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Dantooine (pronounced /'dæntuin/) was a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. A relatively quiet and isolated world, Dantooine was a world of sweeping plains, wide grasslands, and meandering rivers. It was primarily an agricultural world for the Galactic Republic, the populace composed largely of settlers and farmers. As such, it lacked many of the urban centers or amenities of worlds closer to the Core.

The planet was loosely governed by a local government, called Khoonda, based out of the capital city of Garang. Khoonda maintained smaller outposts and governmental centers across the planet, to better foster good relations with the settlers, as well as to maintain order and security.

Largely considered insignificant, Dantooine was the location of a local Jedi Enclave.


Dantooine was largely an agricultural world, lacking the industrial centers and sprawl of other planets. It consisted mostly of unmolested wilderness, which took the shape primarily of wide, sweeping plains and grasslands that were studded with rocks and meandering rivers. The planet was hilly, with rugged countryside that featured numerous underground caves and tunnels. Although true mountain ranges were rare, they were present in certain places across the planet. Dantooine enjoyed a mild, temperate climate, as well as fairly stable weather patterns.

Surface water consisted largely of planetary oceans and small rivers, with lakes being few and far between. The oceans of Dantooine were temperate and mild, fostering numerous types of aquatic life, and divided the continents from each other.

Notable regions of Dantooine included the Burad Hills, Darjani Plains, Fields of Banir, Mosa Rishin, Rielig Steppes, Taikaha Hills, and the Khoonda plains. Locations of interest included the Jedi Enclave, the capital city of Garang, various Khoonda outposts, and the crystal cave.

The sole urban center on the planet was the capital city, Garang, which possessed a sizeable space port to service visitors. Although the capital of Dantooine, and the seat of the local government, Garang was considered small and quaint. Despite being a small city on a relatively quiet and backwater world, Garang was not without a seedy underbelly, being the base of operations for a crime lord known as Jorru the Hutt.

Native Fauna

The fauna native to Dantooine was varied and not all of the native animals were benign. Kath hounds were a widely dispersed species on the planet, infamous for being aggressive pack hunters capable of taking down armed settlers and small vehicles with ease. Other aggressive life forms of note were the laigreks and the kinrath spiders. Interestingly, the laigreks and kinrath were both aggressive insect species who resided in swarms underground.

Non-aggressive species included the airborne brith and the iriaz, which was the top choice for local hunters. Non-native imported fauna included the nerf and the cannok, which, although their populations were kept in check largely by the predator species of Dantooine, were considered pesky invasive vermin by natives.

Native Flora

Dantooine was largely covered in grass that ranged in color from lavender on the eastern and southern continents to a wheat-like brown on the others. The most prominent example of the native flora was the blba tree, which were relatively short and thorny trees that dotted the grassy plains of Dantooine. The blba trees had sharp thorns on their branches and a sparse covering of leaves, but also had hardy, dense wood. They were popular exports due to their ability to grow in a multitude of environments and climates. Native crops included lavender and wheat.


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