic. I don't really know why, but I'm just saying this because he impaled the last guy who compared 'em. That was a lot of paperwork.
—A soldier in the Hand Of Shadow talking to a new recruit.

Darak Koorthan was a Dark Jedi, and later a Sith, who resisted, and hated, the First Order. When in battle, he used a pair of Twin Lightsabers, and Force Lightning. However, after he became almost fully biomechanical, he used only one lightsaber, and often used a variety of force powers to achieve his goals. Darak was the leader of the Hand Of Shadow, taking over after Darak killed his mentor, Faared.


Early Life (21 ABY-42 ABY)

Being trained by his parents, whom were both Jedi, Darak was trained in the Light Side of the Force. However, as he grew older, Darak grew close to the Dark Side, and he felt that his parents were too much of a threat, so he used his lightsaber and murdered them in their sleep. Darak would steal both of their lightsabers, and would rummage through their items. Darak would find two red kyber crystals, and he would deconstruct both of their lightsabers, destroying the blue and green crystals that were formerly in both lightsabers, of which Darak would replace with both red crystals. After doing this, he would take his family's ship and went into lightspeed, where he would be stranded in space.


Darak, months before killing his parents.

Smuggler (42 ABY)

After being stranded, Darak was found by a smuggler group, whom he would stay with. Realizing he was a force user, they asked him to stay with them permanently. Darak accepted, but asked that he got a set of armor in return. The smugglers agreed to the terms and gave him Terror Trooper armor, which they had discovered when raiding an abandoned Star Destroyer on Jakku.

Soon after being accepted into his new home, the group was hired to smuggle a crate of weapons to the Resistance. However, the ship was intercepted by the First Order, and was boarded. Darak came out of his hiding place and began attacking the boarding party aggressively. Darak was shot in the shoulder, and was injured, but managed to kill the Stormtrooper whom had shot him. The Smuggler crew came out to help him as well, but they were all killed by First Order Flametroopers. Enraged, Darak quickly killed all who had boarded the ship. Darak went into the vacuum of space for a brief moment, using the airlock of a Star Destroyer to get in. Darak used his force lightning to sabotage the ships's engines in the engine room, causing the Star Destroyer to go down. Darak escaped by hijacking a TIE fighter and fleeing from the area.

Warrior (43 ABY-54 ABY)

After making it to Tatooine, Darak went to Mos Eisley to create a milita. However, the First Order had put a bounty on him, and Darak had to fight his way through hundreds of bounty hunters. Darak would then run into a group of people in hoods, two of whom holding lightsabers with black cores. The four people would tell Darak to come with them, and he did. Joining them on their ship, the four turned out to be both Jedi and Dark Jedi, who had joined together in an attempt at balancing the force. However, the First Order had become an obstacle when it came to this, and the four had decided to bring down the First Order. The four asked him to join, and Darak agreed, saying that as long as he could still use the Dark Side, and as long as the Jedi of the group would not interfere with his killings.

Darak's first mission with the group was to sabotage two First Order Star Destroyers. While Darak had already destroyed one during his time with the smugglers, he did not mention this. During the mission, Darak fought through First Order Stormtroopers, until he managed to get to the engine room of the Star Destroyer. However, several flametroopers ambushed him and began to burn him alive. Darak quickly fought them off, but was kicked into the engine by a stormtrooper. Split in half, he was burnt alive and he was thought to be dead, until he was salvaged by the rest of his group.

Monstrosity (54 ABY-89 ABY)

Still somehow alive, his group began to reconstruct Darak biomechanically. In the end, he barely appeared to be the same man. Because of this, Darak changed his fighting style drastically, using only one lightsaber in combat. He began to often utilize his biomechanical limbs to destroy his enemies, and he became hell-bent on revenge.


Darak as a biomechanical monstrosity. Because of his scarring, he became hell-bent on revenge, and destroying the First Order, and all of those who stood in his way.

After he became used to his new body, he immediately came up with the idea of recruiting an army to destroy the First Order. The group agreed and began searching for soldiers. They managed to recruit soldiers from private militias, and, Darak led an attack on a First Order outpost on Endor. Darak brutally murdered one of the officers in the outpost, Konrad Dellend. He and the soldiers in his militia captured the base, and destroyed it. Darak, after the base was destroyed, was ambushed by a First Order Shadow Guard. After the guard killed all in Darak's squad, Darak slammed the the guard into a tree using the force, and began to torture the guard brutally. Darak finally stabbed the guard, in a blind rage.

Darak ended up at a rendezvous, where he and his mentor, Faared Vorum, a fellow Dark Jedi, would meet. Faared told Darak that the Jedi of their group had discovered the presence of another force user, and that those same Jedi were going to recruit them. Faared convinced Darak that those Jedi would betray them in an attempt to destroy the Dark Side, and Darak agreed to secretly recruit this force user. Faared would send Darak to Hoth, where she was hiding, saying that Darak could only bring them over alive, but could bring them over any way that he wanted. Darak would find them in the ruins of the rebel base on the snow planet.

There, the force user, a girl by the name of Darez Shadalker, would ambush him, armed with a blaster and a makeshift lightsaber. Darak and Darez would fight in a saber battle, and if seemed Darez was using mostly the light side. Darak used his force lightning to cause a nearby snowspeeder to explode, injuring Darez. Darak found that Darez was fending off the Dark Jedi to protect her friends, whom were attempted to escape on a YT-1300f light cruiser. Darak used the force to begin crushing the ship as it flew away, saying that Darez would have to kill him to save her friends. Darez said he'd come peacefully if Darak let go of Darez's friends, and Darak agreed, saying that he would if Darez gave up her lightsaber. Darez gave the Dark Jedi her lightsaber. Darak destroyed the ship- and Darez's friends- anyways, causing Darez to go into a blind rage, giving in to her anger, pushing Darak back. Darak merely laughed as he got up and quickly defeated Shadalker with his Force Lightning. Darak knocked Darez unconscious and took her prisoner aboard Darak's flagship.

After collecting young Shadalker, Darak and Faared set their plan in motion, killing one of the Jedi of their group, John Sartorin, while the other, Val Foremaker, got away. They also killed a fellow Dark Jedi, whom had been defending the two Jedi. Now ruling an entire resistance, Darak and Faared began training Darez in the Dark Side, with Darak having Darez as his apprentice. Darez feared him greatly, and she proved to be strong in the Dark Side. Darak managed to teach Darez how to use her full potential, teaching her how to use Force Lightning, and also how to apply a Force Mask. During the time Darak taught her how to apply a force mask, she asked him why he didn't use it more often. Darak admitted that he had tried, and that he thought it was somewhat uncomfortable to see his old face on what would otherwise be the body of a monster.

Later, Darak began to feel anger towards Faared, who had convinced him to kill people he had formerly considered friends. Darak and Darez began to plan the death of Faared, and the two finally confronted the Dark Jedi. Faared immediately knew it would become hostile, so, he attacked Darez first. Darak jumped in front of Darez and would end up in a saber lock with Faared. Darez would push Faared away from her mentor, allowing for Darak to torture the Dark Jedi. Finally, Darak lifted up Faared into the air and began to choke his former master, and ordered Darez to throw her lightsaber at their enemy. Doing so, Darez assisted Darak in killed Faared. After this, Darak and Darez searched Faared's quarters, where they would find a Sith Holocron. Learning from the secrets inside of the holocron, Darak and Darez learned to become powerful Dark Jedi. Darak announced both him and Darez as Sith, naming himself "Darth Nithus", while he named Darez "Darth Trezal".

After this, the Jedi who had escaped, Val Foremaker, returned to face Faared, not knowing he was dead. He was instead met with Darez, whom was quickly knocked unconscious after their fight. Val made it to the throne room of Darak's flagship. Val found that Darak was in his spinning chair, facing away from the Jedi, and the Jedi quickly assumed it was Faared. However, Darak turned around and revealed himself to be Darth Nithus. Trezal would then walk into the room and ambush Foremaker, quickly overpowering him, managing to cut off his left hand. Using his right hand to continue fighting Darez, Val attempting to defend himself, but lost his other arm as well. Darak began to torture the Jedi with his Force Lightning. The Jedi, attempting to sway Darez away from the Dark Side, cried fro help, but to no avail; after Val's torture, Darez killed him herself, doing it willingly.

After this, Darth Nithus began to expand his militia, until it became it's own faction, ruled by both him and Darth Trezal. They also continued their campaign against the First Order, but also fought other factions, such as the Resistance. They named their new faction the "Hand Of Shadow".

Hand Of Shadow - (89 ABY-101 ABY)

Despite that there was the Rule Of Two, Nithus did not know about this, and allowed Darth Trezal to have her own apprentice, who would later be known as Darth Varz. Nithus began seeing Trezal as somewhat of a daughter to him, and was somewhat fond of her. Nithus continued training Trezal, whom in turn trained Varz. Nithus also began training a select few of his soldiers in lightsaber combat, creating a group of soldiers he named "The Hand", even giving them armor that differed much from most armor utilized by the Hand Of Shadow[1], which utilized armor that resembled mandolorian armor.


One of Darak's assassins in their armor.

However, these assassins were not at all force sensitive, only skilled at saber combat, with the exception of Darth Varz, who had become a Sith due to joining the program. While teaching the program, Darak taught the trainees the minimum of his lightsaber combat skills. When training his soldiers, he was often patient and somewhat forgiving, albeit was often annoyed by incompetence. When he felt they were ready, he would send them on missions most troopers would not be able to survive. These assassins often went behind the front lines, and on a large amount of missions, did not return, however, those who did were considered heroes of the Hand Of Shadow.

Soon after their expansion began, the First Order took note of this, and even sent Kylo Ren to face Nithus. The two immediately began to duel, with Nithus almost being beaten by Ren. However, before Kylo could kill Nithus, the Sith sent a wave of Force Lightning that would knock the Dark Jedi unconscious. Kylo would be held captive, but then released, battered and wounded, to show how willing the Hand Of Shadow was to torture and murder.

Soon after this, the First Order fleet would come out of hyperspace over Dellend. Nithus and Trezal lead the assault and destruction of the First Order fleet, and the two boarded one of the First Order Star Destroyers and killed all of whom were aboard, even officers. The ship would be hijacked, and would become one of the many capital ships in the Hand Of Shadow.


Darak was, at one point, innocent, but as he became closer to the Dark Side, his mind became "clouded", as most Jedi would call it. After he joined the group of Force users, he became more and more willing to take down the First Order, no matter what the costs were. After he became a monstrosity, Darak became hell-bent on revenge, and became full of bloodlust and anger. He ended up becoming enraged whenever someone compared him to Darth Vader because of his biomechanical limbs. After he became Darth Nithus, he began wearing his Terror Trooper armor once more, with a voice filter, and this made him feel very powerful.


Overpowering her was easy, my lord. Her friends were her weakness, but once she turned, she was powerful, yet weak. She is strong in the Dark, and...the Light. I will blot it out.
—Darak talking to Faared after collecting Darez.
Stormtrooper scum!
—Darak yells his disdain for Stormtroopers as he brutally murders a First Order Stormtrooper
The Jedi were weak. They failed the galaxy more than you could count.
—Darak convincing Darez that the Jedi are her enemy.


  • Despite this character doing a variety of terrible things, he is the protagonist of Jay's universe.
  • Darak was originally going to be related to another of the author's characters, Saragh Derlyx, but decided against it, seeing as that character was killed off and it was better for Darak to not be related to a stormtrooper.
  • Most images in this article are taken from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and it's sequel.


  1. The armor often resembled the armor Starkiller wore in The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition
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